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  1. chef shuffle
    Daniel Humm Is Leaving His London Restaurant Over Vegan Vision“This is not the path we wish to follow here at Claridge’s at the moment.”
  2. conversations
    The Anglo-American Restaurant Criticism Divide“Go crazy, make people mad, and on to the next thing.”
  3. empire building
    The Eleven Madison Park Guys Are Going to LondonDaniel Humm and Will Guidara will open Davies and Brook there this summer.
  4. the feeding tube
    The Great British Baking Show Is Back — But Is It Still Good?A superfan weighs in on some big changes for the show that essentially defines British culture.
  5. festival fails
    All-You-Can-Eat Pizza Fest Reportedly Runs Out of Pizza“Been here one hour, queued for 50 mins, managed to get 1 slice of pizza so far.”
  6. anniversaries
    It’s Been 5 Years Since the Cronut Debuted — Here’s Every Flavor EverTime flies for pastry hybrids!
  7. oy
    The ‘Selfieccino’ Is Here to Ruin Coffee ForeverWe’re doomed.
  8. bans
    London Bans Fast-food Restaurants From Opening Near SchoolsMayor Sadiq Khan calls the city’s child-obesity epidemic a “ticking time bomb.”
  9. food waste
    London Will Start Powering Public Buses with Coffee GroundsIt’s found a way to turn coffee waste into sustainable biofuel.
  10. yuck
    London Is Blaming Restaurants for Those Massive Fatbergs Lurking Under the CityAbout 92 percent of the city’s restaurants don’t have grease traps installed.
  11. kill us now
    A Restaurant Is Giving Customers ‘Instagram Packs’ With Their DinnerThey want guests to “get that perfect shot regardless of the lighting.”
  12. tipping
    London Man Returns to ‘Double Tip’ Restaurant Staff After Terror Attack“They cared about us and our safety.”
  13. lawsuits
    Starbucks Forces ‘Star Box,’ a One-Man Coffee Kiosk, to Change Its NameStar Box’s owner claims it’s named after the Marxist star.
  14. WATCH: There’s a Restaurant in London That Only Serves Potato ChipsCinnamon-sugar potato chips?
  15. joy to the world
    Muslim-Run Restaurant Offers Homeless and Elderly People a Free Christmas DinnerA sign out front reads, “No one eats alone on Christmas Day. We are here to sit with you.”
  16. really bad ideas
    This Swastika-Branded ‘Nutzy’ Smoothie Is As Horrible As It Sounds“This was incomprehensible, extremely insensitive, and upsetting to all of us.”
  17. naked dining
    London’s Naked Pop-up Restaurant Is Reopening ‘for Good’The creator feels obligated to bring it back because the response was “amazing.”
  18. long lines
    Here’s the Line to Get London’s First CronutsBad — but not as bad as you’d think!
  19. the chain gang
    Domino’s Driver Tries to Imitate Chain’s Wheelie Ad, Promptly CrashesThe pizzas definitely got bruised.
  20. that’s a blast
    Bomb Squad Called In to Blow Up ‘Suspicious’ SandwichThat pesto just didn’t look right.
  21. naked dining
    London’s Naked Restaurant Is Leaving for the Hedonistic Paradise of ParisIt’s a bare-naked Brexit.
  22. Interviews
    Why This Leading London Chef Feels Energized by New York KitchensRochelle Canteen’s Margot Henderson is cooking in New York this week.
  23. Naked Dinner
    The Naked Restaurant’s Waiting List Is Now Up to 27,000 PeopleFor context, Noma’s Australia pop-up had the same demand.
  24. Tie-ins
    London Is Getting a Star Wars ‘Fork Awakens’ Pop-upExpect lightsaber cocktails and Hutt dogs.
  25. Interviews
    Alex Stupak Explains Why He’ll Open His Next Restaurant in Midtown“It’s a risky place because the rents are crazy high.”
  26. Game Changers
    Someone’s Finally Going to Open That Naked Restaurant Nobody Asked ForThe health department is going to love this.
  27. Expansions
    Dominique Ansel Bakery Will Open in London This SummerThis is a smart expansion plan — slow and steady.
  28. Interviews
    Meet the British Baking Star Who Started Her Career at Chez PanisseClaire Ptak, of Violet Cakes, is building an impressive career.
  29. Chef Shuffles
    Gordon Ramsay’s Top Chef Is Moving On to Open Her Own RestaurantShe had run the kitchen at the three-Michelin-starred Restaurant Gordon Ramsay since 2007.
  30. Crime Scene
    Anti-Gentrification Protesters Attacked a Cereal Café in LondonCustomers felt “terrified for their lives.”
  31. Tie Ins
    Get Ready for an ‘Immersive’ Twin Peaks Pop-up RestaurantThe creators promise pie and “a twist” on a damn fine cup of coffee.
  32. Not Good
    Muslim Waitress Says She Was Sent Home From Work for Wearing a HijabIt happened at London’s ritzy Savoy Hotel.
  33. Upper Crust
    World’s Most Enabling Restaurant Installs ‘Press forLifestyles of the rich and impatient.
  34. Foodievents
    There’s Going to Be a Game of Thrones Pop-up RestaurantIt’s called “All Men Must Die.”
  35. Awful Things
    Muslim Café Owner Refuses to Remove ‘Je Suis Charlie’ Sign Despite“If I want to support ‘Charlie Hebdo’ I will do it.”
  36. Empire Building
    London’s Cereal Café Is Already Plotting Worldwide ExpansionNew locations and a cookbook are on their way.
  37. Win Some Loos Some
    Britain’s Hottest New Bar Is Inside a Public BathroomA local councillor called the plan “bonkers.”
  38. Lists
    The 10 Best Lines From Jay Rayner’s Brutal Steakhouse Takedown“The most unintentionally funny restaurant to open in London in a very long time.”
  39. Coming Soon
    Introducing Delancey & Co, London’s First Lower East Side–ThemedIt may be British, but there is lox on the bagels.
  40. Barred
    Here’s a Guy Who’s Banned From Every Bar and Restaurant in London35,000 establishments he cannot enter — a citywide first.
  41. Awful Things
    Group Reconsiders Plans for a Pop-up That Only Serves Death Row Last MealsIt offered all of the culinary perks “without the nasty execution bit.”
  42. Expansions
    Seamus Mullen to Open Restaurant in Mondrian London HotelIt’s open next to a greenmarket-leaning cocktail bar called Dandelyan.
  43. On a Roll
    London Shop’s Overloaded ‘Pig Salad Burger’ Looks TerrifyinglyChorizo, black pudding, pork belly, shoulder confit, and meat jelly are all in the mix.
  44. Awards
    Fergus Henderson Awarded World’s 50 Best Lifetime Achievement AwardThe most surprising part of the announcement is that the St. John chef hasn’t won yet.
  45. Flame-Broiled
    U.K. Restaurant Introduces Paradigm-Shifting Flambé BurgerIt’s probably not coming to a Shake Shack near you anytime soon.
  46. Trademarks
    London Restaurant Mo Pho Will Get to Keep Its Name After AllThe shop will not have to undergo a comprehensive rebranding.
  47. Trademarks
    London Restaurant Mo Pho Forced to Change Name“We’re following IP law to protect our brand, which means we have to ask all restaurants, large and small, to refrain from using the trademark Pho in their name.”
  48. Nigella
    Nigella Lawson Pretty Much Divorced From Charles SaatchiShe’s also back to work.
  49. Science!
    A Burger Made From Cow Stem Cells Costs $383,000Sounds delicious, right?
  50. Obits
    Acclaimed Restaurant Designer and Architect David Collins Has DiedHis style and designs are often imitated.
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