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  1. gimmicks
    Japan Releases Burger With a Bacon ‘Tongue’ Hanging OutIt also includes purple cheese sauce and a coffin-shaped box.
  2. The Chain Gang
    Japanese Burger Chain Rereleases All-Time Most Terrifying SandwichThe “Burger With Everything on It” is back.
  3. Nothingburger
    Japan’s Saddest New Burger Just Has Lettuce and Sauce Between Two BunsPeople are actually buying it!
  4. Dip
    Japanese Fast-Food Chain Pairs French Fries With Chocolate SauceIt’s not Valentine’s Day without fattening promotions.
  5. One With Everything
    Most Terrifying Burger of All Time Is Sold at Lotteria in JapanI’ll take two!
  6. Cursed Milk Shakes
    Terrifying Ring Antagonist Finally Gets Signature Milk Shake in JapanAs a bonus, it’s blue-lemonade-flavored!
  7. Ramen-Yucks
    Japanese Burger Chain Releases Limited-Edition Ramen Burger Because It CanYour sandwich and soup, all in one convenient package.