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  1. scenes
    Saturday Night at Slutty VeganBrooklyn’s best party is a line for veggie burgers.
  2. field notes
    A Restaurant Critic Comes Around on LinesSome of them, anyway.
  3. grocery wars
    People Are Forming iPhone-Length Lines to Get Into a New Grocery ChainGerman discount grocer Lidl has found many fans in the U.S.
  4. Waiting
    The Ridiculous Rise of Viral Food and the Great Line Apocalypse“These days, you can’t walk five blocks in Manhattan without stumbling onto a rabble of poor deluded souls, desperate to try some new foodstuff they read about … “
  5. Worth The Wait
    Craziest Facts About Franklin Barbecue’s LineNot even Kanye gets to cut.
  6. Come Rain Or Shine
    Maybe Check the Weather Report Before Lining Up for Free Chick-fil-A ThisThe first 100 get free sandwiches for a year, assuming the hurricane doesn’t get them first.
  7. Lines
    Cronut Hysteria Is Reaching Its Peak in TokyoDominique Ansel opens his newest bakery today.
  8. The Chain Gang
    This Was the Crazy-Long Line to Get Into Tokyo’s New Taco BellThey’ve been waiting more than 20 years for this moment.
  9. The Chain Gang
    This Is a Real Line to Get Into Burger KingJust wait until France gets its first Shake Shack.
  10. Lines
    Diehard Sausage Fans Camped Overnight to Eat at Chicago’s Beloved HotThis is the meaty end, my friend.
  11. Lines
    People Are Waiting 9 Hours to Eat at Hot Doug’s Before It Closes for GoodIt’s the final countdown for Chicago’s famed encased meats emporium.
  12. Lines
    San Diego’s First Dunkin’ Donuts Mobbed by Munchkins FansAll this for a cruller and a Coolatta.
  13. Lines Pick Up
    Restaurant Lines Devour LondonWait for it … wait for it …
  14. Truckin’
    Dumbo’s Food-Truck Scene Is OnlineThe live stream is useful, also strangely riveting.
  15. A Winkle in Time
    Pappy Van Winkle Seekers Waiting Hours for BourbonThey’re camped out outside the Liquor Barn.
  16. How Long?
    Pok Pok Ny Adds Convenient Wait-Time CameraKnow before you go, and all that.
  17. Cronuts
    A Dispatch From Shake Shack’s Massive Cronut-Hole Concrete LinePeople looking to be the first to try Shake Shack’s cronut-hole concrete started lining up at 4 a.m.
  18. Cronut Watch
    The Post-Summer Cronut Line Is ShorterThat’s the word on the street.
  19. The Waiting Game
    Mighty Quinn’s Co-Founder Calls Alan Richman’s Line-Inflation ClaimsThe ‘GQ’ critic claims Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque does its best to cultivate long lines instead of serving customers promptly.
  20. Lines
    Depressing: English People Now Associate ‘American’ Restaurants WithHow long is the wait?
  21. Grand Returns
    The Ramen Burger Is Back This WeekendOf course.
  22. Noodle Bun
    Ramen Burger Sells Out at SmorgasburgFear not, they may try it again in the near future.
  23. The Waiting Game
    The No-Reservations Generation: Which Restaurants Have the Worst Waits?A reporter tests the lines at some of the city’s busiest no-reservation restaurants.
  24. Heat Wave
    Tourists’ Love of Grimaldi’s Won’t Yield to the Heat WaveMaybe it’s not worth it.
  25. User’s Guide
    A Handy Guide to the Shake Shack WaitHow long can you expect to wait?
  26. Spot Checks
    How Long for a Shack Burger in Midtown?Just how bad are the lines at the Shake Shack’s new theater district location?
  27. Lines
    WafflemaniaWhat happens when you give away free waffles in midtown?
  28. Stadium Eats
    Shake Shack Advice: Go After the FifthHow to beat the line at Citi Field.
  29. Critical Mass
    Bread Lines Form at Num PangPlus, Martha Stewart jumps on the sandwich train.
  30. Recession Is Your Friend
    Gramercy Tavern’s Free Gift Cards Spark Gourmet Bread LineGramercy Tavern is giving away gift cards, and folks are lining up.