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Marion’s Continental

  1. Neighborhood Watch
    Hecho en Dumbo Leaves Brooklyn; Sunburnt Cow Roasts a CowPlus: The Cheyenne Diner begins its Southern voyage, and Brasserie celebrates 50 years of being très Français.
  2. NewsFeed
    Marion’s Continental Returns, But Without Martinis Just YetAfter a three-month hiatus, the Bowery favorite reopened last week.
  3. NewsFeed
    Retreat Team Takes Over Marion’s and M&R, Opens ‘Semi-Private’ Down by the Hipster is wondering what’s up with Antik, the “semi-private cocktail lounge” (whatever that means) coming to the former Marion’s Continental space. We’ve confirmed that it’s owned by Larry Kramer and Craig Koening, who have already opened King’s Cross, an upscale pub, in the building’s basement (formerly M&R). It’ll open to the public March 21, after a press party on the 19th, and in addition to red-velvet wallpaper and black chandeliers (why not? If the antique theme worked for the Bowery Hotel across the street…), it’ll have no visible bar — up 150 patrons will give their orders to sexy cocktail waitresses who will disappear into a black box to fetch them. If Kramer and Koening are counting on this gimmick the way they were counting on the “VIP tree house” to turn their other club Retreat into a hot spot, we wish them luck. K & K Do Antik [Down by the Hipster]