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  1. Donald Trump Jr. Insults LGBTQ Students Who Don’t Like Chick-fil-AHe mocked kids at Duquesne who say they’re “triggered” by a new campus location.
  2. cake drama
    Bakery’s Trans Ken Doll Cake Is the Latest LGBT Dessert ‘Outrage’Online critics say Ken in buttercream drag is clearly the work of the devil.
  3. Dissenting Opinions
    Anonymous Indiana Restaurateur Admits to Discriminating Against LGBT Customers“They can have their lifestyle and do their own thing in their own place.”
  4. Bigotry
    Yelpers Made That Anti-Gay Texas Diner Into a Highly Rated Gay Bar“I hear the owner offers discounts to men in chaps.”
  5. Bigotry
    Texas Diner Boots Gay Couple, Claims It’s Because Their Legs Were TouchingThe rules are clear: “Men act like men, women act like ladies. No saggy pants.”
  6. Return Receipt
    Family Refuses to Tip Restaurant Server With Offensive GayAnd she served in the Marine Corps, too.
  7. Nightlife
    ‘Pride Nights’ in the South BronxThe Bronx’s gay and lesbian scene gets an alternative to air horns.