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Los Globos

  1. Lawsuits
    Los Globos’ Owner Sues City of L.A. For $10 MillionSteve Edelson claims the city has intentionally been stalling his permit requests and targeting him.
  2. Nightlife
    Los Globos Considers Changing To Placate Angry Silver Lake NeighborsControversial owner Steve Edelson considers a less morose paint job and beefed-up security.
  3. Nightlife
    Los Globos’ Owner Attempts Peaceful Reconcilation With Silver Lake NeighborsNightlife kingpin Steve Edelson has been shot and stabbed in the past, so a roomful of angry neighbors doesn’t really phase the guy.
  4. Temporary Closings
    The Plug Gets Pulled on Los GlobosThe bar also loses its dance privileges until its papers get put in order.
  5. Nightlife
    Steve Edelson Again Under Fire for Silver Lake’s Bangin’ NightlifeAfter decrying his El Cid, now neighbors are mad about all the public drunkenness and street sex at Los Globos.