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  1. pandemic eating
    New York’s Restaurant Owners Finally Get Some Good NewsA key piece of legislation that protects owners has been extended.
  2. laws
    Who Really Gets to Drink Outside in New York?There are no alfresco dinner parties in the projects.
  3. legislation
    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Has Vetoed the E-Bike BillIt’s a serious blow for the delivery workers who rely on them.
  4. Food Fight
    Senate Blocks Anti-GMO-Labeling BillThe lawmakers rejected the so-called “DARK Act.”
  5. New Tricks
    The City Might Obstruct New Law Allowing Dogs on Restaurant PatiosCritics say proposed requirements would make it “virtually impossible” for restaurants to allow pets.
  6. Dogs
    Dogs Are One Step Closer to Infiltrating New York PatiosNow it’s up to Governor Cuomo.
  7. Woof
    The Department of Health Doesn’t Want Dogs on Restaurant PatiosBut it looks like the bill will still pass.
  8. Food Waste
    France Makes It Illegal for Supermarkets to Throw Out Their FoodOwners could face prison time if they don’t donate unsold items to charity.
  9. Woof
    Hallelujah: Dogs Should Be Welcome on New York’s Restaurant Patios SoonThe State Senate just overwhelmingly approved a bill.
  10. Trash Talk
    Seattle Will Fine People Who Throw Away Too Much FoodIt’s time to take out the trash!
  11. Laws
    New Regulations Threaten New York’s Wood-Burning Ovens and Food TrucksThe future of perfectly charred pizzas may be at stake.
  12. Deliverance
    Seamless Will Make It Harder for Restaurants to Steal Delivery Workers’There was nothing in the services contracts about passing on gratuities.
  13. Poppin’ Bottles
    Looks Like Georgia’s About to Start Letting People Bring Guns Into BarsJust remember: The customer is always right.
  14. Brunch
    ‘Bottomless’ or ‘Unlimited’ Alcohol Anything Is NeverJust keep the bourbon coming, that’s all that matters.
  15. The Fizz
    Marin County Announces Summer-Long Soda BanThe driest county in the world.
  16. Booze News
    SLA Cuts Off Gin Palace’s Cocktails on TapThe SLA is decidedly not into the boozy trend that is cocktails on draft.
  17. Mediavore
    PA Distilleries Get the Go-Ahead to Sell Booze Directly to Consumers; TeboozingPlus: A Chinese dairy farmer gets sentenced to death; and consumers go ga ga over secret formulas, all in our morning news roundup.
  18. Big Brother
    Bloomberg Makes Flavors IllegalIn cigars and chewing tobacco, that is.
  19. Health Concerns
    The Calorie PoliceA scary development in the legalization of calorie postings.