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  1. Lawsuit
    Customer Gets Fingertip in Applebee’s SaladThe woman who got it is now suing.
  2. Lawsuits
    Nestlé Sued for Using Slave-Caught Fish … in Cat FoodIt’s the second lawsuit of its kind.
  3. Drama
    Two Roberta’s Owners Have Filed a Restraining Order Against TheirAll is not well at the beloved Bushwick pizzeria.
  4. Sued
    Does Adding Mandatory Gratuity Violate City Law?A new lawsuit targets Per Se.
  5. Food Politics
    Soy Milk and Birth Control: A Look at the Eden Foods CEO ControversyThe CEO wants an exemption from covering contraception.
  6. Lawsuit
    Victory for Wine Snobs: Billionaire William Koch Wins LawsuitA landmark case for vintage wine hoaxes.
  7. Lawsuit
    Former Hooters Waitress Says She Was Forced to Quit After Shaving Head for BrainShe’s suing the franchise.
  8. Sued
    Two Billionaires Fighting Over Expensive, Rare Wine That Tastes Like VinegarMo’ money. Mo’ problems.
  9. Lawsuit
    Why Martha Stewart’s Unapologetic“She refuses to care whether we all want to be her besties.”
  10. Lawsuit
    Martha Stewart Hurt Business for Oprah, Rosie O’Donnell, and Ina GartenThis lawsuit’s getting nasty.
  11. Food Safety
    Let’s Play the Horseburger Paternity GameThose bastard burgers have Polish DNA.
  12. Sued
    McDonald’s Lied About Selling Halal FoodIt’ll cost the company $700,000 to settle allegations.
  13. Lawsuits
    Legal Beef: In-N-Out Burger Accused of Discriminatory Hiring PracticesBut the litigation-happy chain, whose vice-president is also its general counsel, is not about to take this lying down.
  14. Lawsuit
    Dunkin’ DiscriminationTime to make the donuts … more diverse.
  15. Beef With Barley
    No Soup for SomebodyA heated legal battle over the Soup Man name.
  16. Lawsuits
    Tax Trouble for Nifty Fifty’sNifty Fifty’s, the local burger and milkshake chain is now under federal investigation for tax fraud.
  17. Beef
    Dispute About Eggs Not Going Over Easy in HarrisburgLat year’s dispute over eggs has hatched a whole new lawsuit.
  18. Name Change
    The Smith Threatens to Sue Smith, Wine Bar Required to Change NameWhat should the wine be called now?