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  1. Closings
    Gaby’s Mediterranean Washed Away on WashingtonThe Lebanese chain is still serving at four other locations.
  2. Agenda
    First Look at the New York Branch of Almayass, Bringing Basturma to the FlatironThe food and the space are meant to evoke eating at someone’s home.
  3. Strip Search
    Strip Search: The 1700 Block of Westwood Blvd.Where to get kebab in Indonesian, Persian, and Lebanese flavors on Westwood Blvd.
  4. Mediavore
    Food Safety Bill Vote Today; Four Loko Steps Aside For Boozy Whipped CreamThe latest potential trend in teenage drinking emerges, while food safety is discussed in the government.
  5. The Other Critics
    Lido Di Manhattan Hasn’t Really Changed, Shindler Exposes Gordon Ramsay’s T.V.A former Kitchen Nightmares judge shares his view on the show’s editing, while The L.A. Times visits another ancient restaurant.
  6. Slideshow
    First Look at Mezza, Open in Culver CityChef Najwa introduces L.A. to her grandma’s Lebanese home-cooking.
  7. Openings
    First Look at Balade, Now Serving Lebanese in the East VillageSee a slideshow of the intimate space and view the menu of Lebanese pitza and grill.
  8. The Other Critics
    The Gorbals Gives Gold Good Pub Grub; La Cachette Bistro Blows It with VirbilaIlan Hall’s small restaurant gets good grades with two critics.
  9. Reopenings
    Sunnin Finally Occupies New HomeA popular Lebanese restaurant gets a new home in Westwood.
  10. The Other Critics
    Virbila Finds Bistro LQ A ‘Mixed Bag"; Rosa Mex Too Mild For LosS. Irene Virbila isn’t blown away by Laurent Quenioux’s place and L.A. Mag thinks Rosa Mexicano lacks heat.