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Le Comptoir

  1. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Le Comptoir Brings Gary Menes Back to GlendaleThe pop-up produce wizard returns to the former site of Palate Food + Wine.
  2. Reopenings
    Le Comptoir Comes Back, Monday at MignonGary Menes is keeping his vegetable omakase in Downtown.
  3. Foodies With Benefits
    Gary Menes Leading Santa Barbara’s ‘Taste of the Town’The Le Comptoir chef will join over 80 restaurants and wineries in a benefit for the Arthritis Foundation.
  4. Mediavore
    Did John Lennon Have Bulimia?; Coors Releases Ice Tea-Flavored BeerA new book claims The Eggman had some serious food issues.
  5. Neighborhood Watch
    The Bean Opening Hypes the East Village; City Swiggers Brings Growlers to thePlus: The Smith confirms plans for a third location, A-Pou’s Taste Cart debuts another vendor, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  6. The Other Critics
    Jonathan Gold Comes Straight Outta Comptoir; Goes Cyco at Neptune’s NetThe L.A. Weekly critic writes, “for the first time, the most interesting places in Little Tokyo are not necessarily Japanese.”
  7. What to Drink
    Le Comptoir and Hill Country Chicken Get Beer and Wine$2 beers all around!
  8. Neighborhood Watch
    Le Comptoir Launches Dinner; Lowcountry Hosts Fried Chicken Football DinnersPlus, a soup festival in Carroll Gardens and a Balkan bistro in the Lower East Side, in our daily round-up of neighborhood news.
  9. Slideshow
    First Look at Le Comptoir: Ex–La Goulue Chef Does Brunch in the GardenThe former Cornichon space gets a makeover.
  10. Neighborhood Watch
    Free Burgers and Dollar Beers at Berry Park; Le Comptoir Opens in WilliamsburgPlus: a Vietnamese-sandwich shop comes to the East Village, and an artisanal food fair in Greenpoint, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  11. NewsFeed
    French Chefs Prepare for New York Marathon With Eating Marathon It was an impossible-to-refuse invitation: Come to Nougatine to eat lunch with a group of French chefs here to run the New York marathon. The team, which was sponsored by the French tripe council (and whose members had all been given shirts featuring the slogan “Trip for the Tripe”), was clearly taking its preparation for the race with the utmost seriousness. Yesterday’s lunch was a multicourse affair, to be followed by a blowout dinner at Daniel. Today the plan is to lunch at Per Se and then dim sum at Chinatown Brasserie for supper. And on Saturday, the chefs plan to carb up for the race by going on a Chinatown eating tour, followed by a big dinner party Saturday night. A few highlights from the lunch at Nougatine.