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  1. Bars
    The Survivors: New York’s Enduring Dive BarsAs the city’s dives close with whiplash-inducing frequency, Robert Simonson looks at six spots that you should visit before it’s too late.
  2. Lists
    The Best Cocktail Bars and the Best Plain Ol’ BarkeepsHonoring Lucy of Lucy’s and Sunny of Sunny’s.
  3. Endangered
    Checking In With Lucy and RayThe latest on two Avenue A old-timers.
  4. Temporary Closings
    Are Dive Bars Allowed to Change?Lucy’s is taking some time off, but it’s the new ATM we’re concerned about.
  5. Reopenings
    Lucy’s is NOT Still Shuttered! Plus, Other Endangered StorefrontsA gorgeous slideshow of our favorite fading façades.
  6. Temporary Closings
    Dive in Danger: Lucy’s Takes a Few Weeks OffJust one of Lucy’s sporadic vacations?
  7. Temporary Closings
    Holiday Cocktail Lounge’s (Temporary?) Closure May Drive Us to DrinkIt’s the latest dive bar with an uncertain future.
  8. NewsFeed
    After Brief Hiatus, Lucy’s Is Alive and Pouring“Some drunk guy showed me drawings of women he saw on the street.”
  9. NewsFeed
    Avenue A Freeze-out: Hopscotch Closed, Lucy’s UncertainOne of the hood’s beloved dives and last vestiges of Polish culture may have closed.