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  1. underground gourmet quick bite
    Marco Canora Is Making French-Bread Pizza on She Wolf Bakery BaguettesProust had his madeleine, for Marco Canora it’s Stouffer’s pepperoni FBP.
  2. interviews
    Marco Canora Is Ready For a Little Optimism“We need some encouragement, and we need some positivity.”
  3. openings
    Brodo Broth Shop Takes the Bone-Broth Movement to a New LevelGet ready for bone broths spiked with “quality fats” — like spiced butter, bone marrow, and coconut oil — that get frothed up with immersion blenders.
  4. Openings
    Zadie’s Oyster Room Is the Single-Concept Restaurant You Actually WantA closer look at Marco Canora’s new menu.
  5. The Dish
    Zadie’s Oyster Room Opens Tonight With These Butter-Steamed OystersThey’re just one of the seven different bivalve preparations on offer at Marco Canora’s new spot.
  6. Makeovers
    Take a Look at Hearth’s Modern New Look and MenuMarco Canora has added rye-berry risotto, smoked Spanish mackerel, and other lighter dishes.
  7. Pop Ups
    Get Ready for Chocolate-Spiked Bone BrothNick Morgenstern and Marco Canora will unleash their new creation next week.
  8. Bone Broth
    How the Bone Broth Debate Boiled Over So SuddenlyIs it really the next great health food, or merely some marketing sleight of hand designed to sell a simple ingredient for a few dollars more?
  9. Openings
    Marco Canora’s Brodo, Opening Monday, Wants to Make Broth the New JuiceHe’s giving “soup kitchen” new meaning.
  10. The Grub Street Diet
    Hearth’s Paul Grieco Eats Two Dinners, Drinks Plenty of Riesling“I’m not going to do this article and not drink Riesling. Like, yeah, even if I had a Cabernet from California I’m gonna tell you?”
  11. Interviews
    Marco Canora on His ‘Bratty’ Former Busboy, Jake Gyllenhaal“We gave him so much sh-t.”
  12. Leftovers
    Eleven Madison Park Goes Off the Grid; More Sandy BenefitsPlus: Strong Place, Hearth, and Gilt host Sandy benefit dinners, in today’s leftovers.
  13. Benefits
    Colicchio & Sons Will Host Benefit for Gerry HaydenAn all-star roster will team up to help the legendary chef.
  14. Reunions
    Craft’s Ten-Year Reunion Featured Sassy Canora, Cursing Chang’The New Yorker’ looks at a decade’s worth of people calling each other names in Tom Colicchio’s kitchen.
  15. Staycation
    A Feast by Marco Canora and Anthony Goncalves Is Probably Worth the SchlepA carnivore’s love den.
  16. Openings
    Murray Hill Terroir Says Hello to the NeighborhoodThe newest location of the rambunctious wine bar is scheduled to open next month.
  17. Tales From the Deep
    Enough With This Fresh Fish Nonsense!JJ Goode on the silliness of not ordering fish on Mondays, and why the “freshest” seafood you can eat might have been caught years ago.
  18. Chef Shuffle
    August Hires Hearth’s Jordan Frosolone As New ChefYour first look at the new dinner menu.
  19. Foodievents
    The Craftastic FiveA dream team celebrates Craft’s tenth anniversary.
  20. Food TV
    Next Iron Chef Marc Forgione Is ‘Not Just There to Sign Autographs’The winner of last night’s season finale spoke with Grub Street about his victory.
  21. TV Land
    Ming Tsai: From Hot and Sour Pork to Sour GrapesMing Tsai got burned on The Next Iron Chef.
  22. TV Land
    Introducing the Next Next Iron Chefs: Marco Canora, Ming Tsai, and MoreThe second season’s lineup is announced.
  23. Slideshow
    A Closer Look at Terroir Tribeca, Now Serving Wine on TapMarco Canora and Paul Grieco’s grape-juice joint opened yesterday.
  24. Openings
    Preview Terroir Tribeca’s Wine-Friendly MenuWhat to eat at Paul Grieco and Marco Canora’s new “anti-establishment wine bar.”
  25. Video Feed
    Marco Canora Reconfigures the Pop-TartThe chef appears on ‘Nightline”s “Platelist” feature.
  26. Foodievents
    Pigging OutWho won this weekend’s Cochon 555 heritage-pig competition?
  27. Foodievents
    Hearth Saves Sundays for Spaghetti and MeatballsInspired by Locanda Verde’s pastapalooza?
  28. The Other Critics
    Marco Canora Thinks It’s Impossible to Impress the CriticsParticularly, Adam Platt.
  29. Lists
    Where Chang, Boulud, Bourdain, Canora, and Nawab Eat LateChefs pick their favorite late-night spots.
  30. Bookshelf
    How to Make Marco Canora’s Meatballs, According to His New Cookbook’Salt to Taste’ hit bookstores yesterday.
  31. Contests
    Win Tickets to Marco Canora’s Epicurious Pork FestThere’s room for two Grub Street readers at this traditional Tuscan pork fest.
  32. Chef Shuffle
    Canora and Grieco Leave Insieme, Will Open a Terroir in TribecaMarco Canora tells us why he’s no longer involved in his well-regarded midtown project, Insieme.
  33. Bookshelf
    Fall Reading: Marco Canora’s Cookbook and a Vegetarian’s CarnivorousPlus, the Momofuku cookbook’s cover.
  34. Roundtable
    Chef Roundtable: Boulud, Cardoz, and Canora Remember and Prognosticate“Trying to cook at home unless you know what you’e doing is going to cost you more money or you’re going to eat very lousy.”
  35. Ask a Waiter
    Nick Ferrante of Hearth and Terroir Invites You to Paul Grieco’s Wine’Those conversations night after night are basically like a master class.’
  36. NewsFeed
    Gourmet Institute to Give Food & Wine Festival a Run for Its MoneyWith talks from David Chang, Daniel Boulud, and seemingly every other chef in the city.
  37. NewsFeed
    David Chang Gets a Bit More Media Exposure on ‘Charlie Rose’Facing the truth about Ssäm.
  38. Back of the House
    Dr. Vino Brings First View of Wine Madhouse TerroirDr. Vino, one of our favorite wine blogs, drops the first images of the newly opened Terroir today. The wine bar owned by Marco Canora and Paul Grieco opened last night, and to judge by the pictures, it hit the ground running. As expected, the place reflects Grieco’s precarious sanity. Writes Dr. Vino: “The wine list is in a three-ring binder, which the designer described to me as being like the school notebook of ‘a 16 year-old boy’s whose obsession is not with cars or girls but obscure grape varieties,’ including one with Aglianico written on it multiple times.” Just wait til they look in the crawlspace! Hipster wine bar, Terroir, now open! Wine by the glass starts at $2.75 [Dr. Vino] Related: What You’ll Eat and Drink at Terroir
  39. back of the house
    Adam Platt on Best of New York: “It’s a Matter of Taste, Cutty!”Having pawed and pondered this week’s Best of New York issue endlessly, we knew that the only way we could possibly make up our minds about it was to pester Adam Platt into giving us his thoughts on why he made his picks, who he had to leave out, and what his reasoning was. Since Platt is always readily available on IM, the following chat answered our questions and made our peace with his picks.
  40. Mediavore
    Charlie Trotter Details Emerge; Frank Bruni’s Cross-Country TripThe first details on Charlie Trotter’s still-unnamed restaurant on Madison Square Park emerge: It will have 80 seats as well as a bar and lounge. [NYT] Merkato 55 may be turning New Yorkers on to African cuisine, but there have been plenty of excellent, albeit under-the-radar, restaurants offering the continent’s cuisine for years. [TONY] Related: Merkato 55’s Most Popular Dish: Doro Wat The Modern’s new wine director, Belinda Chang, is the kind of sommelier we want to be someday: “I’m definitely obsessed with magnums. They’re so fun to pour!” [NYS]
  41. NewsFeed
    What You’ll Eat and Drink at Terroir After reading Rob and Robin’s opening this week, we can’t wait to visit Terroir when it opens this weekend (or Monday, if there’s a last-minute construction problem). But what awaits us there? We reached out to the new wine bar’s guiding spirit, Paul Grieco, to see if he could get us a sneak preview of the menu, and possibly a hint of what he had in mind for his wine program. Grieco delivered both — the latter in spades.
  42. Back of the House
    Global Warming Endangers Black Truffles; Gourmands Despair at God’sWe had a good bit of sport over the astronomical prices paid this past summer for white truffles in New York restaurants. But what if their black cousins, long the déclassé branch of the family, became even more expensive? Or disappeared entirely? That wouldn’t be so funny. And it wouldn’t be good for the price of white truffles, which, like Beluga caviar and shark-fin soup, could become a purely plutocratic pleasure sooner than we expected. (Not that truffles are evil in the way of Beluga caviar and shark-fin soup; we’re just thinking of endangered luxury foods, you understand.) An article in USA Today suggests that the global warming is currently bringing the hammer down on black-truffle production and that (gasp) “France’s black truffle will one day be just a memory.” It’s a similar story around the world, as fish stocks are depleted, ecosystems are knocked out of whack, and global demand for things like toro and truffles move beyond a small cluster of ascot-wearing bons vivants.
  43. In the Magazine
    This Week: New Fusion, New Coffee, Repurposed Water The city’s newest food-fusion trend is Latin American and Italian cuisines, says the Underground Gourmet in this week’s magazine. Miranda in Williamsburg and Matilda in the East Village are leading the charge, and Rob and Robin alternate between calling it “Mex-Italian” and “Tusc-Mex.” (Our pick: “Mexcellente.”) Outside of our regular reading route, Intel has a dishy item about David Bouley — apparently, his Tribeca neighbors aren’t so thrilled about his proposed Brushstrokes restaurant. Back in the food section, it’s a difficult time of year for the Greenmarket, but that doesn’t deter Damon Wise at Craft for offering up this week’s “In Season” recipe: pan-roasted salsify. Gael Greene visits Smokin’ Q on the Upper East Side this week and enjoys the ribs and the thin-cut fries, though she could do without the owner’s jokes. Rob and Robin introduce us to three new restaurants this week, and we can’t wait to visit Terroir, the latest from Marco Canora and Paul Grieco. Also in “Openings”: an East Village coffee bar co-owned by Sasha Petraske and a new burger spot in the financial district. If a recession breeds good $4 burgers, it can’t be that bad. Finally, if you want to reduce bottled-water waste, we found four restaurants with a DIY approach to filtration and carbonation.
  44. Chefwatch
    Jordan Frosolone Tends Hearth Every Night Each week, we’ll be highlighting one of the great but obscure young chefs who are actually running one of the city’s major restaurants. . Name: Jordan Frosolone Age: 31 Restaurant: Hearth Background: Forsolone, a native Chicagoan, put in time at Coco Pazzo, Blackbird, and Nomi, before hitting Italy for a year of heavy duty in Florence and Umbria. He then started in as a line cook for the famously demanding Marco Canora, at Hearth. When Canora went uptown to open Insieme, Forsolone was promoted to chef de cuisine and given the keys to Hearth. Style: “I’m definitely in love with the greenmarket. Focused and balanced Italian and southern French.”
  45. Engines of Gastronomy
    At Insieme, Marco Canora Makes Pasta Like It’s 1875In the wonderful world of pasta, there is the fresh (usually made with eggs and rolled-out), and there is the dried (usually eggless and extruded). And then there is the unusual hybrid of sorts that Marco Canora has recently introduced on his Insieme menu. While surfing the Web, as all blog-obsessed chefs are wont to do, Canora discovered an old Venetian–style hand-cranked pasta extruder known as the Bigolaro, a.k.a. the Torchio, and if he had his doubts about its decidedly low-tech looks, the price, at $280, was right. The rustic gadget, which was patented in 1875, clamps on to any sturdy tabletop, and although it requires the strength of two Greco–Roman wrestlers to operate, the results are worth the effort.
  46. Ask a Waiter
    Nelson Hernandez of Insieme Is Waiting Out the Broadway Strike, Liquor BoardNelson Hernandez was a teacher for ten years before he decided he’d rather make art than teach it. He now performs around town as a singer-songwriter and pays the rent by waiting tables at Marco Canora’s joint Insieme. Since Insieme is located directly across from the darkened Winter Garden, we thought Hernandez might be just the person to tell us what the scene has been lately at a restaurant that caters both to theatergoing tourists and to homegrown aficionados of contemporary Italian cuisine.
  47. Mediavore
    Theater-District Restaurants May Lay Off Workers; Where the Chefs GoAfter three weeks of declining customers, theater-district restaurants fear layoffs. [NYP] Related: Theater Strike Could Drop Curtain on Midtown Restaurants Chefs including Tom Colicchio, Nicole Kaplan, and Marco Canora reveal where they really eat in the city (think Wing Wong and Bellavitae). [Diner’s Journal/NYT] From the in-laws to the office party, a list of restaurants to turn to for every holiday scenario.[Strong Buzz]
  48. NewsFeed
    Wine-Geek Heaven on the Way to the East VillageIt’s been a while since we first got wind of it, but the Hearth’s long-awaited spinoff wine bar, Terroir, is finally close to becoming a reality. The space, known in its former life as Bikes by George, will begin its transformation right after Thanksgiving, and co-owners Paul Grieco and Marco Canora hope to open the place by New Year’s. Grieco, the wine director, is a wine geek’s wine geek, which means he’s got some lofty plans.
  49. NewsFeed
    Theater Strike Could Drop Curtain on Midtown RestaurantsThe fuel that fires the midtown’s restaurant economy is, like electricity or natural gas, indispensable. It’s that bustling, shuffling mass we like to call tourists, and with 27 theaters currently dark thanks to a stagehand strike, the tourism machine may be poised to shudder and stop. “The strike has a huge effect on us,” bemoans Insieme chef Marco Canora. “That’s like 40 percent of our business.” Thanks to Insieme’s high repute, the place gets a good seating between pre- and post-theater, but other restaurants are even more vulnerable.
  50. VideoFeed
    Two Chefs (and One Good Eater) Take a Trip to the Bronx If there’s something you can think of better than going up to Arthur Avenue in the Bronx in a big white Buick, for the express purpose of eating sandwiches with your two favorite Italian chefs, then we would like to know what it is. We heeded our lust for salumi and mozzarella and recorded the results for Grub Street posterity. . Roving Chef: Arthur Avenue [Video]
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