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  1. sexual harassment
    5 Female Kitchen Workers Sue McCormick & Schmick’s for Sexual HarassmentThey compare working in the kitchen to “being treated like a prostitute.”
  2. lawsuits
    Sushi Nakazawa Sued for Mishandling TipsIt’s alleged that owner Alessandro Borgognone and chef Daisuke Nakazawa failed to pay overtime and the minimum wage.
  3. lawsuits
    Walmart Has to Pay $7.5 Million to Shopper Who Broke His Hip Buying a WatermelonThe produce-aisle incident left him walker-bound.
  4. lawsuits
    New York’s Best Slice Shop Is Suing Copycat PizzeriasIf you’re knocking off Joe’s, probably need a better name than “Joe’s Pizza of the Village.”
  5. lawsuits
    Cat Cora Sues Meatpacking Restaurant Fatbird for Not Paying Her $400,000She wants money and an injunction against further use of her name.
  6. lawsuits
    Passenger Sues Airline for Serving Sparkling Wine Instead of ChampagneThis is about more than “subtle differences between effervescent wines.”
  7. lawsuits
    Lawsuit Says Danny Meyer’s No-Tipping Movement Is a Plot to Overcharge CustomersIt accuses about a dozen big-name restaurateurs of “horizontal price fixing.”
  8. lawsuits
    Jamie Oliver Sued Over His Recipes’ Gluten-Free LabelsThe nonprofit that owns the “GF” symbol claims he’s using a knockoff version.
  9. lawsuits
    California’s Coffee Could Soon Carry Cancer WarningsA lawsuit argues that the drink contains a cancer-causing chemical.
  10. lawsuits
    Instagram-Famous Raw-Cookie-Dough Shop Sued for Allegedly Making People SickPlaintiffs say they were “obviously disappointed” to learn that Dō’s raw dough can actually make people sick.
  11. lawsuits
    Black Workers at Trump Hotel Steakhouse Allegedly Told It’s ‘White America Time’BLT Prime employees claim they got screwed on shifts and dealt with racist co-workers.
  12. lawsuits
    Federal Court Says San Francisco Can’t Require Health Warnings on Soda AdsJudges asked why the label isn’t on products with “equal or greater amounts” of sugar.
  13. lawsuits
    Ex-Employee Claims Shake Shack Let Sick Workers Serve FoodHis $1 million lawsuit alleges that the chain fired him for complaining.
  14. lawsuits
    Chefs Aren’t Happy Federal Judges Upheld California’s Foie Gras Ban“Don’t we have anything better to do than attack foie gras?”
  15. lawsuits
    Jessica Biel’s ‘SoHo House for Kids’ Accused of Stealing $430,000 in TipsWorkers are suing for wage theft and a long list of other labor violations.
  16. lawsuits
    GrubHub Has Never Been a Food-Delivery Company, Executive SwearsIt’s part of the company’s legal strategy to ensure that delivery people remain “independent contractors.”
  17. lawsuits
    Colorado Baker Who Wouldn’t Make Same-Sex Cake Gets Justice Department’s SupportThe Trump administration will argue before the Supreme Court that pastry is a form of protected speech.
  18. lawsuits
    Judge Throws Out Dozens of Lawsuits About the Wood Pulp in ParmesanHe said reasonable people assume cheese that’s “unrefrigerated for an extended period of time” contains additives.
  19. lawsuits
    Blue Apron Hit With Multiple Lawsuits Alleging It Misled InvestorsIts historically bad IPO has brought out the lawyers.
  20. lawsuits
    Trump Administration Urges Judge to Disregard NYC’s Calorie-Count LawThe FDA sided with the grocery industry’s lawsuit seeking to block enforcement.
  21. lawsuits
    Customer Claims Chick-fil-A Baked a Rodent Into Her Sandwich BunShe reportedly “still” has nightmares and is suing.
  22. lawsuits
    The ‘Pink Slime’ Debacle Cost Disney and ABC at Least $177 MillionIt’s likely the most ever paid in a media defamation case.
  23. lawsuits
    Root & Bone Chefs Accused of Pilfering $290,000 of the Restaurant’s MoneyTheir business partner believed the restaurant was “not making much, if any, profit.”
  24. lawsuits
    Food Couriers Say Delivery Services Are Screwing Them Out of PayAt least three lawsuits right now argue they’re being unlawfully classified as contract workers.
  25. lawsuits
    Two Midwest Towns Are Locked in a Vicious Fight Over Their Pierogi FestivalsThe Whiting Pierogi Fest is displeased with the Edwardsville Pierogi Festival’s name.
  26. the chain gang
    Chipotle Shareholders Are Now Suing the CompanyA rough week gets just a little bit rougher.
  27. mergers
    Here Are the People Who Could Stop the Whole Foods–Amazon DealShareholders have a class-action lawsuit, and a congressman wants to hold a hearing.
  28. lawsuits
    Woman Sues Disneyland Paris After Getting Burned by a Crème-Brûlée TorchYikes.
  29. ABC Settles Billion-Dollar Lawsuit Over ‘Pink Slime’ ExposéNo word on the terms, but the network did not issue a retraction.
  30. Dunkin’ Donuts Sued for Making Its ‘Steak’ Sandwich Out of Ground BeefA customer is ticked that the chain’s Angus Steak Egg & Cheese contains a cheap patty full of fillers.
  31. health concerns
    Club Drugs May Be Inside Your ‘100% Natural’ ChickenThe USDA discovered ketamine in the poultry of America’s third-largest producer.
  32. food fight
    Disgruntled Investors Are Suing the Owners of Brooklyn’s Trendiest PizzeriasBehind-the-scenes tension has exploded into a very public lawsuit at Emmy Squared.
  33. lawsuits
    Transgender Worker Claims McDonald’s Banned Her From Both BathroomsShe was given a toilet in a storage closet that she had to clean herself.
  34. lawsuits
    Chipotle Warned Investors for Years That It Was Vulnerable to HacksThe burrito company made its security concerns clear in SEC filings.
  35. lawsuits
    Canada’s ‘Pirate’ Trader Joe’s Has Agreed to Throw in the TowelRogue reseller Mike Hallatt was a thorn in T.J.’s side for half a decade.
  36. lawsuits
    ‘Pink Slime’ Trial Opens With Billions on the Line for ABC NewsA loss could have a devastating impact on the network.
  37. cupcake wars
    A Blogger Is Suing Food Network for Allegedly Stealing Her Viral Cupcake IdeaElizabeth LaBau says the company stole her snow-globe-cupcake recipe.
  38. lawsuits
    Woman Sues Jelly Belly for Deceptive Practice of Adding SugarThe company’s lawyers call the lawsuit “nonsense.”
  39. lawsuits
    A Mission Cantina Investor Is Suing Danny Bowien for $426,000He alleges a breach of contract.
  40. lawsuits
    Woman Burned by Starbucks Coffee Wins $100,000 in CourtThe lid popped off in the drive-through, spilling coffee onto her lap.
  41. lawsuits
    A Fired Pastry Chef Is Suing Mario Batali for DiscriminationHe alleges that, after enduring harassment from co-workers because of his sexuality, he was wrongfully terminated.
  42. lawsuits
    Did Monsanto Hire Online Trolls to Attack Critics?A pending lawsuit makes the allegation.
  43. food fight
    A Brooklyn Café Is Suing Starbucks for Stealing the Unicorn FrappuccinoIts lawsuit says the chain’s Unicorn Frappuccino is trademark infringement.
  44. lawsuits
    Brooklyn Graffiti Artists Claim McDonald’s Stole Their Work to Sell BurgersThey’re threatening to sue the chain for putting their art in a new ad.
  45. lawsuits
    Association for Restaurant Workers Joins Lawsuit Against TrumpThe suit alleges that the president is violating a constitutional clause meant to prevent foreign influence buying.
  46. lawsuits
    The Trump Organization Settled Its Lawsuit With Geoffrey Zakarian, TooNo details were given, outside of both sides saying they’re glad to “amicably resolve our differences.”
  47. lawsuits
    The Trump Organization and Chef José Andrés Settled Their LawsuitThe terms aren’t being disclosed, but both sides called it a “win-win.”
  48. lawsuits
    Wise Sued for Selling Mostly Empty Bags of Potato ChipsTwo angry consumers claim its bags are as much as 75 percent air.
  49. lawsuits
    Dunkin’ Donuts May Owe Free Buttered Treats to Thousands of CustomersIt has to settle a class-action lawsuit that claims stores sold fake butter as the real thing.
  50. health concerns
    Nigerian Court Declares That Sprite and Fanta Are ‘Poisonous’A judge has mandated a label, warning benzoic-acid levels are too high.
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