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Mast Brothers

  1. drama
    Mast Brothers Say ‘Basic Facts’ Were Lost During Chocolate-Melting ScandalA blogger caused the company headaches when he accused it of misrepresenting its “bean-to-bar” bona fides.
  2. Empire Building
    Mast Brothers Sign on for $68 Million Brooklyn Navy Yard ProjectIt’ll include a first-ever chocolate brewery, to make chocolate “beer.”
  3. Drops
    Mast Brothers Controversy Sunk Some Shops’ Holiday-Season SalesSome businesses report declines as large as 66 percent compared to the previous year.
  4. Missives
    The Mast Brothers Respond“… We never claimed to make all our chocolate exclusively from bean to bar in those early days.”
  5. Admissions
    The Mast Brothers’ Big AdmissionThe brothers say that they used premade chocolate in their earliest days, despite claims of bean-to-bar authenticity.
  6. Drama
    The Mast Brothers Respond to Attacks on Their Chocolate’s AuthenticityAccording to one writer, the company hasn’t always made its own chocolate.
  7. Urban Forager
    Mast Brothers’ New Shake Shack Chocolate Bar Comes Out This WeekPlus, From the Ground Brewery brings ultra-locavore beer to the Greenmarket.
  8. Leftovers
    Happy Hour at Empire Diner; Mast Brothers’ Chocolate DrinksToday’s Leftovers.
  9. Brownies
    Back to Brownies: A New Look At an Old FavoriteA baker’s dozen of New York’s newest models, with a handy Fudgeometer gauge.
  10. Video Feed
    Watch the Madcap Trailer for Mast Brothers Chocolate: A Family CookbookAlso, beards.
  11. Valentine’s Day
    A Survey of the City’s Burgeoning Craft-Chocolate SceneThis Valentine’s Day, you might want to resist the heart-shaped charms of the Whitman’s Sampler.
  12. Restaurant Agenda
    Mast Brothers Opens New South Street Seaport LocationThey’ll be selling books, pastries, and confections, as well as hosting events.
  13. Bookshelf
    Alain Ducasse Eats New YorkOui, chef.
  14. Coming Soon
    Mast Brothers Opening a South Street Seaport Retail ShopNo strangers to boats, the Mast Brothers are headed to the Seaport with a new shop.
  15. I’m on a Boat
    Mast Brothers Sail Again; Flatbush Food Co-op Goes BoatingIf you found yourself inspired by the Mast Brothers’ trip, you may be interested in taking a much shorter one.