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Leigh Maida

  1. Openings
    Strangelove’s Makes Its Debut TonightThe latest from gastropub empire builders Brendan Hartranft and Leigh Maida replaces the shuttered Butcher & the Brewer.
  2. Coming Soon
    Date Set For Strangelove’s DebutThe new spot from Memphis Taproom’s owners opens in the former home of ill-fated The Butcher & The Brewer.
  3. The Name Game
    Strangelove or: How We’ll All Learn to Stop Worrying and Love the New BarDon’t expect a mural of Slim Pickens straddling an a-bomb.
  4. Empire Building
    Memphis Taproom Owners Take On the Shuttered Butcher & The Brewer SpaceBased on their sterling track record, and continued success with their other businesses, this latest venture will likely have some staying power.
  5. Chef Shuffle
    Local 44 Hires an Executive ChefThe end goal is to elevate the menu, and make the watering hole a more food-focused destination.
  6. Empire Building
    Local 44 Owners to Open a Bottle Shop in West PhillyThe new project, a bottle shop next to Local 44, will feature a tone of awesome beers.
  7. PLCB Shenanigans
    More Fallout from PLCB Bar RaidsThe PLCB’s actions have angered the Brewerati and others
  8. PLCB Shenanigans
    What Kind of Concerned Citizen Reports a Bar for Unregistered Beer?A bar raid called in by a “concerned citizen” raises some eyebrows