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Mary Sue Milliken

  1. Total Hate
    L.A. Chefs Confess: Valentine’s Day Dinner Is Hard To DoBaco Mercat’s chef and owner admits tonight’s famously about gouging diners.
  2. L.A. Diet
    Susan Feniger Slow-Cooks Brisket For Thanksgiving, Eats Carnitas Straight From“We haven’t had turkey for many years now, but that’s a long story.”
  3. Chef Shuffles
    Former Dos Caminos Chef Scott Linquist Back at Border GrillAfter leaving Mucho Ultima after a few months, the chef comes back to a company he worked for almost 20 years ago.
  4. Foodies With Benefits
    Karen Hatfield Organizes Six-Chef ‘Pink Apron’ Dinner, Monday at Hatfield’sProceeds of the dinner, which features Mary Sue Milliken, Sherry Yard, and Suzanne Tracht, go to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation.
  5. Foodievents
    Nine Top-Tier Chefs Cooking at L.A.’s Inaugural Fried Chicken FestThe James Beard and Food & Wine-awarded lineup includes Matt Molina, Bryant Ng, and Ricardo Zarate.
  6. Slideshow
    If Chefs Were Really Rock Stars, Who Would They Be?A look into a world where Anthony Bourdain is actually Sid Vicious and Alice Waters plays Joni Mitchell.
  7. The Other Critics
    Gold Reviews Border Grill’s City Night in L.A. Times; Virbila Falls InA new day has dawned at The L.A. Times, but it may be hard to tell given the ground our critics retread.
  8. Menus
    A Look at Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger’s City Throwback MenuThe chef will leave no stone unturned as they veer from Indian potato bhujia and baseball steak to duck curry and sauteed halibut cheeks.
  9. Too Hot Tamales
    Mary Sue Milliken and Susan Feniger Plan to Revisit Dishes From City at BorderThe duo’s original restaurant took its influences from all over the world, so expect anything from soba to brisket to Thai salads.
  10. Mixocalypse
    What to Drink From Border Grill’s New Seasonal Cocktail MenuYou get the Susan Feniger-approved pepper shaker, we’ll take the Cranhattan with anejo.
  11. The Other Critics
    Gold Picks His 99 Essential L.A. Restaurants; Virbila Recounts 2011’s New BloodsMeanwhile, we worry that The New York Times is trying to steal our Gold.
  12. TV Land
    Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken Inspire New ABC PilotWorking Together will follow two female chefs in the eighties as they try to make their name.
  13. Foodies With Benefits
    Top Chef Masters Reunite at Jardinière Tomorrow for CharityThey’re cooking a multi-course meal together for $1,000 a head.
  14. User’s Guide
    Where to Eat and Drink for Dia de los MuertosFour activities to keep you from robbing fruit from off our relatives’ graves.
  15. Celebrity Settings
    Ruth Reichl Holds Court at Mozza; Jane Lynch Chases Emmy’s at Fig & OliveWhile Ray Romano ate Italian, L.A.’s food world heavyweights ran the private room.
  16. John Rivera Sedlar
    John Sedlar Celebrated in The L.A. TimesThe chef gets due credit for his early innovations and for staging the rare chef comeback.
  17. A New Raku?
    Raku Under New Ownership in West L.A.The restaurant is bracing for possible change in six months, following news of a new ownership.
  18. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Will Mary Sue Win This Thing Or What?Sure, all these events surrounding the Top Chef Masters finale could just be promotions. But could they also be predictions?
  19. L.A. Diet
    Chef Mary Sue Milliken Drinks ‘Exorbitant’ Amounts of Darjeeling,“I like the second flush, muscatel-tasting Darjeeling. I can’t wait to go there.”
  20. Mediavore
    Dannon Settles Exaggerated Claims Dispute for $21 Million; Former Google ChefsThe yogurt giant makes claims it can’t back up, while the software giant apparently had some great free lunches.
  21. Susan and Mary Sue News
    Mary Sue Milliken Kills Wild Animals And Our MisconceptionsThe Border Grill founder details a hunting expedition in Mongolia and her newfound bloodlust.
  22. Openings
    Border Grill Downtown Opens This SaturdayThe Downtown version will have it own menu of Border Grill staples and new cocktails and Mexican dishes.
  23. Relationships
    Susan Feniger and Mary Sue Milliken on ‘Working Together’Michael Eisner spotlights the Border Grill owners in his new book.
  24. Closings
    Ciudad Closing To Become Another Border GrillThe pan-Latin restaurant will transition into the duo’s most marketable brand.
  25. Susan and Mary Sue News
    Milliken and Feniger Grand-Open Border Grill Stop TomorrowA five-dollar tasting menu will showcase the Too Hot Tamales’ return to their roots.
  26. Empire Building
    Border Grill Opens Tiny Downtown OutpostDid Patina set a trend for chef-driven corporate lunchrooms?
  27. Mediavore
    A Beer Stronger than Whiskey Debuts; Chefs Defend Veal SuppliesA new Australian ale is 41% alcohol and British chefs urge eating an inhumane dish as humanely as possible.
  28. Mary Sue Clues
    Beware Mary Sue Milliken’s Deviled Egg PlatterThe Border Grill chef on the one dish she serves that you don’t want to eat.
  29. Contest
    Win Two Free Tickets to Great Chefs of Los Angeles 2009!We’re giving away two free tickets to Great Chefs of Los Angeles to one lucky winner.
  30. Sustainable Seafood
    Rick Bayless and Other Forward-Thinking Chefs Commit to Sustainable SeafoodNational chefs are noted for their pledge to sustainable seafood.
  31. Foodievents
    The ‘Too Hot Tamales’ Go Mad for Mojitos This SaturdayThe famous “Too Hot Tamales” cook live this weekend in Downtown L.A.
  32. Previews
    Traci Des Jardines Previews Tahoe, L.A. MenusManzanita will feature comfort food for skiers, while sardines star at this weekend’s American Wine & Food fest.
  33. Menus
    What to Eat at Border Grill’s Margarita Dinner with Tequila CorralejoBorder Grill is going heavy on margaritas for a special dinner.
  34. Menus
    What to Eat at Ciudad’s New Happy HourCiudad is bringing tacos back for Downtown’s happier hours.
  35. Foodievents
    Ciudad Matches Mojitos TonightCiudad offers Mojito Wednesday
  36. Expeditions
    Women Chefs Behave BoarishlyAnita Lo and April Bloomfield go on safari.
  37. Truckin’
    20 Free Tacos for Border Grill’s 1000th Truck TweeterBorder Grill offers 20 free tacos to their next Twitter follower.