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Masaharu Morimoto

  1. the dish
    How Masaharu Morimoto’s Momosan Makes Its Pickled Napa Cabbage“It’s almost like kimchee, but it’s not spicy, it’s punchy,” explains executive chef, Jae Lee.
  2. Openings
    Inside Masaharu Morimoto’s Momosan RamenThe Iron Chef’s first noodle shop opens on Friday.
  3. Closings
    Morimoto Leaving Bisutoro, Restaurant Closing Tomorrow for RevampIt’s going out with a bang.
  4. First Look
    First Look at Bisutoro, Morimoto’s Replacement for Tribeca CanvasUni carbonara, street art, and Japanese whisky.
  5. Openings
    Morimoto’s Tribeca Canvas Replacement Bisutoro Opens MondayYes, there is a whisky cocktail called “Lost in Translation.”
  6. Closings
    Masaharu Morimoto’s Tribeca Canvas Is ClosingIt’s just “Canvas” from here on in.
  7. Restaurant Review
    Platt: At Tribeca Canvas, the Once Over-the-Top Morimoto Scales DownThis is not the kind of restaurant we’re used to seeing from the glamorous Iron Chef and sushi master.
  8. Openings
    Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto Returns to His Old Neighborhood With Tribeca CanvasThe so-called bistro is devoted to Morimoto’s globally accented riff on Western comfort food.
  9. Airport Dining
    Morimoto Opens Skewers at LAXFrequent flyers sick of Cinnabon finally have the famous chef’s yakitori concept to consider.
  10. Airport Dining
    Morimoto Opening Skewers in SeptemberOf course, it’s not that simple, but at least you won’t be crossing the picket line.
  11. Foodies With Benefits
    Once Again Vetri Enlists Top Culinary Talent For His Great Chefs EventThe annual benefit for Alex’s Lemonade Stand typically draws a who’s who of celebrity chefs.
  12. Beef
    The Andaz Sounds Pretty Pissed About Local 11’s Morimoto VideoGeneral manager Philip Dailey gives Local 11 the old “your actions are only hurting yourselves” speech.
  13. Videofeeds
    Watch Random Angelenos Welcome and Warn Masaharu MorimotoSpurred by the hospitality workers union, the characters urge the chef not to work with Hyatt.
  14. Celebrity Settings
    Morimoto Checks in at Morimoto; Kim Cattrall Rocks Some Dogfish Heads at VedgeMorimoto is in town for a collaboration dinner with his iron-clad compadre Jose Garces.
  15. Video Feed
    Starr Chefs Weigh In on Their Favorite Thanksgiving DishesEach chef waxes Thanksgiving, detailing what dishes are their favorites.
  16. Foodies With Benefits
    Morimoto Hosts a Fundraiser For Japanese Disaster Relief EffortsThe Iron Chef was on the ground in Japan the day after the earthquake and tsunami struck.
  17. Truckin’
    Tyson Bees Is Out of CommissionThe truck has been sidelined and a return to the streets could be a long way away.
  18. Foodievents
    First Los Angeles Food & Wine Festival Planned in OctoberThe founders of Pebble Beach Food & Wine are bringing a similar set-up of chefs to L.A., leading some to wonder about Wolfgang Puck’s involvement.
  19. TV Land
    Morimoto to Sing Karaoke on Hawaii Five-O TonightThe show will drop in on Morimoto Wakiki, and the Iron Chef will sing.
  20. Empire Building
    Makoto Enters Starr’s Orbit This WeekBefore he opens any of his projects here at home, Starr will open his second effort in Florida.
  21. Funnies
    Morimoto Mugs for Camera, Sings a Song at MeadowoodSee some photos, via Facebook, of Morimoto’s guest stint on Friday.
  22. Nieghborhood Watch
    Michael Cardenas Plans Toranoko in Little Tokyo; Gjelina Opening Take-Out PizzaMeanwhile, Native Foods will replace Culver City’s M cafe de Chaya.
  23. Mediavore
    Twitter Employees Make Wine; New Skyy Ad Is Kinda Racy
  24. The Other Critics
    Bauer Raves About the ‘Serious and Sometimes Whimsical’ MorimotoThe Chronicle critic gives the new Napa restaurant three stars.
  25. Personalities
    Morimoto Gets Into the GrooveAdd song-and-dance man to the many talents of Masaharu Morimoto.
  26. Neighborhood Watch
    Morimoto Planning Live in Hollywood; Biancaniello Ditches Hatchi MixThe Iron Chef promises an affordable concept while staff lapses are cited for the departure of Library Bar’s mix-master.
  27. Fig-Gate
    Middle Fingers Raised Toward Chang, S.F. Chefs Proudly Serve Figs on PlatesCall us defensive, but the fig flap won’t die, and S.F. chefs are still making ironic references to it on their menus.
  28. Openings
    Iron Chef Morimoto’s First West Coast Restaurant Comes Alive in NapaMorimoto Napa is set to open by the end of next week in the Napa Riverfront complex.
  29. Foodievents
    Chef Supergroup Caters Sashi Sushi’s Iron Chef AppearanceT.V. cooking competition vets Michael Voltaggio and Iron Chef Morimoto, among other toques, will help prepare a six-course dinner while watching the show with guests.
  30. Personalities
    Iron Chef Gets Titanium Wrist After Hot-Tub SpillMorimoto is on the mend.
  31. Foodievents
    Morimoto, Lefebvre, and Fox Are Among Meadowood’s Holiday LineupIt’s too soon to think about perhaps, but a big all-star lineup has been secured for Meadowood’s Twelve Days of Christmas.
  32. Mediavore
    Morimoto Shows Off His Knife Skills; Burrito-on-a-Stick Has a Patent
  33. Rumor Mill
    Morimoto Turned Away at Manresa for Wearing Golf ShortsThe Iron Chef flew in a private jet but apparently didn’t have time to change.
  34. Empire Building
    Starr and Painter Moving Ahead on Il PittoreThe casual Italian restaurant will be casual and feature low price points.
  35. Mediavore
    Former Le Cirque Chef Dies; Chain-Restaurant Business UpPlus: a pitch for the next El Bulli, and the origins of the po’ boy, all in our morning news roundup.
  36. Neighborhood Watch
    Ebisu Opens in FiDi, Calabria Bros. Deli Opens in Potrero, and More
  37. Foodievents
    What We’re All Missing at the Pebble Beach Food & Wine FestA legion of celebrity chefs descend on the resort town this weekend along with a bunch of wine makers and all those who could afford tickets.
  38. Mediavore
    In-N-Out Not Going to NYC; Anthony Bourdain in O.C. Just A JokeApril Fool’s Day jokes about chefs and restaurants were picked up as news by other outlets yesterday.
  39. Celebrity Settings
    The Megachef Invasion Will be TwitterizedMario Batali, Emeril Lagasse, Todd English, Masaharu Morimoto, and more convene on Chicago over the weekend.
  40. Empire Building
    Tyler Florence Talks About His Budding Bay Area EmpireThe TV chef tells us about his three upcoming ventures in SF, Mill Valley, and Napa.
  41. Mediavore
    Unionizing Fresh Direct; Double Windsor Bans BabiesPlus: no more dollar double cheeseburgers at Burger King, and Morimoto on Duane Reade’s sushi, all in our morning news roundup.
  42. Highly Questionable
    Tat-trocities!Food-related body-ink disasters.
  43. Empire Building
    Morimoto Skewering Airports with Yakitori ConceptThe Iron Chef’s new concept has wings
  44. Empire Building
    Tyler Florence, Lark Creek Restaurants Coming to NapaFlorence’s casual rotisserie joint makes him the second Food Network star with a restaurant planned for Napa.
  45. TV Land
    Vie Is For VictoryPaul Virant will appear on Iron Chef America.
  46. Masaharu Morimoto
    Morimoto Opening New Restaurant… in CaliforniaThe Iron Chef’s new project takes him West
  47. Empire Building
    Morimoto’s New Place to Be ‘Organic to the Napa Market’
  48. Celebrity Settings
    Google Outs Masaharu Morimoto’s Favorite Karaoke SpotAnd Danny Meyer’s favorite hangs, too.
  49. Celebrity Settings
    Shakira Livens Up Michael’s; Twilight Stars Out by DayWhere the bold-face names ate and drank this week.
  50. Stadium Eats
    Yankee Stadium Gets Celeb ChefsMorimoto and Bloomfield will cook for premium-ticket holders.
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