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Manny Castro

  1. Art Bites
    Notorious Chick-Fil-A Vandal Turns His Eye Towards Giant DoughnutsThe Hollywood artist will show off a sweet new installation at Downtown’s Art Walk this week.
  2. Chicken Wars
    Another Artist Bombs Chick-fil-AThe chain may need to focus its hateful contributions to fight the NEA more than gay marriage.
  3. Crime Scenes
    Cops Arrest ‘Tastes Like Hate’ Chick-fil-A Graffiti GuyThey can take away his freedom, but they’ll never take away his promotion boost.
  4. Crime Scenes
    Will Chick-fil-A Turn the Other Cheek on Manny Castro?The artist is naively hoping to be let off if he pays for the wall to be repainted.
  5. Crime Scenes
    Hollywood Artist Claims Responsibility for ‘Tastes Like Hate’ GraffitiPolice are currently probing Manny Castro’s claims that he painted the side of a Chick-fil-A in protest.