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  1. lawsuits
    All-Automated Restaurant Chain Sued for Not Being Friendly to the BlindA lawsuit says Eatsa’s iPads and cubbies are “entirely inaccessible to blind customers.”
  2. lawsuits
    NYC Bar Sued for Allegedly Booting a Man Wearing ‘Make America Great Again’ HatA manager allegedly said, anyone “who believes what you believe is not welcome here.”
  3. lawsuits
    Starbucks Forces ‘Star Box,’ a One-Man Coffee Kiosk, to Change Its NameStar Box’s owner claims it’s named after the Marxist star.
  4. lawsuits
    ABC News Is Headed to Trial Over Its 2012 ‘Pink Slime’ ExposéBeef Products, Inc.’s lawsuit is headed for an unprecedented trial.
  5. lawsuits
    3 More Domino’s Franchisees Will Repay $480,000 in Stolen WagesThis makes 71 franchisees that have settled labor violations with New York State.
  6. lawsuits
    A New Lawsuit Has Been Filed Over the Name of the Four Seasons RevampThe allegation is that “the Landmark” is too similar to “Landmarc.”
  7. lawsuits
    A D.C. Restaurant Is Suing Trump Over Unfair CompetitionOne of its attorneys tells the Washingtonian that he’s clearly using the office to gain an advantage over local businesses.
  8. NYC Hot Spot Babu Ji Closing Indefinitely Following Second Wage-Theft LawsuitEmployees have alleged threats by an owner.
  9. lawsuits
    New York City Sues to Stop Company from Franchising Tavern on the GreenIt technically owns the brand.
  10. lawsuits
    Wahlburgers Co-owners Sue Wahlbergs for Being Terrible Business PartnersTwo former friends say the brothers stole ideas, threatened physical violence, and hoarded profits.
  11. news you can booze
    Lawsuit Says Walmart’s New Craft-Beer Brand Is a ‘Wholesale Fiction’Trouble Brewing is mass-produced by Genesee and meets “none of the criteria” for craft beer.
  12. lawsuits
    NYC’s Salt Warning Label Gets a Green Light from Appeals CourtThe National Restaurant Association continues to call it an “onerous burden” on restaurateurs.
  13. lawsuits
    The Feds Are Investigating Tyson for Chicken Price-fixingIt faces a subpoena following claims that Big Chicken has artificially inflated prices for eight years.
  14. lawsuits
    José Andrés’s Lawyers Deposed Donald Trump for 90 Whole MinutesThe judge had given them up to seven hours.
  15. lawsuits
    Customer Bills Chipotle $2 Billion for Putting Her Picture in Promo MaterialsShe claims the chain’s been illicitly using a photo of her since 2006.
  16. lawsuits
    Bartender Sues NYC Restaurant for Saying He Dressed ‘Like a Gay Porn Star’The Bagatelle employee claims it was “retaliation” for requesting a schedule change.
  17. Trump’s Lawsuit Against Chef Geoffrey Zakarian Is Headed to TrialLawyers say settlement talks are at an “impasse.”
  18. lawsuits
    Whole Foods Accused of Cheating ‘at Least 20,000’ Employees Out of BonusesIn a new class-action lawsuit.
  19. lawsuits
    Lawsuit Claims McDonald’s Extra Value Meals Are Actually a RipoffAn Illinois man is pissed about a combo that’s 41 cents more than buying the items individually.
  20. lawsuits
    José Andrés Is a Celebrity Chef Willing to Fight Back Against Donald TrumpThe Spanish-born D.C. chef is locked in a legal battle with the president-elect, and he isn’t backing down.
  21. barbaric yelp
    Obama Officially Protects Yelpers’ Right to Leave Terrible ReviewsHe signed the Consumer Review Fairness Act, banning lawsuits against customers.
  22. lawsuits
    Lean Cuisine Sued for Putting ‘No Preservatives’ on Products Full of ThemMultiple “healthy” frozen dinners actually contain citric acid.
  23. lawsuits
    Judge Denies Overtime Pay to Millions of Restaurant WorkersThe salary limit was set to expand next week.
  24. lawsuits
    Chipotle Accused of Fibbing About the Calories in Its BurritosThe lawsuit contends that consumers are lulled into “a false belief” that chorizo burritos only have 300 calories.
  25. lawsuits
    Distraught Customer Sues Krispy Kreme Over Fake IngredientsHe wasn’t expecting blueberry “gumbits” or imitation maple flavoring.
  26. lawsuits
    McDonald’s Will Pay $3.8 Million in Its First-Ever Legal Settlement With WorkersAnother victory for workers’ rights.
  27. lawsuits
    Daniel Boulud’s Restaurant Fined $1.3 Million for Serving Diner a Piece of WireThe jury called it a warning to the industry about wire brushes near food.
  28. lawsuits
    Woman Claims Jimmy John’s Sandwich Left Her Incapable of SpeechAn ordering snafu allegedly caused a serious enough allergic reaction for her to sue the company.
  29. lawsuits
    Jared Fogle’s Ex-Wife Claims Subway Hid Her Husband’s Horrible Behavior“The safety of kids was not a priority but Subway’s bottom line was,” she says in a new lawsuit.
  30. lawsuits
    Woman Sues KFC for Underfilling Its BucketsShe’s demanding $20 million to make sure “they feel the hurt.”
  31. lawsuits
    Lawyer Who Waited a Year for Pizza Refund Wins $900 From Domino’s“I took the extreme step of going to court.”
  32. lawsuits
    Chipotle Will Pay Millions to Teen Worker Who Was Sexually Harassed by ManagersAn attorney called the store “almost like a brothel that just served food.”
  33. lawsuits
    Poultry Producers Accused of Industry-Wide Conspiracy to Overcharge for ChickenA new class-action lawsuit claims Big Chicken fixed prices at a 50 percent premium.
  34. lawsuits
    Worker Says Whole Foods Made Being Gay on the Job ‘Intolerable’Co-workers allegedly loved asking about her “gaydar.”
  35. lawsuits
    Soda Industry Sues Philadelphia in Desperate Final Attempt to Kill the Drink TaxThe lawsuit argues it will “meaningfully diminish the everyday purchasing power of Philadelphia residents.”
  36. lawsuits
    Chipotle Sued for Alleged Racial Discrimination Now, TooA former employee claims race played a role in shift assignments.
  37. lawsuits
    Chipotle Has Quietly Settled More Than 100 Claims Tied to Its Food-Safety ScareIt hoped out-of-court resolutions would help keep them out of the public eye.
  38. lawsuits
    Chipotle Employees Claim They Worked ‘Maybe Even Thousands’ of Unpaid HoursLike, for example, “cleaning parties.”
  39. lawsuits
    Jared Fogle Tells Court Parents Didn’t ‘Properly Supervise’ One of His VictimsHe wants them held liable “for all or part” of their daughter’s claims.
  40. lawsuits
    Geoffrey Zakarian Tells Donald Trump’s Kids to Sue Their DadHe says the presidential candidate, his former business partner, “rendered this Chernobyl.”
  41. lawsuits
    Almost a Fifth of Chipotle’s Employees Say They Were Forced to Work for No PayA class-action lawsuit claims the company used unpaid work hours to meet budget goals.
  42. lawsuits
    Court Says Canada’s ‘Pirate’ Trader Joe’s Might Violate U.S. LawsBad news for the perennial thorn in the U.S. grocer’s side.
  43. lawsuits
    Another Papa John’s Agrees to Pay Stiffed Workers $500,000 in Back WagesThe latest victory in Attorney General Schneiderman’s ongoing crusade against wage violations by the pizza chain.
  44. lawsuits
    Court Declares Starbucks Isn’t Defrauding Anyone by Adding Ice to DrinksThe judge who dismissed the lawsuit ruled “a reasonable consumer would not be deceived.”
  45. lawsuits
    Coney Island’s Year-Old Wahlburgers Already Sued for Wage TheftFive employees claim the restaurant stole tips and ran an illegal tip pool.
  46. sued
    The ‘Four Seasons’ Name Should Rest in PeaceAlex von Bidder and Julian Niccolini’s former partners are suing to prevent them from using it at their new restaurant.
  47. lawsuits
    Barilla Sued for ‘Substantially’ Underfilling BoxesA lawsuit claims Barilla is screwing customers out of as much as 25 percent of their noodles.
  48. lawsuits
    Customer Claims Taco Bell Employees ‘Berated’ Her for Being DeafShe’s suing the chain after two sets of drive-through workers wouldn’t serve her.
  49. ice cream wars
    Rogue Soft-Serve Trucks Legally Barred From Using Mister Softee’s Famous JingleDo these fiends have no decency?
  50. Lawsuits
    Starbucks Sued Over ‘Dangerously’ Hot CoffeeA customer claims it gave her severe burns.
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