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  1. Oui Chef
    Alain Ducasse Says French-Food Defenders Must Be ‘Very Vigilant’Just say non to fast-food hamburgers.
  2. Locavores
    The Local Food Movement Is Hurting FarmersThe dark side of fresh vegetables.
  3. Groceries
    Dig Deep Farms Brings Organic Produce to an Under-Served Part of the East BayThey serve a community of 37,000 people with limited access to good groceries.
  4. Politics
    City Agencies Encouraged to Embrace Local FoodLocavore + city government is now a thing.
  5. Locavores
    Blue Bottle Makes Salt From Golden Gate to Honor BridgeYep, they harvested salt water from beneath the bridge to sprinkle on a hot chocolate…
  6. Mediavore
    Farmers Markets Avert Main Line Food Desert; Fake CSAs Inspire Vigilance on thePlus: New Jersey diners discover their inner locavores; and Whole Foods pledges to stop selling fish from ecologically damaging sources, all in our morning news roundup.
  7. Mediavore
    Kupel’s Has a Rodent Problem; Could Brain Dead Chickens Mitigate the Horrors ofPlus locavores as job creators, and more, all in our morning news round-up.
  8. Mediavore
    More on That Ultra-Locavore Couple in Vallejo; Guy Fieri Bringing His Magic to
  9. Lists
    How to Fill Your Kitchen Fast With Fresh Produce, Local MeatSFoodie puts together a comprehensive list of local CSAs for fruit, veggies, meat, seafood, etc.
  10. Locavores
    Hayes Valley Farm to Be Evicted This WinterThey’ll need to uproot by February to make way for a condo.
  11. Locavores
    Vallejo Couple Goes Grocery-Free For a Year, Likes ItRachel Hoff and Tom Ferguson have eaten only what they could grow (and, for a few months, what they could get at farmers’ markets) for the last year.
  12. FYI
    Restaurant Week Is Going to Get a Little More Local This FallThe bi-annual dining deal partners with Philly Homegrown to promote locally procured ingredients.
  13. Rants
    Foodies and Locavores, People Still Feel the Need to Tell You How Much TheyJohn Mariani, specifically.
  14. Mediavore
    Police Investigate a Plot to Poison Students Aboard the Spirit of Philadelphia;Plus: Panera’s pay-what-you-want scheme appears to be working; and craft distilleries are opening at an astonishing rate, all in our morning news roundup.
  15. Historical Cookery
    A Message From the Year 1980 About California Food Trends, Via Ruth Reichl“Suddenly you can’t walk down the street without bumping into cheese stores that stock eight kinds of blue cheese and ten varieties of chèvre.”
  16. Locavores
    Mission Community Market Returns Tonight, Along With New MuralThe historic, rediscovered Mission Dolores Mural, painted in 1790 and covered over for 200 years, is being recreated on a wall at the Market.
  17. Foodievents
    Peter Hoffman Will Have a Word With the Guy Who Knows ‘Where Locavores GetWith the anti-foodie, anti-locavore voice growing louder, a debate between a pioneer and a doubter.
  18. Contests
    Enter to Win Cash, and Serious Locavore Cred, From Sunset
  19. Trends
    Loving and Hating the LocavoresThe locavore backlash, plus P&H Soda and the Red Hook Winery.
  20. Beef
    Mimi Sheraton Considers Herself a ‘Bestovore’Plus, she has more to say about Brooklyn and Sam Sifton.
  21. Causes
    Jake Gyllenhaal Now An Official Alice Waters AcolyteThe younger Gyllenhaal is committed to making more schoolyards edible.
  22. FYI
    EXTRA! EXTRA! Heirloom Apples In Crisis!A new report from the Slow Food folks describes the many native varieties of apple that are facing extinction.
  23. FYI
    Are Pizza Crusts the Next Big Thing In Green Energy?A new pilot program in Oakland takes restaurant refuse, ‘digests’ it, and makes electricity.
  24. Previews
    Students to Open First Food Co-Op in Berkeley in Two DecadesThe Berkeley Student Food Collective opens on campus later this month.
  25. Video Feed
    Another Documentary Tries to Turn Food Inc. Frown Upside Down’Fresh’ attempts to put a brighter spin on the food crisis by focusing on farmers and others who are taking positive, if small, steps.
  26. Locavores
    Sunset Finishes Another Summer of The One Block Diet, Set to Release aBuilt on the premise that they could make everything they needed for a feast in the backyard of the magazine, Sunset Mag has taken locavorism very seriously.
  27. Locavores
    Are You a Fair-Weather Foodie?Grist gets a little too hardcore about being responsible eaters.
  28. Locavores
    Foodshed Project Adds Middleman Between Farm and TableThe SF Foodshed Project provides a new link in the supply chain between growers and large food service operations like the St. Regis Hotel.
  29. Previews
    Chef Kim Alter Tells Us About the Menu and Garden at Plate Shop, Opening ThisThe new Sausalito restaurant from the former exec sous chef at Aqua is due by October.
  30. Price Check
    Michael Pollan Thinks $8 For a Dozen Eggs Is a Bargain“Eight dollars for a dozen eggs sounds outrageous, but when you think that you can make a delicious meal from two eggs, that’s $1.50.”
  31. Neighborhood Watch
    Spuds Coming to Fisherman’s Wharf, Locavore Coming to Bernal, and MoreAlso, the Mission gets a farmers’ market!
  32. Locavores
    Is the Locavore Movement Making Chefs Travel Farther?And just how hands-on can a chef get with a farmer’s crops?
  33. Mediavore
    Whole Foods and Ozumo Get Smashed Up In Oakland; The Rise of the ‘Kitchen
  34. Mediavore
    The Hypocrisy of Locavore Wine Lists; Travelers Embrace ‘KitchenPlus: the proliferation of the Bloody Mary, and a dinner club for adventurous eaters, in our daily news roundup.
  35. The Other Critics
    Alan Richman’s Rules for ‘Ethical Eating’Avoid food wrapped in plastic.
  36. Meat Matters
    Mobile Slaughterhouse One-Ups Every Food Truck EverThe Modular Harvest System brings the abbatoir to farmers’ doors.
  37. The Other Cities
    Chef Arrested After Locavore Brawl in PortlandIn Portland, they’re not messing around in re: locavorism.
  38. Foodievents
    Join in a Homesteading Hootenanny
  39. Trends
    The Times Discovers That Canning is the New KnittingUrban homesteading, as it’s being called, is like the left coast version of starting a militia.
  40. User’s Guide
    A User’s Guide to the City’s Many Farmers’ MarketsA handy map of all the markets, be they seasonal or year-round.
  41. Unintended Consequences
    Wanted: More SlaughterhousesThere’s lots of livestock, but not many abattoirs.
  42. Mediavore
    Woman Injured in Fight Over Spaghetti; The Sneaky Chef Author Sues
  43. Empire Building
    Tyler Florence Talks About His Budding Bay Area EmpireThe TV chef tells us about his three upcoming ventures in SF, Mill Valley, and Napa.
  44. Mediavore
    A Photo Essay on Frances; O.J. Prices Are on the Rise
  45. Foodievents
    The Underground Farmers’ Market Isn’t So Underground AnymoreForageSF’s hipster farmers’ market is now wildly popular.
  46. What to Eat
    What to Eat at Radius Café, Opening Next WeekRadius’s cafe should be opening by March 11th or 12th, with the full restaurant to follow by early April.
  47. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Will Not Abide Anyone’s Love for Iceberg LettuceIn answer to a friend’s admission of a love for the crunchy lettuce, Alice sent a care package of fifteen small heads of French lettuces to try.
  48. Quote of the Day
    Do Menu Items Always Need to Have Farm Names Attached?
  49. Locavores
    An Urban Farm Is Coming to the Fell & Laguna Off-RampA patch of farm land is about to spring up in the middle of the city.
  50. Previews
    New Details Emerge About Local Mission EateryThe upcoming Local Mission Eatery will offer a prix fixe menu and an intimate chef’s table-style dining experience.
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