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  1. reasons to love new york
    My Quest to Drink a Nobu Martini in My PajamasIf Robert De Niro can do it, why can’t I?
  2. drinks
    The Bartending Legend With a Secret Martini Menu in His HeadPhil Ward doesn’t like much. He loves to stir gin with a splash of vermouth.
  3. openings
    Cocktail Royalty Rolls Into New YorkA version of the fabled Dukes martini is now being poured at the Hotel Chelsea’s Lobby Bar.
  4. trends
    This Summer’s Hottest Martinis, IllustratedA perfect drink for every scenario.
  5. drinks
    Wellness Is Dead. Long Live the Martini.“I watch these kids hammering martinis and I’m like, good Lord.”
  6. cheers
    How the Martini Went From Simple Cocktail to American IconThe literature and films that forever transformed the image of the once-humble drink.
  7. shaken or stirred
    Pre-Batched Martinis Are Surprisingly Controversial — and Vastly Superior“There’s something really intense about it.”
  8. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Martini in New YorkThese are the bars that serve the most impressive versions of the world’s most iconic cocktail.
  9. Interviews
    John Hodgman Offers His Thoughts on the Cat Café and Alcoholic Mayonnaise“I don’t have a sweet tooth, but I do have an alcohol molar.”
  10. Sloshed
    Sloshed: An Actual Formula for Perfect MartinisWe’ve reexamined the king of drinks and come up with a better way to mix them.
  11. Interviews
    Mad Men’s John Slattery Isn’t Actually a Fan of GibsonsRoger Sterling is kind of a teetotaler.
  12. Quote of the Day
    But Romney Doesn’t Even DrinkPresident Obama uses martinis as metaphor.
  13. Booze You Can Use
    It’s $10 Martini Time at the Ritz-CarltonCheers!
  14. Booze You Can Use
    The Franklin’s Extra Credit Turns Learning Into Boozy FunYou can learn a thing or two from drinking cocktails.
  15. Foodievents
    Lola’s Says Wine Tastings ‘Are for Sissies,’ Pairs Martinis with DinnerNew libations include include the “Sid Vicious” and strawberry shake martini.
  16. Happy Hours
    What to Eat at Nic’s Seven SaleVodka flights and fur hats included for $7.
  17. Funnies
    Show Your Drink RespectGargoyles on the Square’s owner has a very specific martini philosophy.
  18. Mediavore
    Cheyenne Diner to Rise From Ashes; Lil’ Jon Has a Wine LabelThe Cheyenne Diner might reopen in New York, rapper Lil’ Jon now has a wine label, and the ‘Times’ applauds the return of the real martini.
  19. In Other Magazines
    Dave Arnold’s Alcoholic Pickle of the FutureThe Times Magazine’s annual examination of “big ideas” brings news of some culinary innovations such as a food-processing technique that helps farmed fish taste more like wild fish (encouraging fast-food companies to make the switch to the former) and packaging that will allow us to tell whether supermarket meat is rotten, which is of no consequence to those in another article who practice “vegansexuality” by forgoing liaisons with carnivores. The most curious item, though, explores French Culinary Institute head Dave Arnold’s ingenious method of combining two of our favorite things — booze and pickles — by pickling cucumbers with a martini’s worth of gin and vermouth. Watch the video and you’ll see the dapper Arnold use a vacuum machine to turn the cucumber opaque while gin rushes into its air holes — easily the hottest thing in mixology since the “hard shake.” The Edible Cocktail Tell-Tale Food Wrapping Vegansexuality Fish-Flavored Fish [NYT]
  20. NewsFeed
    Reality Check: Counter’s $665 Organic Iridium Martini (Yes, $665)How does one celebrate the purchase of a $330,000 truffle? How about with the “World’s Most Expensive Organic Martini,” preposterously priced at $665 (because $666 would be evil). It’s now on the menu at vegetarian hangout Counter, and the ingredient of note is iridium, an element that the menu tells us is “believed to have powered the Ark of the Covenant” (and also “may cause irritation of the digestive tract”!) Actually, it only contains a couple of drops of the stuff, for shits and giggles (you can’t taste it; we tried). So why, then, is the drink so damned expensive?
  21. Mediavore
    Beard’s Finances Questioned; Restaurants Manipulate ZagatThe Beard Foundation, in the spotlight as Monday’s awards approach, is still on shaky ground financially, and questions still linger about the way it spends its money. [NYT] Restaurants are lobbying customers to vote for them in the Zagat survey, a trend nobody likes, but which few in the business can stop or resist. [NYP] The days of the fat chef seem to have been passed, leaving mostly whippet-slim cooks to inherit the world’s kitchens. [Waitrose via Serious Eats]