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Let’s Do Lunch

  1. Let’s Do Lunch
    Fishing With Dynamite Now Open Seven Days A Week For LunchPotential lunch break dishes include Albacore tartare and Maryland blue crab cakes.
  2. Let’s Do Lunch
    Superba Snack Bar Adds Thursday Lunch MenuJason Neroni is offering his house-made pastas, along with sandwiches and plant-based small plates.
  3. Let’s Do Lunch
    Mr. Baguette Serving Banh Mi and Pho To DowntownThe Rosemead favorite is only open for lunch and breakfast during the weekdays.
  4. Let’s Do Lunch
    What’s For Lunch at A.O.C., Starting TodayLunch-only dishes include focaccia sandwiches and grilled market fish with feta yogurt.
  5. Let’s Do Lunch
    Son of a Gun, Akasha, and BLD Help Change Hollywood’s Power-Lunch LandscapeAlong the way, we learn that CAA’s agents abandoned Craft when Tom Colicchio signed to a different office.
  6. Let’s Do Lunch
    Starry Kitchen Looking To Start Lunchin’Nguyen Tran confirms, “It’s time to return back to our lunch roots.”
  7. Let’s Do Lunch
    Lunch is Served at Bar AmáYou’ll find Josef Centeno’s menu served in the middle of the day now.
  8. Let’s Do Lunch
    Hollywood’s Great Lunch DebateDaily decisions about what to eat often last all-day and seldom leave everybody satisfied.
  9. Deals
    $14 Sandwich, Suds, and Side at City TavernThe Culver City pub offers a lunch deal on weekends.
  10. Breastaurants
    Spearmint Rhino Breaks Into The Bar & Grill BusinessIt’s new Downtown venture allows the curious to tell co-workers, “I only go to that topless club for the food.”
  11. Let’s Do Lunch
    What to Eat for Lunch At Bow & Truss, Starting TuesdayStefhanie Meyers’ new menu includes pork cheek guisado, open-faced bocadillos, and fancy-pants tacos.
  12. Let’s Do Lunch
    Chego Changes Menu, Starts LunchRoy Choi now has a noodle dish for vegetarians and shaved ice.
  13. Let’s Do Lunch
    Superba Starts Friday Lunch and Weekend Brunch, Gets Big-Ups From BeshaWe’re excited for mole meatball sandwiches and a new burger.
  14. Let’s Do Lunch
    Lunch Is On at Osteria DragoThe West Hollywood audience will appreciate a kale and vegetable soup, and salads in both small and entree proportions.
  15. Let’s Do Lunch
    Lunch is Served at Duplex in West HollywoodChef Lauren Cartmel is embracing the season with a heavy use of tomatoes.
  16. Let’s Do Lunch
    It’s Lunch Time at TowneNew items include a salmon cubano sandwich and house-made Twinkies for dessert.
  17. Let’s Do Lunch
    What to Eat for Lunch at The Strand HouseThe new menu includes sandwiches, soups, and salads, alongside some of Neal Fraser’s South bay standards.
  18. Total Hate
    Umamicatessen’s Pastrami Pass Gets PulledThe fourteen-dollar sandwich gets rousted for not standing up to Langer’s.
  19. Let’s Do Lunch
    The Park’s Finest Rings Lunch BellThe coconut beef is enthusiastically suggested while the ribs are no contest winners.
  20. Let’s Do Lunch
    Post & Beam Starts Lunch With Deviled Egg Sandwiches and Smoked Baby BacksThe selection more than makes up for the lack of a new Govind burger.
  21. Let’s Do Lunch
    Midtown Lunch Recalls Its 21 Favorite L.A. LunchesIn the end, Zach Brooks decides we’re really a great “chicken town.”
  22. Let’s Do Lunch
    The Fat Dog Pairs Your Sandwich to Your SoupThe soups are house-made and the bread comes from La Brea Bakery.
  23. Mediavore
    Deep-Fried Desserts Doom Your New Year Resolutions; Son of a Gun Starts LunchThe treats are currently tempting customers at Beer Belly and Black Market, among others.
  24. Let’s Do Lunch
    A Look into Manna’s Banchan BuffetThe offerings, which might be better suited to vegetarians, earn a solid B from lunch authority Zach Brooks.
  25. Let’s Do Lunch
    Short Order Starts Serving Lunch, Check Out The New Brunch MenuThe restaurant plans toad-in-the-hole and an eggs benedict burger starting in 2012.
  26. Let’s Do Lunch
    Bacaro Starts Lunch, Seeks to Serve Long Beach AirportOwner Daniel Kronfil proposes a wine bar for pre-flight flights.
  27. Lets Do Lunch
    What to Eat for Lunch at SavorySo far, we’ve heard praise for Paul Shoemaker’s $18 rib-eye and bacon burger.
  28. Let’s Do Lunch
    Michael Voltaggio’s ink.sack Now Taking Pick-Up Orders by PhoneAll you need is a credit card and a little foresight.
  29. Let’s Do Lunch
    Tsujita Starts Noodling Around at LunchYes, the much ballyhooed ramen is finally here. Well, at least for three hours a day.
  30. Let’s Do Lunch
    Fig & Olive Launches a $28 Pre-Fixe LunchIt may not be presidential, but it should help keep you out of debt.
  31. Let’s Do Lunch
    Bryant Ng Brings Rice Bowls to Lunch at Spice TableBryant Ng is also making his wood-grilled short rib and sambal burger available.
  32. Neighborhood Watch
    Cimarusti Buys Silver Spoon Space; A Vineyard Grows in Mt. WashingtonMeanwhile, Michael Voltaggio names his head bartender at ink.
  33. Let’s Do Lunch
    First & Hope Scales Lunch Down with ‘Chicken a la Carte’Chef Yuji Isawa has placed a grill at the front of the restaurant to help the lunch-deprived neighborhood.
  34. Let’s Do Lunch
    Mezze Launches Lunch on ThursdayMicah Wexler adds Middle Eastern sandwiches and house-made Cherry Coke to his repertoire.
  35. Truckin’
    As A-Frame Starts Lunchin’, Chego Considers Truckin’Roy Choi’s Culver City spot has a new burger for a new meal, while his Palms rice bowl restaurant is trying to expand.
  36. Let’s Do Lunch
    What to Eat at Bar Pintxo’s New LunchFifteen dollars for three-courses of Spanish cuisine beats fourteen dollars for bad paella on Fairfax.
  37. Let’s Do Lunch
    Why Baja Fresh Still Isn’t An OptionThe chicken burrito can kill you too.
  38. Let’s Do Lunch
    Zach Brooks Gets White-Washed in Thai TownMidtown Lunch looks at seven things to hate about eating lunch in L.A.
  39. The Other Bloggers
    Midtown Lunch Takes L.A.A New York food blog sets its sights on the West Coast.