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Marketing Gimmicks

  1. Freebies
    Get a Free Taco From Giants Outfielder Angel Pagan Today In Redwood CityYep, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., they’re giving out tacos all over.
  2. Burger Time
    Coupa Cafe Starts Burger WednesdaysBut is the Venezuelan’s new deal really offering you much in savings?
  3. Marketing Gimmicks
    What’s Up With This Pancho Villa Ad?It’s a naked woman rising out of some pico de gallo?
  4. Marketing Gimmicks
    Now You Can Get Drunk on Pizza!You’ll have to show ID to eat Salvatore’s boozy pies.
  5. Marketing Gimmicks
    Has Legal Sea Foods Made a Grave Mistake?RIP, good taste.
  6. Marketing Gimmicks
    What Does Legal Sea Foods Have in Common With Jesus and BrokebackLegal’s new ads just might be in poor taste.
  7. Marketing Gimmicks
    Sure, Soup Is Good, But Will It Ever Be Hip?The ploy might help boost sales in the short term.
  8. Booze You Can Use
    Next Up In Dumb Beverages: Alcoholic WaterIt’s the new Zima, but worse.
  9. Marketing Gimmicks
    Chicken Soup for the Non-Hipster SoulEveryone’s favorite inspirational franchise is branching out into food.
  10. Baconator
    Wendy’s Baconator Spawn Lures CrowdsSomewhere, Mayor Menino is scowling.
  11. Marketing Gimmicks
    Campbell’s Launches Line of Hipster SoupsInspired by food trucks.
  12. Marketing Gimmicks
    Going Old School Brings Peanut Chews Back to Its GloryPeeps-makers Just Born learned the hard way that if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it.
  13. Marketing Gimmicks
    Why the Pizzabon Is Destined to FailPizza’s bastardization reaches new lows in Atlanta, courtesy of Cinnabon.
  14. Marketing Gimmicks
    Gladstone’s Offers Free Mohawks To Kick Off Shark WeekThe Malibu restaurant has themed cocktails and a gratis barbershop in the shape of a shark.
  15. Marketing Gimmicks
    Alex Reznik’s FigOly Now Taking Reservations…Via Twitter!Following the place could earn you a sneak peek.
  16. Funnies
    Behold the 4505 Meats Food PyramidIt’s a joke, people.
  17. We All Scream
    Uber Gets Into the Ice Cream Truck MarketThe cab service is branching out. Weird, right?
  18. Contests
    CalShakes Has Cocktail Contest to Promote Spunk
  19. The Chain Gang
    Alaska Town Actually Happy to Be Overrun With Taco Bell FoodAt least some people are happy about eating crappy tacos.
  20. Marketing Gimmicks
    Burritos Finally Being Marketed Directly to StonersTortillas are the things that unite us, dude.
  21. TV Land
    Slurp Like It’s 1995 and Bring Seinfeld’s Soup Nazi to BostonSeinfeld’s surly Soup Nazi wants to serve you.
  22. Pizza! Pizza!
    Things We Didn’t Know We Needed: A Pizza Vending MachineIt’s from Italy, and it cooks a pizza from scratch in two and a half minutes.
  23. The Chain Gang
    Subway Receives Heart Association Seal, Starts Market-Testing NachosSince when is nacho cheese heart-healthy?
  24. Marketing Gimmicks
    Bad TasteLet’s just avoid naming dishes after the Miami face-eating attack, okay?
  25. Freebies
    Bier Beisl Benefits Biggies in JulyAnyone taller than the 6’7” chef gets their entree and dessert on the house.
  26. Marketing Gimmicks
    All This Fuss About Escargot Is Really Just a Brilliant Marketing SchemeStill there’s nothing wrong with snails, nor the celebration of them.
  27. The Chain Gang
    Regarding the New, Allegedly Green, ‘Healthier’ McDonald’s inIt’s more like a parodic art project than a reality.
  28. Marketing Gimmicks
    Controversia: Spanish-Language Pizza Deal Pisses People OffSpeak English, dammit!
  29. Snake Oil
    Judge Deems POM Wonderful’s Health-Centric Advertising MisleadingAnd strangely, the company couldn’t be more thrilled.
  30. Marketing Gimmicks
    You Can Wear Them Ironically, We GuessLook dashing in a unisex pepperoni or garden-vegetable tee.
  31. Marketing Gimmicks
    New, Possibly Dangerous, Sprays Let People Avoid Hassle of Eating and DrinkingOne spray lets people enjoy “the sensorial pleasure of alcohol without posing a threat to your health.”
  32. Funnies
    Crate & Barrel Co-Opts Dolores Park for New Grill LineNo one around here is going to like this.
  33. Marketing Gimmicks
    Honey Don’t?They will soon serve Red Bull fruit smoothies, for those who want to come by their buzz virtuously.
  34. Noodles
    Giant Noodle Returns to Faneuil HallPhew.
  35. Marketing Gimmicks
    Pepsi Really, Really Wants to Be Cool AgainThe new ad features Nicki Minaj’s song ‘Moment for Life’ and has the epic feel of their eighties campaigns.
  36. Marketing Gimmicks
    King of Pop: Pepsi Revives Michael Jackson for New Ad CampaignIt’s the 25th anniversary of ‘Bad,’ so Pepsi’s bringing Michael back … and having him remixed by Skrillex?
  37. Beer Me
    New Cans Make ‘Shotgunning’ EasierSurely this comes as good news for those with a propensity for binge drinking.
  38. Taco Town
    Starting Today, Don Chow Truck Makes Free Boar Belly and Tongue Tacos for DosThe beer company is launching “Feast of the Brave” today to offer free tacos to the public.
  39. Marketing Gimmicks
    Forbes: Kobe Beef Is ‘Food’s Biggest Scam’Are U.S. chefs and food writers fooling their clientele and themselves with so many knockoffs?
  40. The Chain Gang
    Sizzler HQ Bails Culver City for OC, Plans Golden State ExpansionThe chain struggles to overcome its old-fashioned image by embracing farm-to-table cooking and grill master chefs.
  41. The Chain Gang
    Five Guys Forcing McDonald’s to Pretend Their Food Is High QualityIt isn’t, obviously, but we’ll admit the fries are pretty good.
  42. Marketing Gimmicks
    Yep, Those Are Brooklyn-Made PeepsThey’re in Fort Greene.
  43. Beer Me
    Deschutes Brewery Rolling on L.A. Next MonthThe Oregon brewery has a week of events planned at the city’s beer bars.
  44. Marketing Gimmicks
    Now Coachella Yuppies Can Get The SLS Hotel to Pack Their LunchThe restaurant offers a pricey $28 road trip lunch in time for the music festival.
  45. Onion Breath
    Bloomin’ Onions Are Also Free TodayBuy something else at Outback, say the secret-code phrase, then BAM! Free fried onion!
  46. Marketing Gimmicks
    Brooklyn Arena Will Sell ‘Brooklynized’ Water, Formulated (andDespite its name, the Original Brooklyn Water Bottling Company is actually based in Boca Raton.
  47. Marketing Gimmicks
    Flat Rock Saloon Keeps it Classy in ManayunkMaking fun of the poor and downtrodden is always a good for some laughs.
  48. Marketing Gimmicks
    Rock and Brews Relaunching, Now With More Gene SimmonsThe brewpub becomes a family-restaurant with chain aspirations and non-stop rock.
  49. Marketing Gimmicks
    The Latest in Dessert Technology: The Cupcake ATMAll cupcakes, all the time.
  50. Mediavore
    Why Astronauts Love Hot Sauce; Pepsi Next Offers Lighter SodaPepsi Next will try to succeed where C2 failed.
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