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    Michael Chiarello Says the Soundtrack to His Life Would Be ‘Highway toWho knew.
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    Charles Phan Would Like to Come Back as Tom CruiseAlso, he talks about what he’d like for his last meal, with CBS 5’s Liam Mayclem
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    Chef Bradley Ogden Would Love to Dine With Thomas Jefferson, Abe Lincoln, andAlso, he misses his mom’s fried chicken.
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    More on That Ultra-Locavore Couple in Vallejo; Guy Fieri Bringing His Magic to
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    Liam Mayclem Gets Licked By GiraffeAh, the indignities of local TV journalism…
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    Michael Mina Would Like Shabu Shabu For His Last MealAlso, he’d like Elton John to be there.
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    Ryan Scott Likes Yanni, Sex With Foie GrasLiam Mayclem interviews the former Top Cheftestant.
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    At Marrakech, Please Tip the Belly DancerIt may not be that authentic, but they sure now how to pour a cold cup of tea!