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  1. Booze News
    No Big Surprise Here: Former PLCB Chair Jonathan Newman Backs PrivatizationThe former PLCB chair told crowds that privatization is now or never.
  2. Booze News
    The Wine School Hosts a ‘Historic Moment’ In the Battle to AbolishThough details on the “major development” are few, the Wine School is encouraging public support.
  3. Booze News
    The State’s Top GOP Senator Puts the Kibosh on Liquor Store PrivatizationWhen lawmakers return to Harrisburg in the fall they will have bigger fish to fry.
  4. Booze News
    No Changes For Beer Sales in PA’s LCB OverhaulThe newly proposed rules promise big changes for how and where liquor and wine will be sold, but not beer.
  5. Booze News
    Breaking: Turzai Unveils His Plan to Privatize the LCB; Corbett StillThe plan boasts a windfall for the state, but doesn’t explain what will replace lost revenue.
  6. Booze News
    PA Lawmaker Vows Liquor Store Privatization Bill Coming Sometime Next WeekThe bill is coming but will anyone be there when it’s introduced?
  7. Quote of the Day
    LCB’s Windfall Just Doesn’t Add Up For Marc VetriThe chef wonders why the state is broke, even after recieving more than a half-billion dollars from the booze agency.
  8. Mediavore
    Corbett Taps GOP Crony For LCB Seat; House Republicans Won’t Side With Obama onPlus: Famous Food is called a ‘Train Wreck’; and rioting over food prices rattles Kenya, all in our morning news roundup.
  9. Booze News
    Liquor Store Privatization Is DeadHouse Republicans appear to be caving to union pressure and giving the booze authority what ti wants.
  10. Booze News
    LCB Finally Gets Something Right!The liquor board’s chairman cited the soft economy for his decision to keep prices on booze as is.
  11. Booze News
    The LCB Is Totally Digging Its Own Grave With Those Wine KiosksThere really isn’t any good news to report about the LCB’s dismal, costly and potentially life-threatening experiment.
  12. Mediavore
    LCB Puts the Kibosh on Groupon Booze Discounts; Restaurants Get Hip toPlus: Walgreens and Wegmans spar over the letter “W”; and Cleveland bans smoking and trans fats, all in our morning news roundup.
  13. PLCB Shenanigans
    LCB Plans to Put Booze in Its Wine KiosksThe critically panned program will begin testing sales of spirits in the months to come.
  14. Booze You Can Use
    Republican Lawmaker Bucks Efforts to Privatize PA’s Liquor StoresIn the latest round of drama, the state’s Chairman of the Senate Law and Justice Committee says change is good, but privatization is too ambitious.
  15. Neighborhood Watch
    A Billiards Hall in Center City Gets the Go-Ahead; Hop Sing LaundromatPlus: Frankford neighbors rally to shut down a nuisance bar; and Bon Jovi gears up to open his own restaurant, all in our roundup of neighborhood news.
  16. Booze You Can Use
    The CDC Opposes Liquor Store PrivatizationPer capita consumption of alcohol jumped in states where liquor sales were privatized.
  17. PLCB Shenanigans
    Is a Twenty Year Grudge Really at the Heart of the Privatization Debate?The push to privatize started with a failed attempt to but Bailey’s Irish Cream.
  18. PLCB Shenanigans
    Corbett Turns to Consultants to Conduct Liquor Store StudyThe move sends a message to voters that the governor is clueless in his quest to privatize the state’s liquor stores.
  19. Booze You Can Use
    LCB to PA Lawmakers: Really, It’s Not Our Fault We Suck So Much!Someone should’ve threatened to ax the LCB decades ago.
  20. Booze You Can Use
    House Democrats Say Jobs Are More Important Than Selling Off Liquor StoresThose opposed to privatization believe jobs should come first.
  21. Mediavore
    PA House Leader Wants the State’s Liquor Stores Sold By May; UK Expert:Plus: World cocoa prices are going up; and as food prices continue to climb, discount grocers rapidly expand, all in our morning news roundup.
  22. Openings
    Fathom Seafood House Gets Zoning Approval; Eyes First Week of February For anWith the last of the red tape out of his way, Stollenwerk expects to open his long delayed restaurant in about two weeks.
  23. Mediavore
    LCB to Give ‘Worst Idea Ever’ Another Chance; Walgreens Brings FoodPlus wonky weather could drive up food costs, and an organic vending industry is growing, all in our morning news roundup.
  24. Mediavore
    Boozers Spend Less This Holiday Season; PA Residents Who Buy Booze in NJ LongPlus eggs are great for hangovers, and Kroger issues a recall on pet in food in 19 states, all in out morning news roundup.
  25. Booze You Can Use
    LCB Is Unfazed by Corbett; Continues Its Roll Out of Fine Wine and Good SpiritsPhiladelphia’s new Fine Wine and Good Spirits store is LCB’s way of thumbing its nose at Corbett.