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Mads Refslund

  1. Interviews
    Ari Taymor x Mads Refslund Collaboration“If you don’t have the passion, I think you should stop working as a chef.”
  2. Foodievents
    Matt Orlando Among New Nordic Chefs Coming to N.Y. in OctoberPut down those wild-crafted cloudberries, and go get yourself some tickets.
  3. Urban Foraging
    Acme’s Mads Refslund Digs New YorkHis own restaurant does have an “Soil” section, after all.
  4. Mad About Mads
    Acme’s Mads Refslund Wants a Second New York RestaurantThe Danish chef doesn’t quite feel at home yet in New York, but definitely wants to open a second restaurant here.
  5. Slideshow
    What to Eat on Acme’s New Brunch MenuA Danish omelette, or perhaps a grilled romaine salad?
  6. Empire Building
    Acme Expansion in the Works, Possibly Headed to SohoThe team behind the city’s restaurant of the moment is looking to expand.
  7. What to Eat
    Scope the New Acme’s Danish-y Menu From Mads Refslund of NomaThe New Nordic has hit New York.