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  1. Events
    Mario Batali and Lidia Bastianich to Go Head-to-Head at Del PostoIt’s going down on April 29.
  2. Activists
    84-Year-Old Activist Wants Mario Batali’s Babbo ClosedShe’s still fighting.
  3. Lists
    The 20 Most Despicable Things Gordon Ramsay Has Said and Done, RankedRacism, fat-shaming, and vegetarian trickery.
  4. Lawsuits
    Man Sues Eataly Over Broken Glass in Pasta“There was a lot of blood coming out of my mouth.”
  5. Quote of the Day
    Mario Batali Has a Pretty Ambitious Super Bowl MenuThe menu has a bicoastal thing going on.
  6. Beep Beep
    So, No, Mario Batali’s Restaurants Don’t Have a Secret DOHIt’s really more about preparedness, the restaurant’s food safety guru says.
  7. A for Effort
    Does Mario Batali Really Have a Secret Health Inspector ‘AlarmAnd other ways of dealing with inspectors.
  8. Quote of the Day
    Mario Batali Would Like You to Quit It, PleaseMario Batali is doing well, but has one small complaint.
  9. Foodievents
    Get Ready for ‘Shame on Sandy,’ a Chef-Heavy Variety Show andDoes this mean we finally get to hear Eric Ripert duet with Susan Sarandon?
  10. Quote of the Day
    The ‘Blotchy Narwhal’ and the ‘Zig-Zaggy Kitten’ AreMario Batali has a few alternative suggestions for Gordon Ramsay.
  11. Culatello!
    Eataly Rolls Out E-TailingThe Torino-based “slow foods supermarket” is now e-tailing honey and such.
  12. Spotted Dick
    Gordon Ramsay Preemptively Files for Spotted Pig Trademark in the U.K.Does this stem from the infamous “Fanta Pants” incident?
  13. Good Stuff
    Bid on This Dinner With Gwyneth Paltrow and Mario Batali for Your Own GoodWhat would you guys even talk about?
  14. Benefits
    Babbo Chef Frank Langello Lost His Home During Hurricane SandyLangello’s supporters will gather at Otto next week.
  15. Damage Report
    More Sandy Fallout: Momofuku Was Ready, Batali and Bastianich Take a Big HitAnd River Cafe might have gotten the worst of it.
  16. Frankenfood
    The L.A. Times Recommends Voting ‘No’ on Prop. 37The paper stands in direct opposition to Alice Waters, Michael Pollan, and Mario Batali.
  17. Frankenfood
    Alice Waters Urges Chefs to Rally Behind Prop 37The Chez Panisse legend is pushing a petition to her peers.
  18. Bookshelf
    Mario Batali’s Sons Will Publish The Batali Brothers CookbookLook for it in e-book form this fall and in hard copy next spring.
  19. We Called It
    Megamarket Eataly Is Opening in Chicago With an ‘Expanded SausageIt’s the chain’s twentieth store worldwide.
  20. Good Times
    The 22 Best Lines From Last Night’s Roast of Anthony Bourdain“Anthony Bourdain, the original culinary gangster, spitting truth to power, taking down the hacks and phonies, all in a $4,000 Hermès suit.”
  21. Lawsuits
    Batali’s Restaurant Group Agrees to $1.15 Million SettlementCultural-sensitivity training is part of the deal.
  22. Celebrity Settings
    Mario Batali Drops in on Matteo’s; Andrew Zimmern Spotted at the Clift;Howard Dean? Random…
  23. Foodies With Benefits
    Mario Batali and Guy Fieri Cooking Together at Benefit Dinner in Santa RosaIt happens this Friday, September 14.
  24. Simply Ming
    Who’s Ming Tsai Voting for in November?Ming Tsai is in a Blue (Dragon) state of mind.
  25. Employment Laws
    In Batali’s Kitchen, Library VoicesHis employment laws.
  26. Couch Potatoes
    Couch Potatoes: Watching an Hour of Food Network With Joe Bastianich“My downfall was, me and Mario would go to Balthazar every night at one o’clock.”
  27. Leftovers
    Gigantic La Marina Opening Tonight; Meatball Shop Headed to Upper EastPlus: Brooklyn Brine goes retail, make Taim’s falafel, and more of today’s leftovers.
  28. Summits
    StarChefs 2012 Chef’s Congress Will Feature Ricker, Falkner,The event draws chefs from around the world.
  29. La Dolce Vita
    How Eataly Conquered Italy, and Why America Will Be NextThe Italian company is growing at a rapid clip, and it’s poised to become the biggest name in food. Even more: It will happen sooner than you think.
  30. Openings
    Is There More News about Eataly Coming to Chicago? Kind of.It’s still unclear where Eataly is going in Chicago.
  31. Beer Me
    Hip Hops: There’s Going to Be a Special Edition Deltron 3030 BeerWith David Chang, Mario Batali, and the Joe Beef dudes on board, you know the party’s going to rock.
  32. Quote of the Day
    Batali Defends ‘Terrible’ FaceIn other words: Eat me.
  33. Chef Shuffle
    Tico’s Joshua Smith Goes to Happy’s, HappilyTico gets a new chef, too.
  34. Chef Romance
    Michael Schlow Gets Hitched Alongside Mario Batali, Guy Fieri, and Michael StipeThe food was pretty good, too.
  35. Slideshow
    If Chefs Were Really Rock Stars, Who Would They Be?A look into a world where Anthony Bourdain is actually Sid Vicious and Alice Waters plays Joni Mitchell.
  36. Openings
    Eataly Is Definitely Coming to Chicago. Just Not Sure Where Else.Eataly coming to Chicago for sure.
  37. Lists
    Molto Good Stuff to EatMario Batali makes a kind-of-awesome food editor.
  38. Urban Farming
    BrightFarms Wants to Keep New Yorkers in Hydroponic VeggiesA planned 100,000-square-foot rooftop farm in Sunset Park should help.
  39. Mediavore
    An Early Look Into Nobu Malibu; What Are L.A.’s Best Korean Restaurants?From Oo-Kook to Genwa, Susan Park lists ten of KTown’s best.
  40. Mediavore
    St. Patrick’s Day Without Corned Beef?; Indian Spices Lower Triglycerides
  41. Lawsuits
    Batali, Bastianich & Co. Settle Tip-Skimming Suit for $5.25 MillionIt’s payday for the two Babbo employees and the rest of the plaintiffs.
  42. Studies
    Study: Restaurants Treat Female Employees Even Worse Than They Treat DudeAs grueling as the work may be, it’s even worse for women.
  43. Batalian
    Batali Likes Food the Color of His CrocsDoritos and lasagna are just fine in his eyes.
  44. Other Magazines
    Lucky Peach Issue Three Cover Art RevealedFor some reason, it reminds us of a “Far Side” cartoon.
  45. Neighborhood Watch
    Mario Batali Signing at Mozza2Go; Moon Juice Opening in VeniceThe red-headed chef will put his pen to your copy of Molto Mario next week.
  46. Foodievents
    Mario Batali Is Cooking at Coast on January 28thIn a rare visit, the massively famous ginger chef will cook two lunches in Santa Monica.
  47. Video Feed
    Watch Mario Batali Help Jon Stewart Spend Some of Stephen Colbert’s SuperBatals is happy to cook … for a price.
  48. Law Suits
    Batali and Babbo Spanked With Butt-Slapping LawsuitAn ex-employee says he was groped, but not by Molto.
  49. Rumor Mill
    Philly Eataly Rumors Flare Up AgainThe latest rumor has a “big-name” behind and Eataly-like concept.
  50. Mediavore
    ‘Guns For Groceries’ Aimed at Reducing Holiday Season Family Drama;Plus: Now’s a good time to invest in whiskey; and Bataligate tops this year’s biggest food scandals, all in our morning news roundup.
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