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  1. Trends
    Stop Using ‘Market’ in Your Restaurant’s NameMercato, Marketa, Markt, Market Table, Mercadito. Make it stop.
  2. The New York Diet
    Actress An Nguyen Loves Her Vietnamese DivesThe star of the upcoming film “Year of the Fish” also loves home cooking.
  3. The New York Diet
    Kathryn Erbe of ‘Law & Order: CI’ Isn’t Cracking Down on Her Cookie In tonight’s season premiere of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Detective Eames revisits the murder of her late husband. Eames has a weakness for double-vodka martinis, but the actress who plays her, Kathryn Erbe, says her only remaining vices are sugar and caffeine. “I have a terrible sweet tooth,” she tells us. “I’m a cookie addict.” We suppose it’s better than being the sort of addict that she fights in CI — she is a mom and all. So where does the Brooklynite feed her habit?
  4. Neighborhood Watch
    A New Menu for the Next Time You’re in the Financial DistrictBoerum Hill: Brooklyn Inn on its way out. [Eater] Clinton Hill: Credit the blogosphere if the brewery on Waverly Avenue opens this summer as a beer garden. [Gothamist] Financial District: We’ve got the menu for the new Dublin-European bistro Stella Maris. [Grub Street] Flatiron: Markt has relocated to Sixth Avenue and now serves breakfast. [Grub Street] Greenpoint: Starbucks cabaret may be opening soon. [Curbed] Harlem: Wine store to replace Back in the Day antique shop. But will it have as cutesy a name? [Harlem Fur] Midtown East: Jeffrey Chodorow’s Wild Salmon replaces English Is Italian on Friday; we look forward to his review [NYT] Morningside Heights: Order pinot at Vino Fino wine shop, opening soon. [Harlem Fur] Times Square: Only two more days until you can sing Journey like everyone else at karaoke joint Spotlight Live. [NYS] West Village: Alexandra swallowing nearby storefronts for wine bar to be filled by nonexistent waiting customers. [Eater] Newly opened Central Kitchen offering 10 percent off its menu through Sunday. That’s as much as a “European-style” tip. [NYS]
  5. Neighborhood Watch
    Morandi Breaks Out the Breakfast Menu in the West VillageChelsea: Markt your calendars: New location set to open ahead of previous expectations — early this week, in fact. [Eater] Dumbo: Things not looking so good for Bubby’s Brooklyn: “kids overran the joint.” [Brooklyn Record] Gramercy: Yow! Gramercy Hotel’s rooftop bar opening soon? [Down by the Hipster] Tribeca: Robert De Niro’s hotel, which will house an outpost of L.A. hot spot Ago, now has a name. Take note: “It will make the Bowery Hotel look like a Red Roof Inn.” [Down by the Hipster] West Village: Perhaps trying to deflect attention away from that Times review of Balthazar, Morandi tells us it will roll out breakfast in a couple of weeks. [Grub Street]
  6. Openings
    Markt Abandons the Meatpacking District, Takes Over SensaWhen last we checked in with Markt, the meatpacking mainstay kicked to the curb by its landlord, it was poised to move into Sascha’s old space. It turns out that deal didn’t go as planned and everyone’s favorite spot for Brussels mussels is taking its business to the Chelsea-Flatiron area. Broker James Famularo called us yesterday hours after inking a deal that, as of today, puts Markt’s people in charge of Sensa, positioning them to recast the space. According to a Markt rep, chef Neville Soddart will Belgify Sensa’s menu by next week; sometime around July, assuming the landmarks commission gives the okay, all the old fixtures will be moved into the slightly smaller space, with doors possibly opening onto a 50-seat outdoor café. The restaurant is also eyeing locations for a second spot. —Daniel Maurer Earlier: Sascha Purchased By Markt in Meatpacking Musical Chairs
  7. NewsFeed
    Sascha Purchased By Markt in Meatpacking Musical ChairsEater reported yesterday that long-suffering meatpacking wannabistro Sascha, a big restaurant with few customers, has finally given up the ghost. And in doing so, given neighbor Markt a chance to downsize. We have it that the owner of Sascha’s space, Robert Romanoff, has rented it to Markt’s people, who will soon shutter and retreat from 14th Street and Ninth Avenue to Gansevoort Street, in what appears to be an effort to get out from under an oppressive lease. Wasn’t it just yesterday that the neighborhood was seen as a gold mine? It’s now seeming like it might soon be stripped.