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  1. Ruins
    Once-Opulent Lutèce Space Now Just a Crumbling Restaurant RuinEven the fireplace is trashed.
  2. Field of Greens
    Neighbor Calls for Investigation Into Satur Farms’ Business PracticesResidents allege the farm is more of a distribution hub for products grown elsewhere.
  3. Chef Shuffles
    Former Border Grill Chef Scott Linquist Joins Mucho Ultima in Manhattan BeachThe chef is also the author of a cookbook named Mod Mex.
  4. Foodievents
    Lutèce Is Coming Back! (Kind Of!)Andre Soltner will oversee a one-off homage dinner to his classic restaurant.
  5. Coming Soon
    The Royce Opens Next Friday At The Langham, Keeps Voltaggio-Style Imagination inGuy Savoy and Patina vet David Feau plans creative farm-to-table twists on French and American classics.
  6. Coming Soon
    The Langham Dining Room Will Become ‘The Royce’ Under New Chef David FéauThe Patina and Lutece vet will cook light California fare.
  7. Personalities
    You Won’t Find Hot Pockets in André Soltner’s FreezerThe Lutece chef leads a tour of his fridge.
  8. Lawsuits
    Ex-Lutèce Chef Eberhard Müller Charged With HarassmentEberhard Müller “is the only chef who could make Gordon Ramsay cry,” says his wife.
  9. NewsFeed
    Tyson Wong Ophaso Heads for the West CoastTyson Wong Ophaso, who you may remember as the chef at Chinatown Brasserie whom was beat up by three drunks in front of his own restaurant last year, had some good news to tell us when we ran into him the other night: Six months after leaving the Brasserie, he’s been hired as corporate chef by Domaine Restaurant Group, which owns Dakota and 25 Degrees in the Hollywood’s Roosevelt Hotel, as well as two Red Pearls, a kind of California version of Spice Market with “fresh, clean, and lean versions of Asian street food,” as Ophaso tells us.