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  1. Lists
    Grub Street Investigation: What Are the Best- and Worst-Selling RestaurantHow’s Tom Colicchio’s new cookbook doing, and do people really buy these things in general? We crunch the numbers.
  2. Conspicuous Consumption
    Everyone’s Financially Fine at $350 Private DinnerPeople are still willing to pay $350 for a meal at Le Bernardin, especially if it’s for a special nineteenth-century meal.
  3. Oenofile
    Learn From the ‘Best Sommelier in the World’Le Bernardin sommelier Aldo Sohm hosts a new education series.
  4. Top Chef
    Top Chef Stephanie Izard Is Tired of Toby Young’s One-liners, TooWe chatted with last season’s winner about last night’s episode.
  5. Food TV
    Eric Ripert to Debut on PBS This FallChef Eric Ripert practices for his own series tonight as a guest judge on ‘Top Chef.’
  6. Chef Shuffle
    Scott Bryan Takes Over at ApiaryThe former Veritas chef lands in the East Village.
  7. The Other Critics
    Bruni’s Best of 2008; Kefi’s Welcome ReturnPlus: Italian-American cuisine in Dyker Heights and pork overload at Irving Mill, in our weekly review roundup.
  8. Dealmaking
    Tom Cat Bakery Sold to Investment GroupsThe local bakery that was started with $120,000 grew into a $32 million business.
  9. Mediavore
    Starbucks Cuts Costs; City Bakery Gets a BarPlus: a rare chance to slurp turtle soup, and an update on Jim Lahey’s Co., all in our morning news roundup.
  10. Slideshow
    Eric Ripert Picks Manhattan’s Best Fish TacoLe Bernardin’s maritime mastermind turns his discerning eye to street food.
  11. Slideshow
    Exclusive Excerpt: Le Bernardin’s Ben Chekroun Shares the ‘129An exclusive excerpt and slideshow from Eric Ripert’s new book, ‘On the Line.’
  12. Ripper
    Marcel and the RipperEric RIpert, for one, thinks Marcel Vigneron is a nice guy.
  13. Top Chef
    Howie Hearts Le BernardinA new ‘Top Chef’ map allows you to get restaurant recommendations from cheftestants and judges.
  14. Foodievent
    No Recession Specials at Le BernardinChef Eric Ripert compares his menu to a Louis Vuitton bag.
  15. Openings
    A First Look at Bussaco, the Newest in New Brooklyn CuisineAlums of Le Bernardin and Gotham Bar and Grill keep it real with chicken and waffles.
  16. Bad Behavior
    Ripert Boots Bad Boys From D.C. KitchenEric Ripert suspended the executive chef at Westend Bistro for bad behavior.
  17. Back of the House
    Exclusive: True Tales of a ‘Top Chef’ Paparazzo; Six CheftestantsWhat we heard while loitering outside Le Bernardin today.
  18. Back of the House
    ‘Top Chef’ Shooting at Le Bernardin Tomorrow NightStop reading blogs on Thursday morning if you want to avoid ‘Top Chef’ spoilers.
  19. Mediavore
    Le Bernardin’s Business Booms in Recession; Mystery Michelin Man FoundMost airlines still have free soda, Olympics-inspired cocktails, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  20. NewsFeed
    Le Bernardin Makes Alarming BurgersThe FDNY pays a visit to family meal.
  21. NewsFeed
    How to Dine With Your BodyguardsIf you’re a wealthy foreigner, don’t think showing up with bodyguards will get you into the club.
  22. VideoFeed
    Video: A Summer Fish Grill With Eric RipertThe Ripper, some black bass, and a piece of slate: fish heaven.
  23. Engines of Gastronomy
    Under the Ultraviolet Light, the Crab Cartilage Can’t HideBetter crab picking through technology.
  24. NewsFeed
    Secret Is Out About Uni Butter and Tuna Truffle SandwichesSome of the “secret dishes” that ‘Page Six Magazine’ includes in its roundup of off-the-menu items aren’t so secret.
  25. User's Guide
    Premium Proteins of New YorkWhere seven of New York’s best kitchens get their fish, meat, and poultry.
  26. Mediavore
    Starbucks Brings Back Bold Flavors; Beer Kitchen Caters Brewski-Soaked EventsPlus: the fight for high-fructose corn syrup’s reputation, Le Bernardin responds to criticism of its dress code, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  27. NewsFeed
    Eric Ripert and Friends Cook for TibetGluttony for a good cause.
  28. NewsFeed
    Eric Ripert Launches Blog With Ode to Toaster-ovensEvery home should own one!
  29. NewsFeed
    Le Bernardin’s Aldo Sohm Wins World Sommelier ContestAldo Sohm can honestly say he’s the “best sommelier in the world.”
  30. Mediavore
    Sam Talbot Finally Has a Menu Ready; Cosmo’s Popularity Not FadingPlus: Sam Talbot’s menu for the Surf Club, the cosmo won’t go away, and more in our morning roundup of news and gossip.
  31. Neighborhood Watch
    Ko to Serve Lunch?; Bar Carrera’s Expansion CompleteJosh Hartnett’s party spot and a Q&A with chef Philippe Massoud in today’s neighborhood food news.
  32. NewsFeed
    OpenTable Attempts to Eliminate ShillingThe site’s new Diners’ Choice lists incorporate ratings only from people who actually made a resy and showed up.
  33. NewsFeed
    Denver Writer Pens Longing Love Letter to Le BernardinThis guy has it bad for Eric Ripert, and it makes for a really great read.
  34. NewsFeed
    Samuelsson and Ripert Sell New York to the TouristsThe chefs are among the new wave of celebrities tapped for the city’s “Just Ask The Locals” ads.
  35. NewsFeed
    World’s Best Restaurant List Released, and Europe Reigns, AgainSan Pellegrino’s list of the world’s top restaurants is not dominated by the U.S.!
  36. NewsFeed
    Le Bernardin’s VIPs Get Baby EelsWe got an excited call from Eric Ripert the other day. “I have baby eels!” the chef said.
  37. NewsFeed
    Ripert Admits Organic Doesn’t Always Mean TastyEric Ripert spilled the beans on the great unspoken secret of the organic movement: A lot of the food tastes bad.
  38. Back of the House
    Eric Ripert Hobnobs With the Dalai LamaOver at her blog, Insatiable Gourmet, our own Gael Greene delivers news of Eric Ripert’s pilgrimage to Tibet to meet with his holiness, the Dalai Lama.
  39. Mediavore
    Eric Ripert Defends Escolar; Ed Koch: Bib WearerRadar ran a story on escolar’s tendency to cause leaky bowel movements and mentioned that the fish was served at Le Bernardin. This, in turn, prompted a response from Eric Ripert himself, which prompted the author of the article to respond, “I’m sure Eric Ripert serves his escolar in such a way that it doesn’t make people shit orange oil. He’s good like that.” [Fresh Intelligence/Radar] Chef Craig Hopson says the ghost of Aaron Burr haunts the kitchen of One if by Land, Two if by Sea and has a tendency to steal batches of brioche. [Bottomless Dish/Citysearch] Related: One if by Land Breaks Out a Bar Menu, and Not a Minute Too Soon Katrina Markoff, founder of Vosges Haut-Chocolat, likes to pair her company’s bacon-laden chocolate bar with pieces of Gruyère and a glass of Shiraz. [WSJ] Related: A Bacon Tribute Product We Can Get Behind
  40. The New York Diet
    Chef Eric Ripert Starts the Day With Chocolate, Ends It With Chorizo and Tequila There’s a reason Le Bernardin was ranked No. 1 (one of just two five-star restaurants) in the Platt 101. During lunch and dinner every day, chef-owner Eric Ripert samples a half-spoon of each of the twenty-odd sauces his chefs prepare, tests most of the mise en place (everything from string beans to mashed potatoes to polenta to guacamole), and then takes bites from dishes before they go out to the dining room. “Every day I have ten different fishes — a piece of tuna, snapper, monk, cod, himachi … It’s about 60 or 80 things I try.” To make up for this, he tries to eat light and takes 45-minute walks to (and sometimes back) from work through Central Park. But that doesn’t mean he won’t indulge in his daily breakfast chocolate.
  41. Mediavore
    Sign On to FohBoh; Stay Dry at Death & Co.There’s a new social-networking site for members of the restaurant industry called FohBoh, but if you’re not an industry insider, you can enjoy the forums, blogs, and videos on all aspects of food. [Red Herring via The Grinder/Chow] Le Bernadin’s Eric Ripert will open a new restaurant called 10 Arts at the Philadelphia Ritz-Carlton this spring. [Zagat Buzz] A lot of people may be freaking out over the FDA’s approval of meat and milk from cloned livestock for consumption, but cloned food products have been in the food supply for some time. [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine] Related: FDA to Beef Industry: Send in the Clones
  42. NewsFeed
    Eric Ripert Builds a Perfect Burger — But You Can’t Eat It When you think of Eric Ripert, you tend to think of ethereal lobster, marinated fluke, transporting escolar with miso brown butter, and the like. Which made it weird when the chef started enthusing about his hamburger the other night. “It’s the best hamburger anywhere — better than anywhere in New York,” the fish master says.
  43. Neighborhood Watch
    Le Bernardin Pastry Chef a Fan of Mason; Tour East Village Dumpling Master’sAstoria: A new wine bar on 35th Avenue at 30th Street called Rest-au-Rant features about 30 wines and beers — from Germany, New Zealand, Hawaii, Belgium, and France. [Joey in Astoria] Dumbo: Waterstreet Restaurant and Lounge hosts carolers and expects dancing till late tonight as part of a holiday shopping promotion throughout the nabe. [Dumbo NYC] East Village: A photo tour of the magical workshop of “Sun Le, the dumpling master who makes TKettle’s juicy little masterpieces.” [Eat for Victory/VV] Lower East Side: Le Bernardin pastry chef Michael Laiskonis just had a great meal at Tailor and has “always been a fan of Sam Mason’s food.” [Restaurant Girl] West Village: The Bowery Hotel’s Eric Goode and Sean McPherson are rumored to have closed a deal on another boutique hotel, at an unknown location. [Down by the Hipster]
  44. Mediavore
    Balducci’s Ruins Hanukkah; Dave Martin Can Paint, TooBalducci’s made a big mistake by advertising boneless spiral ham as “Delicious for Chaunkah.” [NYDN] Contradicting his colleague, Frank Bruni defends the entrée, arguing that a “too-long sequence or too-broad collection of too-small plates is like being tickled and tickled and never flat-out hugged.” [Diner’s Journal/NYT] Le Bernardin’s James Beard–award–winning pastry chef enjoys a nice Snickers bar with almonds at the end of the day. [Restaurant Girl]
  45. Back of the House
    The Party to (Literally) End All Parties at Le Bernardin There are book parties, there are banquets, and then there was the event held last night at Le Bernardin for Melanie Dunea’s My Last Supper. From the start, you knew it was going to be out of control: Rather than entering the front door, guests were led, à la the Copa scene in Goodfellas, through winding back stairs, hallways, and the kitchen, where winged dancing girls, identical twin Lenny Kravitz look-alikes, and even a Grim Reaper awaited. Eric Ripert’s meal was an astounding sleigh ride from a Puerto Rican whole hog to the most ethereal escolar imaginable, and included both a D.J. and cabaret performer Lady Rizo singing “White Wedding” on top of a piano, while dancers in veils and thongs frolicked underneath. The less said about the after-party, which inevitably ended with Daniel Boulud dancing on top of the banquet table, the better. But enough talk. On to the slideshow. My Last Supper Book Party at Le Bernardin [Slideshow] Related: Eating the Last Supper
  46. Mediavore
    Josie of ‘Top Chef’ Opens Restaurant; Schumer Opens a Second FrontJosie Malave’s restaurant Speakeasy in Clinton Hill has had its soft opening. [Eat for Victory/VV] One food editor learned some things from last week’s nose-to-tail feast Fergus Henderson–at–the–Spotted Pig including “Hung Huynh is much sweeter than the series might lead you to believe … Ilan Hall has a project up his sleeve … there’s no graceful way to eat a roasted pig’s head when Heath Ledger is sitting at the next table watching.” [Mouthing Off/Food & Wine] Related: Fergus Henderson to Cook Tomorrow at Savoy, Wednesday at the Spotted Pig Chuck Schumer has joined another foodie cause: In response to the recent Topps Meat contaminations, he has accused the USDA as being “toothless tiger” and plans to introduce legislation that would give the Department of Agriculture authority to close down plants that repeatedly fail inspections and order recalls. [NYP] Related: Senator Schumer Springs to the Red Hook Ball-Fields’ Defense
  47. NewsFeed
    Zagat 2008 Smiles on Daniel, Gordon Ramsay, OthersNew York’s little red book, the 2008 Zagat guide, is out today. It is more significant to the restaurant world than the Michelin guide, and for good reason: The same people who use it are the ones who write it. So what if it’s a popularity contest? Life is a popularity contest. There were some minor shakeups in this year’s rankings, such as Union Square Cafe retaking its sibling Gramercy as most popular restaurant, and Daniel retaking the top spot in cuisine from Le Bernardin. But the more interesting points required a slightly closer look.
  48. The In-box
    My Meal at Le Bernardin Makes Me Want to Keep My Sense of Taste!Facing the Final Hour (not his real name) wrote the Grub Street branch of the Make a Wish Foundation, asking where he should go in what could well be his final days with a sense of taste. We put him in touch with Eric Ripert, who agreed to cook the unhappy man a Doomsday Meal. We asked for a recap of the meal, and Facing the Final Hour delivered.
  49. The In-box
    Eric Ripert to Feed Reader Who May Lose Sense of TasteDear Grub Street,Next weekend I’m getting surgery done on an impacted wisdom tooth which is growing very close to a central nerve. I’ve been told that if this nerve is damaged, there’s a chance I will lose a large part of feeling in my face – including a loss of my sense of taste. I’ve gone into “doomsday mode”, thinking of all the best flavors this city has to offer in an effort to get them ingrained into my gray memory. As of now I’ve got a reservation at Degustation, will be making at least three visits minimum to Ssäm Bar, and another to Sasabune. Are there maybe two or three dishes or places that should be added to this ever-growing list? Le Bernardin is in my sights of course, but understandably may be difficult to get into. Signed,Facing My Final Hour
  50. Back of the House
    Even Adam Platt Was Moved by Last Night’s ‘Top Chef’Last night’s penultimate Top Chef featured two enormously entertaining challenges.
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