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Mars 2112

  1. Closings
    Signs of the Apocalypse: Mars 2112 Probably ClosingBut it’s 100 years too soon!
  2. Job Opportunities
    Finally, Your Chance to Work for the Supervisor of the MartiansHow much does a Mars 2112 character make, anyway?
  3. Foodievent
    Rock-and-Roll Cooking SchoolA musician is giving cooking lessons in his apartment.
  4. Mediavore
    Starbucks Has Got a Brand-new Blend; NYC ICY to Reopen at Last?Starbucks has a new coffee you can try for free, second-graders made their way into the Waverly Inn, and snow-cone vendor NYC ICY might be returning.
  5. Ask a Waiter
    Tom Harlan at Mars 2112 is on the “PG Side of the Equation”For the past five years, actor Tom Harlan has played Mars 2112’s Dr. Mars, who works alongside Empress Glorianna, her right-hand man Orion, and QTP, a.k.a. Cutie Pie the Math Wiz. “Most of the Martian actors have gotten positive careers,” he says. “A lot of them go on tours.” Not him, though — Carlin boasts that though he’s been on Chinese TV, he isn’t leaving his sweet gig anytime soon. We asked what’s keeping him at Times Square’s most famous (infamous?) theme restaurant.
  6. Mediavore
    Bloomberg Boasts of Many Health Department Closures; Rachael Ray BittenBloomberg doesn’t want you thinking the Health Department is slacking off. As a matter of fact, they’re boasting of closing places left and right. [NYP] The B.R. Guest sale finally goes through. [NYP] Related: Does David Burke Come With That Steakhouse? [Grub Street] Mars 2112’s landlord is ready to give them the boot for hosting hip-hop parties. [NYS]