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Legal Troubles

  1. legal troubles
    Jose Garces Restaurant Group Has Officially Been SoldAfter a rash of legal and financial problems, the Iron Chef’s restaurants have been bought out for $8 million in cash.
  2. food fight
    Disgruntled Investors Are Suing the Owners of Brooklyn’s Trendiest PizzeriasBehind-the-scenes tension has exploded into a very public lawsuit at Emmy Squared.
  3. lawsuits
    Association for Restaurant Workers Joins Lawsuit Against TrumpThe suit alleges that the president is violating a constitutional clause meant to prevent foreign influence buying.
  4. Legal Troubles
    Reza of Reza’s Restaurant And Brother in Feud Involving Murder and Arson ThreatsBrother against brother at well-known chain.
  5. Legal Troubles
    Is a Happy Ending (And a Brewpub) In The Works For The Portage Theater and EddieWill The Portage become a hub for new restaurants?
  6. Legal Troubles
    The Investor, The Groped Hostess, Tavern on Rush, Cops, and a LawsuitWhat’s really going on in this lawsuit?
  7. Legal Troubles
    5 Rabbit Co-Founder Leaving Company; New Marketing Chief, Brewery Announced5 Rabbit founders split.
  8. Legal Troubles
    Lettuce Entertain You Bluntly Denies Collaborating With ControversialIf your nightclub owner says he’s working with Lettuce, check it out.
  9. Legal Troubles
    Doughnuts Fight City Hall— in EvanstonDonut truck fights restrictive ordinance in Evanston
  10. Legal Troubles
    Bleeding Heart Bakery Split Final; New Name: West Town Bakery & DinerWest Town Bleeding Heart Bakery to get new name, Garcias to keep old one.
  11. Legal Troubles
    When the Money Man Behind the Restaurant Becomes NewsExecutive in scandal once owned a noted Chicago restaurant.