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  1. Local Legends
    Regarding the Legend That Is Cecilia Chiang, and The MandarinHere’s a video in advance of the tribute happening at Pebble Beach Food & Wine.
  2. Awards
    Sactown’s Biba Caggiano Honored By Italian Culinary AcademyIt’s kind of like Michelin, but Italian.
  3. Awards
    Cecilia Chiang to Get Lifetime Achievement Honor at This Year’s BeardThe 93-year-old restaurateur is credited with having introduced Americans to the spicier side of Szechuan and Hunan cooking.
  4. Announcements
    Gio’s to Bow Out By SpringThe 25-year-old Financial District institution has been sold.
  5. Local Legends
    Take a Look Behind the Sausage-Making Scenes at Little City Market
  6. Local Legends
    Zuni Chef-Owner Judy Rodgers Recovering After Major Surgery, Treatment for RareHer friend and former protege Gayle Pirie brings the news.
  7. Video Feed
    Jeremiah Tower Talks Midnight Snacks, Cole Porter, and CaviarSee his interview with Liam Mayclem, shot in June.
  8. Obituaries
    Food Legend Marion Cunningham Dies at Age 90The renowned latter-day author of the ‘Fannie Farmer Cookbook’ has passed owing to complications from Alzheimer’s.
  9. Reopenings
    Fior d’Italia May Reopen By OctoberThe self-proclaimed oldest Italian restaurant in the country may see new life.
  10. Local Legends
    See Jeremiah Tower, ca. 1989, Cooking on British TVIt’s a segment from the show ‘Floyd’s American Pie,” on the BBC.
  11. Foodievents
    Jeremiah Tower to Return to Cook June Dinner for SF Chefs [Updated]The one-night-only event, with co-chefs and former Stars staffers Mark Franz and Emily Luchetti, will take place June 21 at Epic Roasthouse and Waterbar.
  12. Closings
    Many Line Up to Say Goodbye to Sam WoAlso, the Scoop digs up the video of the Chinese restaurant scene from ‘Tales of the City.’
  13. Funnies
    A Little Bit of Funny From Cecilia ChiangShe prints emails and mails them around, apparently.
  14. Foodievents
    S.F. Legend George Morrone to Pop Up at Hog & RocksThe fine-dining chef wants to stretch his legs in a more casual setting.
  15. Culinary Twitterings
    Jeremiah Tower Launches Website, Joins Twitter, Can’t Stop TweetingHe’s already an addict!
  16. Local Legends
    Cecilia Chiang Offers Longevity Advice“I never take naps.”
  17. Interviews
    Chef Bradley Ogden Would Love to Dine With Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, andAlso, he misses his mom’s fried chicken.
  18. Worship
    Jeremiah Tower on Decamping to Mexico, Champagne Fasting, and All the New Books“Why are so many menus exactly the same? People are really taking themselves way too seriously.”
  19. Bars
    Heinold’s In Oakland Is Really Old; Rickhouse’s Basement Is HauntedHeinold’s opened in 1883.
  20. Local Legends
    Looking Back on the Last Generation of Great S.F. RestaurantsBauer formalizes his roundup of influential S.F. restaurants of yore in a Sunday feature.
  21. Obituaries
    T.J. Robinson, Owner of Oakland’s Beloved and Bizarre Gingerbread House,The Gingerbread House was a weird and special place.
  22. Mikey Likes It
    Bauer Extras: A Mini-Review of Una Pizza Napoletana, and a Look Back at StarsFinally, Bauer writes something about Una Pizza.
  23. Closings
    Al’s Café Good Food Closes After 50 Years In Bernal HeightsIt’s a sad day.
  24. Obituaries
    R.I.P. Marc Valiani
  25. Local Legends
    R.I.P. Joe Alioto, Veteran Wharf Restaurateur
  26. Local Legends
    R.I.P. Tommy Bermejo, from Tommy’s MexicanHe died suddenly earlier this week.
  27. Local Legends
    R.I.P. Juanita MussonThe legendary barmaid and brawler died Saturday at age 87.
  28. Local Legends
    Legendary Bar Owner Henry Africa DiesThe owner of Eddie Rickenbacker’s, who once upon a time invented the fern bar, dies at age 77.
  29. Local Legends
    Bay Wolf Not Being Sold, Starts Monday Night Casual Asian ThingIt’s called “Michael’s Monday Night Kitchen and Noodle Bar.”
  30. Local Legends
    René Verdon, Top S.F. Chef of the 70’s and 80’s, Dies at 86He also served as White House chef, having been recruited by Jackie Kennedy, from 1961 to 1966.
  31. Obituaries
    Jack LaLanne, Fitness Show-Off and Pioneering Healthy Eating Advocate, Dies atA restaurant in San Francisco has a salad named in his honor.
  32. Local Legends
    Whatever Happened to Alain Rondelli?He became a software geek, that’s what.
  33. Local Legends
    Jeremiah Tower Relocates to Italy, Loves Being Compared to Orson WellesThe legendary chef of Stars and Chez Panisse says he’s tired of the lack of produce down in Mexico.
  34. Local Legends
    Whither Jeremiah Tower?