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Liquor Licenses

  1. Reopenings
    Eataly’s Wine Shop Makes a Triumphant ReturnThe celebration includes free glasses of sparkling wine tonight.
  2. Corked
    Eataly’s Wine Shop Closing for Six MonthsNo more Nebbiolo, for now.
  3. Paperwork
    Batali and Bastianich’s SLA Problem Likely to Have Quick ResolutionThe case may be far along in the agency’s system.
  4. Paperwork
    BYOBabbo: Batali and Bastianich Restos May Lose Liquor LicensesThe SLA says it has to do with something called “interlocking interest.”
  5. Temporary Closings
    Agiato Closes… AgainThis latest interruption in service is the third time in a year the restaurant’s gone dark.
  6. Closings
    Tapestry Closes AgainThe previous closing was said to be temporary, but who knows if it will reopen after going dark a second time?
  7. Booze You Can Use
    Noir Finally Gets the Go-Ahead to Start Pouring BoozeThe booze started flowing on Friday.
  8. Beef
    Neighbors Mount Support Campaign For Reviving Boot & SaddleSeems not everyone in South Philly opposes the plan.
  9. Coming Soon
    Percy Street Heads Uptown; Bindi Goes SpanishThe Percy Street crew will bring smoked meat sandwiches uptown, while Bindi’s owners reconceptualize.
  10. Booze You Can Use
    Booze to Flow at BindiThe BYOB could be pouring drinks before summer’s end.
  11. Booze News
    Luke’s Lobster Gets Beer on UWS, Gets Green Light for Same in FiDiHalf-off beers on the Upper West Side this weekend.
  12. Booze News
    M. Wells Now Serves Dinner; Plus, Cocktails Next Month?The Long Island City destination diner taps a Dutch Kills bartender.
  13. Openings
    Chip Roman Sets His Sights on Chestnut HillThe chef and owner of Conshohocken’s Blackfih is gearing up to open a restaurant in Chestnut Hill.
  14. Celebrity Settings
    Paul McCartney’s Pals Booze It Up at Red Rooster, But Will You Be Able To?The liquor license at Marcus Samuelsson’s buzzy new restaurant is pending.
  15. Booze News
    Liquor Authority Says It Was a Very Good YearBut you’ll still have to wait a few months for a liquor license.
  16. Coming Soon
    Cantina Feliz Gets Pushed Back to JanuaryDespite setbacks progress i sbeing made.
  17. Booze You Can Use
    Beers, Booze and More Starts Flowing at Garces Trading Co. TonightGarces Trading Co.’s liquor license has been secured and will be in play begining tonight.
  18. Closings
    Gone Fishing: Mike Stollenwerk Bought Warsaw Cafe’s Liquor LicenseStollenwerk bought the liquor license, but what;’s in store for Warsaw Cafe remains a mystery.
  19. Neighborhood Watch
    Starr and Painter Change the Location of Forthcoming Il Pittore; Warsaw Cafe MayPlus Green Eggs Cafe’s new location will have a takout counter, and OFC Realty is becoming OFC Cafe, all in our roundup of neighborhood news.
  20. Closings
    Warsaw Cafe Is Closing SoonThere’s no definitive reason given for the restaurant’s closing.
  21. Empire Building
    Is Garces Trading Company Transforming Into a Restaurant?First came news that the market was applying for its own liquor license, and no it’s accepting reservations.
  22. Now Serving
    Beer and Wine: The Haves and Have-notsToday’s liquor license news.
  23. Openings
    Bagels vs. Booze in the East VillageWhy are there so many bars and so few neighborhood businesses in the East Village?
  24. Reopenings
    Chelsea Lately: M2 Set to Reopen, Man Shot at QuoThe club with nine lives may have bounced back from smoking, assault, and drug woes.
  25. NIMBY Power
    Noisy Bars Face ‘Six Strikes You’re Out’ BillThe latest in anti-nightlife legislation.
  26. Beef
    NIMBYs, Worrywarts, and Killjoys Crack Down on Trucks, Gardens, UnderageThe busybodies are out in full force.
  27. Booze News
    Plein Sud ‘Gangsters’ Celebrate Liquor License With Free WineA halal cart is slinging accusations, but Ed Cotton and Frederick Lesort’s new restaurant has cause to be happy.
  28. Booze News
    La Superior Ends Liquor DroughtThe Williamsburg taquería’s two-year-long wait for liquor is finally over.
  29. Community Bored
    Neighbor Frowns on the Smile’s Liquor BidNoho activist Zella Jones wants the neighborhood to unite against the recently praised newcomer.
  30. Openings
    South Brooklyn Pizza Said to Be Making Manhattan Transfer Next WeekBut will it have beer and an outdoor garden?
  31. Mediavore
    Hudsonville Ice Cream Arrives; Feminists Embrace Ultra-LocavorismPlus: A convicted mobster’s liquor license saga, and the rise of the gastrohotel, all in our morning news roundup.
  32. Booze News
    Should There Be a Separation Between Church and State of Sobriety?Will Harlem fall victim to new legislation seeking to close a loophole in the dreaded 200-foot law?
  33. Community Boards
    New Freemans, Max Projects On TrackPlus, Porchetta may soon get beer.
  34. Booze News
    SLA Humbly Asks Tech Nerds to Remove Its ShortcomingsThe latest in the SLA’s twelve-step path to recovery.
  35. Reopenings
    Chelsea Hotel, Roxy Vie for LiquorPlus, a Greenpoint club closes.
  36. Nightlife
    Sobering Battle for Brooklyn Steampunk BarWay Station in Prospect Heights is in liquor-license limbo.
  37. Booze News
    Curse of the Tropics: Pool Hall Loses Right to Sell Bartles & JaymesNo more sake grenades at Tropical 128.
  38. Temporary Closings
    Unhappy Halloween: Cobwebs at Shuttered Le Souk and the MottTwo controversial venues have been exorcised, at least temporarily.
  39. Booze News
    Bring Your Own, or Get It Delivered!A downtown restaurant lets customers order their wine in.
  40. Brunch
    Brooklyn Star Gets Beer, Starts Biscuity BrunchThere will even be — yes! — fried chicken.
  41. Booze News
    SLA Speeds Up Liquor-License Process Ahead of Scathing ReportA state commission calls for changes at the State Liquor Authority.
  42. Community Relations
    J.G. Melon Gets Along With the Neighbors; Jane Ballroom, Not So MuchNeighbors don’t like the Jane’s plan for a rooftop bar.
  43. Mediavore
    Boston’s Liquor License Loophole; Ka-Carlos Cuts HoursPlus: farm-to-bar cocktails, and the looming sugar crisis, all in our morning news roundup.
  44. Community Boards
    The Mott Tries to Get on the Neighborhood’s Good SideBut are they playing fast and loose with BYOB laws?
  45. Community Boards
    CB2 Smiles on Campanale, Hanson, Bradley, and GuarnaschelliWill Guarnaschelli actually be cooking in Butter’s next one, or is it another 1Oak?
  46. Booze News
    Death & Co. Can Now Serve Booze Till 2011The State Liquor Authority has finally granted it a legit license.
  47. Lawsuits
    Butcher Bay Sues Community Board 3That’ll teach ‘em not to deny a liquor upgrade!
  48. Booze News
    Canta y No Llores: La Barra Gets BeerMicheladas, coming right up.
  49. Hours of Operation
    Emporio Gets Beer, Wine, Lunch, and BrunchThe liquor-license limbo is over at Aurora’s sister restaurant.
  50. Closings
    SLA Takes Out Another Hell’s Kitchen JointDid it have something to do with ‘bailarinas’ who danced for hire?
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