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  1. controversies
    A Nation Divided: Does Old Bay Belong on Grits?A food debate for the ages.
  2. crime scenes
    An Arrest Was Made in the Popeyes Stabbing CaseThe fatal stabbing took place just a few days after the return of the viral menu item.
  3. big tips
    Wahlberg Brother Tips $500 After His Posse Bombards Waffle House at 2 A.M.The staff of three wasn’t even sure who he was at first.
  4. peeps show
    Somebody Made Beauty and the Beast’s Belle Out of 1,500 PeepsLet this Maryland county Peeps competition fill the hole left by the Washington Post’s canceled contest.
  5. tasty accidents
    Truck Full of Bacon Catches Fire in Delicious-Sounding Breakfast CatastropheTalk about extra crispy.
  6. Close Call
    Someone Found a Hand Grenade Outside a Suburban McDonald’sPolice say it was live and would’ve killed the landscaping crew, “no question.”
  7. Crabby Crisis
    Watchdog Group Uncovers Troubling Crab-Cake FraudOceana found that 38 percent of crab cakes in Maryland and D.C. don’t contain blue crab as advertised.
  8. Battle Of The Blitzed
    Senator Proposes Bill That Would Allow U.S. Soldiers to Drink at 18“If you can carry a weapon and defend your country you should be able to drink a beer.”
  9. Crime
    Restaurant Owner Says He Got a Death Threat for Flying Israel’s Flag“We are going to kill all the Jews, including you.”
  10. The Chain Gang
    Sonic Fires Worker Who Accidentally Served Bag of Weed“It could have been cocaine in that little baggie.”
  11. Crime Scenes
    Shady Oyster Dealers Nabbed in Overfishing SchemeThe indictments charge five individuals from New Jersey and Maryland with trafficking in illegal oysters and obstruction of justice.
  12. Trimmings
    Carmine’s Bar Crosses the Mason-DixonThe former Seaport institution has sold its mahogany bar.
  13. Closings
    Butcher Bay Is DoneBob Giraldi’s Maryland-seafood experiment has failed.
  14. Reopenings
    Sea-mour BurtonThe short-lived East Village favorite will reopen in about a month as a “seafood pub.”