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Lobster Rolls

  1. Lobster Boat
    Grand Banks’s $25 Lobster Roll Is Absolutely Worth ItIt’s made with more care and less fuss than other versions around town.
  2. Deals
    Red Hook Lobster Pound Manhattan’s Lobster Rolls Are $10 TodayIt’s their anniversary.
  3. Coming Soon
    Luke’s Lobster Team Plans New Location Near Grand Central TerminalIt has an attached patio space.
  4. Openings
    Red Hook Lobster Pound Manhattan Opens TodayThe Manhattan shop marks the debut of Red Hook Lobster Pound’s second brick-and-mortar location.
  5. Imports
    Big Deal London-Based Burger and Lobster Chainlet Opening in FlatironLobster rolls and hamburgers, together at last.
  6. Coming Soon
    Red Hook Lobster Pound Opening Manhattan OutpostIt’s going to have 40 seats.
  7. Lobster Rolls
    Luke’s Lobster Rolls Out ‘No Gluten’ BunYou can still also BYO bread.
  8. Coming Soon
    Luke’s Lobster Reportedly Planning Park Slope LocationPark Slope is, uh, on a roll with incoming seafood places.
  9. Street Lobster
    How Your Lobster Roll (Really) Gets MadeThere’s more than one way to shell a lobster, essentially.
  10. Crustaceans
    21 Strong Reactions to McDonald’s McLobster Sandwich, Now Available in21 tweets about fast food lobster rolls.
  11. Bookshelf
    Of Claws: Luke’s Lobster Lands a Book DealThe lobster-roll business will celebrate all things Maine.
  12. Openings
    What to Eat at Luke’s Lobster, Opening Today in Center CityIn addition to unadulterated lobster rolls, the crustacean concerns also offers crab and shrimp rolls, and chowders.
  13. Homard
    Are Lobster Rolls Better in France?The New England seafood shack crosses the pond.
  14. Comebacks
    Red Hook Lobster Pound Is Back in Action on March 1The Sandy-damaged business has come back from the storm.
  15. Openings
    See the Menu for Bait & Hook, Bringing Seafood of All Sorts to 14th Street TodayAhoy, more lobster rolls.
  16. Elsewhere
    L.I. Lobstermen Keep Coming Up Short, Refuse to Give UpThe last of the lobstermen who work the Long Island Sound are coming up short, but won’t retire.
  17. Foodievents
    Oceana’s Ben Pollinger Has a Lobster Roll Stand, TooOceana’s executive chef is serving lobster bánh mì at summer street fairs.
  18. Openings
    Lots O’ Lobstah Is the Latest Roll to Claw Its Way Onto the ScenePlus: Luke’s Lobster opens in the financial district tomorrow.
  19. What to Eat
    Lobster Burgers Coming to the World Financial CenterGround lobster meat on a sesame-seed bun.
  20. Foodievents
    Oh, and There’s a Lobster-Roll Rumble TooTasting Table has the details.
  21. Truckin’
    Lobsta Truck Lobster Roll Turns Out To Be Mere Finger FoodHometown Pasadena deems L.A.’s latest food truck “not that good” to justify its price or long wait.
  22. Truckin’
    Where to Get a Lobster Roll for Half The Price, From A TruckThe Lobsta Truck promises multiple weekly deliveries for fresh, never frozen, New England crustaceans.
  23. Menu Changes
    This Is What a $3.99 Lobster Roll Looks LikeText now for your order!
  24. Truckin’
    Lobsters on a Roll: A ‘Claw-Off,’ a Truck, and First Look atThe East Village favorite opens its second location this week.
  25. Openings
    Greenpoint’s Secret Lobster Lair Is RevealedA secret lobster-roll shop, and how to gain admittance.
  26. Openings
    Pasadena Brings Lobster Rolls and Booze Into The MoviesA movie theater serving upscale food opens in Pasadena.
  27. Neighborhood Watch
    Market Table Adds Lobster Roll; Endless Buffet Returns to Midtown WestPlus revisit the nineties in Williamsburg, and more, in our daily neighborhood watch.
  28. Slideshow
    Consider the New Lobster-Roll Shack, Luke’sAre these really “NYC’s highest quality, most affordable lobster rolls”?
  29. Menus
    What to Eat at Water Grill’s Sunday Lobster Clam BakeWater Grill brings out a New England-style menu every Sunday.
  30. Openings
    Luke’s Lobster to Offer $14 Lobster RollsHoly freakin’ lobstah.
  31. Food Tour
    Paul Liebrandt Picks the Best Downtown Lobster RollYou can get any of the choices during lunch.
  32. NewsFeed
    Lobstermen Just Can’t Give the Stuff AwayPrices are down, but so is demand.
  33. User’s Guide
    The City’s Lobster Rolls, From Priciest to CheapestWho says the lobster roll has to be a splurge?
  34. Mediavore
    Bloomberg’s Last Meal; Starbucks Sandwiches ReprievedCheaper lobster rolls in Brooklyn, the harsh truths of calorie counts, American portion sizes scrutinized, and more, in our morning news roundup.