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  1. food saftey
    Georgia Company Recalls 200,000 Pounds of Hard-boiled EggsIts product is connected to a listeria outbreak.
  2. recalls
    Everything You Need to Know About the Multistate Avocado RecallWe’re all going to die, but probably not because of last night’s guacamole.
  3. health scares
    What You Need to Know About the World’s Worst-Ever Listeria OutbreakIt’s infected 1,000 people and killed 180 so far in Africa.
  4. health concerns
    Listeria Outbreak Forces American Airlines to Stop Food Service on Some FlightsIt’s reportedly “scrambling” to find a different catering company at LAX.
  5. recalls
    Aunt Jemima Warns Its Waffles and Pancakes Could Have ListeriaIt applies to 18 different products with any best-by date.
  6. recalls
    Edamame Yanked From Supermarkets in 33 States Over Listeria FearsThe recall mostly affects sushi bars inside grocery stores.
  7. recalls
    Whole Foods Expands Recall of Vulto Creamery’s Raw CheeseIt’s pulling it from eight additional stores.
  8. recalls
    Whole Foods Recalls Raw Cheese Over Listeria ConcernsThe soft cheese is made by Vulto Creamery.
  9. recalls
    Maybe Don’t Eat That Trader Joe’s HummusThe company has recalled two types in 30 states for possible listeria contamination.
  10. recalls
    Blue Bell Just Recalled Ice Cream in 10 States Over New Listeria ConcernsThis time, the blame is on a supplier.
  11. recalls
    Eggo Waffles Sold in 25 States Might Have ListeriaDefinitely leggo these Eggos.
  12. Recalls
    More Whole Foods Products Recalled Over Food-Safety FearsMacadamia nuts and a pesto pasta salad are the latest items.
  13. Recalls
    CDC Re-Warns About Massive Listeria RecallThe CDC re-warns consumers to check freezers for the 400 tainted products.
  14. Recalls
    Trader Joe’s Hit by Another Massive Listeria-Related RecallThis time, it’s 33,610 pounds of a chicken-and-kale salad.
  15. Recalls
    42 Frozen-Food Brands Recalled Over Listeria FearsThe list includes 358 products sold under 42 different brands.
  16. Recoveries
    Blue Bell Finally Identifies One Source of Its Massive Listeria OutbreakAnd the ice-cream company assures everyone things are taken care of, even if it’s not precisely sure of every problem that caused a months-long shutdown.
  17. Recalls
    Maytag Warns There Could Be Listeria in Its Prized Blue CheeseIt’s suspending production while the FDA investigates.
  18. Recalls
    Dole’s Packaged Salads Have Been Linked to a Deadly Listeria OutbreakThe company has issued a recall and shut down the Ohio plant linked to the outbreak.
  19. Food Safety
    Blue Bell Warns Its Factories Still Have Some Listeria in ThemThe company admits it’s identified “locations” where the pathogen still “may be present.”
  20. Food Safety
    U.S. Justice Department Launches Criminal Investigation of Blue BellThe government wants to know when the company discovered listeria at its ice-cream plants.
  21. Recalls
    Whole Foods Has Issued a Listeria-Related RecallThe chain is concerned about potentially contaminated cheese.
  22. Food Safety
    Former Blue Bell Workers Say Their Plant Was DisgustingThey say sludge oozed into clean tanks, and they never wiped butterfat off of surfaces.
  23. Comebacks
    Hallelujah: Blue Bell Ice Cream Is Back in StoresThe first half-gallons arrived in some Texas and Alabama stores this morning.
  24. Comebacks
    Blue Bell Is Back in Stores on August 31 — Here’s Where to Find ItTexas and Alabama will be the first to get the ice cream back.
  25. Comebacks
    Blue Bell Is Officially Delivering Ice Cream Once AgainJust in time for the last stretch of summer.
  26. Coming Back Eventually
    Blue Bell Is (Finally) Getting Ready to Churn ‘Trial’ Batches of IceBut there’s still no definitive timeline for the company’s return.
  27. Food Safety
    Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Halts Production Yet Again Over ListeriaThe company’s shops had only just reopened after a previous shutdown.
  28. Lawsuits
    Someone Has Sued Blue Bell for Causing ‘Profound Brain Damage’This Houston man says he “damn near died” from eating the ice cream.
  29. Recalls
    Blue Bell Has Laid Off 1,450 EmployeesAnother 1,400 are being furloughed, and everybody else is getting a pay cut.
  30. Comebacks
    Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Resumes Production, Will Open Shops Next FridayThe listeria nightmare will soon be in the past.
  31. Interviews
    How the Blue Bell Recall Puts One Independent Scoop Shop in a Terrible Position“We’re just going to try to have to survive. “
  32. Recalls
    There’s a Black Market for Recalled Blue Bell Ice CreamContraband pints are priced at thousands of dollars.
  33. Food Safety
    An FDA Report Says Blue Bell Had Evidence of Listeria in Its Factories in 2013But newly unveiled information suggests the company kept shipping ice cream anyway.
  34. Recalls
    Blue Bell Ice Cream Could Be Back in Time for Memorial DayThe company says it’s an “ambitious” goal, but not an impossible one.
  35. Recalls
    Jeni’s Will Destroy More Than 265 Tons of Ice Cream That Could HaveThat’s 15 semi-truck loads worth more than $2.5 million.
  36. Health Safety
    A CDC Expert Explains Why You Probably Shouldn’t Be Too Worried“It’s a wake-up call to the ice cream industry.”
  37. Recalls
    Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams Recalls Every Single ProductListeria showed up in a random sampling.
  38. Food Safety
    The CDC Now Says Blue Bell’s Listeria Outbreak Began in 2010Going forward, each batch of ice cream will get tested.
  39. Food Safety
    Blue Bell Expands Recall to Literally Everything It MakesListeria is lurking in products sold in grocery stores.
  40. Food Safety
    Sabra Recalled 30,000 Cases of Hummus Over Listeria FearsIt marks the third major recall tied to the bacteria in a month.
  41. Food Safety
    Blue Bell Shuts Down Yet Another Ice-Cream Plant Over Listeria FearsThe ice-cream company’s problems persist.
  42. Food Safety
    Blue Bell Ice-Cream Products Recalled After Being Linked to Three DeathsOfficials linked a listeria outbreak to a machine at the Texas production facility.
  43. Poison Apples
    Caramel Apples Have Been Linked to Four Deaths in a Listeria OutbreakThe CDC took a rare precaution and issued a statement advising consumers to avoid all commercially available varieties.
  44. Millions of Peaches
    Expanded Recall Includes Even More Stone FruitThe recall is complicated by the incubation period of Listeriosis, which can be up to 70 days.
  45. Recalls
    All Your Favorite Summer Fruit Has Been Recalled Just in Time for Peak Pie“Because we do not know the locations of the companies that purchased the products from our direct customers, the company is issuing a nationwide recall.”
  46. Health Concerns
    Judge Shuts Down Listeria-Contaminated Brooklyn Fish FactorySeven inspections and seven years later, the plant still isn’t clean.
  47. Safety First
    FDA Releases Two Major Food-Safety RulesFruit and vegetable producers are required to pay more attention to what’s happening in the field.
  48. Lists
    2011 Wasn’t All Pie and Pig RoastsNot the good, just the bad and the ugly in the year’s food news.
  49. Mediavore
    Moorestown Voters Approve Booze Sales For the Mall; Get Ready to Eat More BoarPlus: Big fish restaurant chain Landry’s gobbled up little fish McCormick & Schmick’s; and an Alabam convenience store sells meat via a vending machine, all in our morning news roundup.
  50. Mediavore
    Anaheim Attacked by Fruit Flies; Smithfield Farms Gets Less EvilPaula Deen should be happy her favorite farm is more eco-friendly this year.
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