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  1. The Grub Street Diet
    Lee Schrager Brunches at ABC Kitchen, Lunches at Marea, Dines Pretty Much“I always say I eat out eight nights a week.”
  2. Sobe
    How to Survive the SOBE Wine and Food FestWe ask the experts about the best way to dodge the crowds and enjoy the food.
  3. Lip-smacking
    Lee Schrager’s Most Delicious Experience All WeekendEven Oprah stopped by the sandwich party!
  4. Other Sites
    Lee Schrager Is Gilt’s Latest High-Profile HireThe SoBe Wine & Food Festival organizer joins Ruth Reichl and Francis Lam.
  5. Beef
    Lee Schrager Probably Didn’t Steal the Idea for the SOBE Wine & FoodThat’s despite accusations from a Florida-based event planner.
  6. Contests
    We’re Giving Away a Signed Copy of the ‘South Beach Wine & FoodJust send us your best drink recipe!
  7. Marketing Gimmicks
    Barneys’ Windows Focus on FoodThe Food Network’s president and others give the display windows a foodie makeover.
  8. Foodievents
    Michelin Man Will Face Meyer, Vongerichten TomorrowWill he apologize for docking Vongo a star?
  9. Foodievents
    Mario Batali Invited Back to Wine & Food Festival Despite Royal Potty MouthHe has apparently been forgiven for dropping F-bombs in front of royalty.
  10. Mediavore
    Will Schrager Ban Batali? Coat Checks Chill During RecessionPlus: NYC’s first female master sommelier, and how to boil pasta, all in our morning news roundup.
  11. Mediavore
    Another ‘Top Chef’ Contestant I.D.’d; $2,500 Shot at the RoseA cheftestant from Baltimore.
  12. NewsFeed
    SOBE Chieftain Receives Adulatory Profile in ‘Times’The man behind the country’s best food festivals.
  13. Mediavore
    Chumley’s Reopening Behind Schedule; Ruth Reichl’s Mommy DisguiseThe West Village speakeasy won’t open this month, ex-cons are hanging out at a ‘Sopranos’ actor’s pizzeria in Williamsburg, and see what Ruth Reichl wore when she reviewed restaurants for the ‘Times.’
  14. NewsFeed
    A Blurry, Pleasant Preview of the New York Wine and Food FestivalNew York Wine and Food Festival founder and directing intelligence Lee Schrager writes us, outling his developing vision for the festival. Why paraphrase? What follows are Schrager’s words, whispered into the collective ear of his mailing list: “Imagine if you can…walking around an event on a beautiful Friday night in the fall that is held in the historic and scenic Meatpacking District, that features wonderful sponsor buildouts throughout the area, special promotions going on in the many great clubs and restaurants in the area featuring guest chefs and winemakers, and wine and food samplings in the numerous upscale boutiques. Got the picture?” Schrager, having no doubt experienced blowback from telling the Times that he was planning on closing down Ninth Avenue, also asks us to pass along this very unequivocal fact: “We are not closing off any streets.” Related: Meyer, McNally, Nieporent Respond to New NYC Food Festival
  15. NewsFeed
    New York Food Festival: If Not Meatpacking, Where?The Times may have jumped the gun in pronouncing the New York Wine & Food Festival a done deal in the meatpacking district. Caryl Chinn, of event organizer Karlitz & Co., tells us that, Lee Schraeger’s statement in the Times notwithstanding, the festival has not gotten permission to close down Ninth Avenue, nor has it tried to: “It never was our intention to close down Ninth Avenue.” There’s still a good chance that the event will take place in the meatpacking district, but ideally along four contiguous blocks, much like at South Beach. “We’re also looking at different parks,” says Chinn. So there is a festival, and it is on Columbus Day weekend. But where should it be? Make your suggestions in the comments. Calling All Rock Stars in Aprons [NYT] Related: Meyer, McNally, Nieporent Respond to New NYC Food Festival All South Beach Wine & Food Festival coverage
  16. Back of the House
    Meyer, McNally, Nieporent Respond to New NYC Food Festival The Times reported last week that New York will get its own Lee Schrager food festival this fall (as we predicted last year), but does the city’s food community really want one? We rang up a few people who we’d expect to be involved with such an event and got a mixed reaction.