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Le Truc

  1. Truckin’
    Le Truc Takes Up Residence in AlamedaThe bustaurant goes semi-permanent.
  2. Truckin’
    Le Truc Chef to Launch Beer Truck and 800-Pound Grilla, a Grill Cart Built IntoBrewtruc, a mobile taproom, will launch in a couple of weeks.
  3. Truckin’
    This Week in Food Trucks: Le Truc Parks Near Lucky 13, Bacon Bacon Approaches,Le Truc can be found Thursdays and Fridays now in the gas station next to 24 Hour Fitness on Upper Market.
  4. Nonstaurants
    Le Truc Parks It Near Ballpark for Lunch
  5. Nonstaurants
    Le Truc Permanently Parking in South Park This WeekThe bustaurant will soon be easier to find.
  6. Deals
    Prospect Launches Happy Hour… With Trotter TotsThe newest item for Prospect’s happy hour menu is a miniature version of the pork trotters and lobster dish called Trotter Tots.
  7. Truckin’
    Happening Right Now: Off the Grid Hits U.N. PlazaThe circling of the food trucks comes to Civic Center.
  8. Nonstaurants
    WSJ Hits SF, Sounds Off on BustaurantsWSJ Decides It’s Time to Get on the Bus
  9. Truckin’
    Jennie Lorenzo to Pop Up at Le Truc
  10. Truckin’
    That Schoolbus Parked Outside the Bar? That’s Le Truc.The newest bustaurant in town will be parking outside of Lucky 13 and Blackbird, as well as other bar as yet unconfirmed.
  11. Nonstaurants
    A Second Bustaurant Is Coming to SFLe Truc will be pulling up to a vacant lot (hopefully) near you soon.