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  1. Openings
    Feelgoody Names: The New Black? Or The Jumped Shark?Two new restaurants will have names that seem at odds with reality.
  2. Leftovers
    Lou Leaving Lou For Lou Two; Coen Brothers Cocktails at Show at BarreOwner Lou Amdur will hand over the keys to his Hollywood wine bar next Wednesday.
  3. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Local’s Project Ivanhoe Adding to Silver Lake’s Enhanced Dining LandscapeLazy Ox’s Kevin Lee is endowing the restaurant with some new small plates.
  4. Neighborhood Watch
    Soul Daddy Comes to Hollywod; Jason Michaud Plans Peruvian Chimu in DowntownThe winner of America’s Next Great Restaurant sets up shop in the famous tourist district.
  5. Coming Soon
    Echo Park’s Phoenix Bakery Reborn as Red HillThe restaurant will focus on the varied cultures of the city, but bucks the fusion label.
  6. Food Trends
    How to Eat Local When Farmer’s Markets Close for the SeasonDon’t let the cold weather compromise your culinary integrity.
  7. Mediavore
    Philadelphia Officials Confiscate Cupcake Trucks; Try Fried Salad at the TexasThe city is confiscating cupcake trucks; are the disobedient cupcake entrepreneurs to blame?
  8. Brunch
    Neyah White Returns to Bartending at Local: Mission Eatery
  9. Openings
    New Restaurant to Open One Day at a TimeWeekly service to start Sunday at Saison
  10. Chef Shuffle
    Catching Up With Franklin BeckerThe chef talks about the failure of Sheridan Square, his audition for Le Cirque, and his future plans.