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Le Barricou

  1. Openings
    Williamsburg Newcomer Maison Premiere Channels Olde Absinthe HouseAnother place for muffulettas paired with fancy cocktails!
  2. The New York Diet
    Chef Sam Mason Doesn’t Like Crazy Stuff on His Nachos“We had a bottle of red wine. We might have had a second bottle of red wine.”
  3. Openings
    Williamsburg Gets Another Wannabistro, and We’re Glad Williamsburg has seen a boomlet in twee French restaurants, it seems, over the last couple of years, with places like Juliette, Gribouille, and now Le Barricou emerging to fill the wannabistro vacuum. The latter, as Rob and Robin report in this week’s openings, is the product of Jean-Pierres Marquet, of Marquet Patisserie. The place features a menu, recently added to our own booming database, which hits some of the standard bistro dishes (steak-frites, coq au vin) , while also making room for the requisite Asian flavors (grilled tiger shrimp, Thai mussels) that Williamsburg customers will likely be looking for. Now if only someone would open a good Chinese restaurant there. Restaurant Openings: Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, Lola, Le Barricou, and Trois Pommes Patisserie [NYM] Le Barricou Menu
  4. In the Magazine
    The Food War Between Old and New ContinuesThe attentions of New York’s food staff are divided between modernity and tradition. Gael Greene is vexed with Provence, a reopened French restaurant which was faithfully conventional even in its former incarnation. Rob and Robin, apart from their usual announcements of new places in Openings, extract from Anthos chef Michael Psilakis a comparatively novel recipe for mature dandelion greens. And Adam Platt finds himself caught in the middle of Marco Canora’s half-modern, half-classical menu at Insieme.