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  1. The Grub Street Diet
    Carrie Brownstein Doesn’t Want Overly Green Meals“It looks like organ meat, but they’re vegetables. You can see the health benefits flowing in the ether around the container of green.”
  2. Neighborhood Watch
    Luce Hosts Student Chef Competition; West of Pecos Slightly Delayed; OenotriThe Oenotri next-door bar will be called Bar.
  3. Chef Shuffles
    New Chefs at Luce, Fish Story, Murray Circle, and MoreMurray Circle has gone more casual, btw.
  4. Chef Shuffles
    Crenn Makes Luce Departure OfficialIt’s now finally official.
  5. Dominique Crenn
    Where Dominique Crenn Eats in L.A.The Luce chef shares her favorite L.A. restaurants while in town to preview Atelier Crenn.
  6. TV Land
    Dominique Crenn Trounces Michael Symon on Iron ChefThe French chef at Luce bested Michael Symon in a battle where the secret ingredient was yogurt.
  7. Fig-Gate
    Middle Fingers Raised Toward Chang, S.F. Chefs Proudly Serve Figs on PlatesCall us defensive, but the fig flap won’t die, and S.F. chefs are still making ironic references to it on their menus.
  8. TV Land
    Dominique Crenn Takes Her Turn on Iron Chef AmericaThe Luce chef will be battling Michael Symon, ingredient TBA.
  9. Deals
    Eat a Cheap Dinner, or Win a Free One at LuceGet a cheap prix fixe meal plus drinks at Top of the Mark, or win a free meal for your entire party, regardless of size.
  10. The Other Critics
    Unterman Clucks Over Kokko; Sens Enjoys the Playfulness at Luce
  11. Thanksgiving
    How Dominique Crenn Cooks a TurkeyFrench chef likes complicated techniques and slow cooking.
  12. Presidential Eats
    Dominique Crenn Cooked for ObamaThe Luce chef cooked items off the restaurant’s menu for the prez to eat in his room.
  13. TV Land
    Dominique Crenn To Compete in Next Iron ChefThe Luce chef will compete against former San Franciscan Nate Appleman.