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  1. report
    The Spanker of Shelter IslandResidents and out-of-towners saw Marie Eiffel berate her bakery employees. But they were surprised when she was sued for human trafficking.
  2. the grub street diet
    Emma Rosenblum Is Trying to Make Something Everyone Will Eat“The chicken was a crowd pleaser. I cooked it while drinking an Aperol Spritz, naturally.”
  3. the year i ate new york
    A Week at Gay Sleepaway CampBeach martinis, decimated oysters, and whole branzino on the grill.
  4. report
    The Best Bagels in the World? They Might Be on Long Island.Hot and fresh and just off Jericho Turnpike.
  5. reopenings
    How a Shuttered Islanders Bar Was Reborn Inside the Team’s New ArenaIslanders die-hards will get another chance to visit Offside Tavern when it reopens in the team’s new arena this weekend.
  6. okay guys
    Montauk Brewing Is Being Attacked After Offering Support for Black Lives Matter“Blue lives matter ! Never again ! Pouring your shit beer down the drain.”
  7. explainers
    What Is Going on With Trump’s Pizza Tweet?A very quick explainer.
  8. the grub street diet
    Pastry Wizard Claudia Fleming Can Never Get Enough Scones“They might be my favorite thing in the world.”
  9. the grub street diet
    Sporkful Host Dan Pashman’s Parenting Requires Extra Calories“When I’m around my kids, I consume an average of 14,000 additional calories per day.”
  10. this is very long island
    Long Island Will Finally Get a Restaurant Named After Billy Joel’s Song ‘Vienna’Dads everywhere are stoked.
  11. Why an Esteemed NYC Chef Is Expanding to Long Island’s North Fork“You know how beautiful it is out here. It’s heaven. For a chef, somebody who’s cooking, it doesn’t get any better.”
  12. news you can booze
    A Long Island Restaurant Is Throwing an ‘LIRR Sucks Party’You’d want a free drink, too, if you got stranded at Penn Station after work.
  13. Food Waste
    A Revolutionary Food-Waste Recycling Plant Is Opening in Long IslandThe $40 million facility can turn 120,000 tons of food trash a year into energy.
  14. The Chain Gang
    New York’s First Stand-alone Chick-fil-A Is Coming to Long Island inThe chain’s Empire State invasion is about to begin.
  15. Old-Timers
    Restaurant Owner Won’t Let Anyone Eat His 23-Pound LobsterSo it’s become something of a tourist attraction instead.
  16. Tips
    Amy Schumer Left a $500 Tip at a Long Island Clam BarThe comedian continues to be great.
  17. Lawsuits
    The Music Industry Wants to Ban Music at Restaurants That Don’t PayOne Long Island establishment is facing a fine of $150,000.
  18. Lawsuits
    A Muslim Worker Has Sued Peter Luger for Alleged Hate SpeechThe steakhouse also hated paying him his full wages, the lawsuit contends.
  19. Well Done
    On-Break EMTs Rescue Applebee’s Customers and Staff From Carbon MonoxideRestaurant had no sensor, despite a death at nearby Legal Seafoods earlier this year.
  20. Pop ‘Ems For Life
    Entenmann’s Will Close Original Long Island BakeryThe old-school bakery cuts its ties to Long Island.
  21. Pop ‘Ems for Life
    Entenmann’s Bakery Cutting Staff and Closing Long Island FactoryThe company says 178 people will lose their jobs.
  22. The First 48
    Police Have No Leads in Massive Pumpkin CaperCharlie Brown is innocent.
  23. Video Feed
    Cops Allege Long Islanders Traded Frozen Shrimp for DrugsPeeled, deveined, and completely illicit.
  24. Pie Fight
    Bar (Pie) Fight on Long IslandEddie’s Pizza in New Hyde Park is suing three other Italian restaurants for using the term “bar pie.”
  25. The Burbs
    L.I. Parents Lose Their Good Humor in Ice-Cream SnafuTheir poor underprivileged children might have to endure summer without cookies-and-cream.
  26. Neighborhood Watch
    Twelve Arrested in La Braza Drug Sting; Zoe Feigenbaum’s Eldridge StreetPlus: Hammer and Claws Blue Crab Festival releases menu, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  27. Empire Building
    RUB Is the Latest Restaurant to Head to Long IslandWe’ve identified the newest restaurant hot spot.
  28. Closings
    Mara’s Homemade Is Definitely Headed to Long Island This SummerThe East Village restaurant will close May 14.
  29. Openings
    The Latest on Ludlow: From Max Fish to Pike Street Fish FrySeattle and vegan street eats come to Ludlow. Plus: Long Island comes to the LES, and Max Fish remembered.
  30. Truckin’
    75-Year-Old Eddie’s Pizza Trucks Its Bar Pies Into ManhattanA 75-year-old New Hyde Park institution comes to the city.
  31. The Chain Gang
    Hooters May Come to BrooklynIt’s not just a silly rumor anymore.
  32. Animal Instincts
    Watch Vinny Dotolo Say ‘I Do’Vinny Dotolo shares his wedding photos.
  33. Other Blogs
    Strong IslandA new restaurant blog caters to LIRR commuters.
  34. Mediavore
    Rachael Ray Was Burger Bashful; Wall Street’s Food Carts Feel FinancialA club that saw two fights over the weekend, and whether Long Island’s wineries were able to overcome this year’s bad weather, from our morning glance at the headlines.
  35. Presidential Eats
    Long Island Restaurant Serves Chili The Way Barack Likes ItA special menu will cater to the candidates. Will Obama Waffles be served?
  36. Neighborhood Watch
    Cafe Zaiya to Open Real Restaurant; Williamsburger on its WayBobby Flay on Bobby’s Burger Palace, and an umami-ful dinner in the West Village, in today’s neighborhood food news.
  37. NewsFeed
    Dunkin’ Do NOT: Employee Busted for PeepingA Dunkin’ Donuts employee in Long Island was caught spying on women by installing a wireless cam in a fake smoke detector.
  38. Foodievents
    Brooklyn Uncorked to Impress Long Island Wines Upon City MindsBrooklyn Uncorked brings Long Island wines and Brooklyn foods together next month.
  39. The New York Diet
    Carmine Agnello Is a Grown-up Gotti at Rao’sThe Growing Up Gotti star eats where his grandfather John liked to eat, and he has no problem scoring a table at Rao’s.
  40. Back of the House
    Kozy Shack Founder Dies, Grub Street Mourns Vinnie Gruppuso, the founder of Kozy Shack pudding, died today. It is a dark day on Grub Street, since Kozy Shack was not just our favorite pudding (a confection so potent it practically qualified as a controlled substance), but also a modern rarity: a New York–area manufacturing story without an unhappy ending. The Kozy Shack factory in Hicksville is no Wonka–like wonderland, but the sight of an entire eighteen-wheeler loaded with whole milk, the secret to the pudding’s mouth-filling fullness, gave us that kind of feeling. And Gruppuso’s story is a kind of ultimate foodie fantasy. He was a blue-collar guy, a bread deliveryman who happened to fall in love with the pudding made by a deli in Ridgefield. We’ve all had such crushes. But Gruppuso bought the recipe when the deli closed and essentially married it, investing everything in Kozy Shack and eventually building a pudding empire. Tonight we will have a toast for Vinnie Gruppuso with our favorite cordial: Kozy Shack chocolate pudding, straight from the tub, with a chaser of melancholy. Vincent Gruppuso, 67, Seller of Pudding Snacks, Dies [NYT]
  41. The In-box
    BBQ Brethren Speaks! Now here we thought that the Barbecue Brethren were a bunch of byzantine schemers, taking potshots at their enemies and vice versa, while the world looked on in indifference. But it turns out that we were wrong! Eric Devlin, an articulate fellow who happens to belong to that group, set us straight in a missive as notable for its refined tone and polished eloquence as for the fact that it is totally insane. Further proof of the Brethren’s non-omnipotence can be found in the fact that none of their members won last weekend’s Ribfest; the laurels went to Boston’s I Que.
  42. Beef
    New York’s Barbecue Illuminati — Revealed! Anyone who happened to read a recent White Trash BBQ post about the upcoming Hudson Valley Ribfest contest was bound to be confused. We love the contest, and have even won one of its categories in the past, but the part that got us was the dark allusion to a conspiracy of harassment: “I’m also worried a bit about the actions of a certain tribe in the barbeque world. Some of them will be at New Paltz. They’ve screwed with me and my friends before, and I don’t put it past them to do it again,” White Trash BBQ wrote.
  43. Mediavore
    Beard’s Finances Questioned; Restaurants Manipulate ZagatThe Beard Foundation, in the spotlight as Monday’s awards approach, is still on shaky ground financially, and questions still linger about the way it spends its money. [NYT] Restaurants are lobbying customers to vote for them in the Zagat survey, a trend nobody likes, but which few in the business can stop or resist. [NYP] The days of the fat chef seem to have been passed, leaving mostly whippet-slim cooks to inherit the world’s kitchens. [Waitrose via Serious Eats]
  44. Mediavore
    Restaurant I.D.-Theft Ring Exposed; Ted Nugent–Influenced CuisineWaiters in 40 restaurants formed a huge identity-theft ring, recording credit-card numbers and making $3 million in purchases. [Fox NY] Donald Trump gets a sweetheart deal from the state to build Trump on the Ocean, a huge restaurant and banquet hall, on Jones Beach. [Newsday] Chef J.J. Rachou is still feeling the sting from his Department of Health closure and can’t bring himself to reopen Brasserie LCB yet. “If you lift every can, you find a cockroach,” he says. [NYT]
  45. Mediavore
    Yep, 66 Going Soba; Trans Fats on the Run in Long Island66 will become Matsu Gen in “late spring” and specialize in soba noodles. [NYT] Related: Vongerichten May Deep-Six 66, Serve Sushi and Soba Instead [Grub Street] Landmarc, in the Time Warner Center, is wildly inexpensive relative to its location and the restaurants around it, and Steve Cuozzo is predicting boffo business. [NYP] Related: Will Landmarc’s Downtown Cool Play Alongside Its Ritzy New Neighbors? [Grub Street] Think you’ll get your lard fix in Long Island? Not so fast: Nassau County is planning a trans-fat ban. [Newsday]
  46. Back of the House
    The Zagat Guides Suck, Yes, But Here’s WhySmartMoney has asked a question we often hear: Can Zagat reviews really be trusted? The long and well-researched article describes a number of questionable practices by the company, mostly centering around their cozy relationship with the restaurant community and their immense power over it. Having actually co-edited a Zagat dining guide, Long Island Restaurants 2006/07 (that was the beginning and the end of our professional relationship), we feel pretty secure in saying that the Zagats don’t need any help inflating grades (if in fact that’s what they’re doing).
  47. Click and Save
    Ah, to Quaff Eggnog Fireside in Long IslandFor an entire year, this thread on Mouthfuls has been tracking the best of the Upper West Side. It’s all wrapped up in this year-end post. [Mouthfuls] A quick roundup of new West Chelsea eateries. [NYT] Hankering for a meal by a roaring fireplace? [NYP] Related: Have Dinner With an Old Flame If you do wind up sitting by a fire, you’re going to want some eggnog. [NYDN] New cookbooks that make fine gifts. [NYDN] Related: New Cookbooks You Might Actually Open Even in Long Island, people like to eat Christmas dinner out. [Newsday]
  48. Back of the House
    Foodies Fear Not Death; No Drinking and Riding?Number of E. coli victims doubles; Cali green onions probably to blame. [NYT] Long Island Railroad to curb bar-car pre-parties. [NYP] After deadly mêlée at the Greenmarket, foodies continue seeking out Fuji apples. [NYDN]