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Legal Woes

  1. legal woes
    Brooklyn Restaurant Takes a Stand Against Landlord Jared KushnerIt’s probably the least of his legal problems.
  2. food fight
    Donald Trump Could Be Deposed for 7 Hours in the José Andrés Lawsuit in JanuaryHis lawyers’ request to limit the questioning to a couple hours was denied.
  3. drama
    Roberta’s Founders Accuse Estranged Partner of Putting Mistress on PayrollMeanwhile, the restaurant lost one of its key chefs.
  4. interviews
    Rockaway’s ‘Pizza Nazi’ Defends Himself Against Pot-Growing Allegations“I did not grow anything. I have no clue what the hell they’re talking about.”
  5. Big Head Todd
    Todd English in Hot Water (Again) Over Missed Rent PaymentsAnother day, another lawsuit for the woebegone chef.
  6. Legal Woes
    Silvano of Da Silvano’s Too Old to Be PervyHe’s 65 and innocent.
  7. Legal Woes
    This Is What Happens When … You Screw John FraserHe’ll eat his lawyers for dinner.
  8. Oy
    Batali Sucker Punched by ProtestersA lot to chew on.
  9. Legal Woes
    Pyromaniac Barman Albert Trummer Gets Light SentenceThe mixologist pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct yesterday.
  10. mediavore
    W Hotel Goes to Court; Mattapan Targeted for RedevelopmentPlus: Oil-eating bacteria on the loose in the Gulf, and much more all in our morning news roundup.