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Letto Deli

  1. Real Estate
    Garces Unloads Frohmans PropertySeems the brats and beers concept is deader than dead.
  2. RIP
    Garces Pulls the Plug on Frohmans WursthuasThe Iron Chef’s camp confirms the project is dead.
  3. Coming Soon
    Blue Bear Tavern Is Back On; Frohmans Wursthaus Still StalledThe long dormant re-imaging of Doc Watson’s is back on, but the beer brats spot from Garces doesn’t appear to making nay headway.
  4. Marketing Gimmicks
    Westin to Garces: We Like ’80s Movies TooWhat’s next - Dick Vernon’s or Bernie Lomax’s?
  5. Openings
    Jose Garces is Coming to Midtown VillageThe Iron Chef has partnered with Vesper Hospitality Investments LLC to operate a restaurant in the former Letto Deli.