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  1. TV Land
    Now You Can Watch Law & Order Stars Eat Their EmotionsSomeone created a Tumblr devoted to the stars’ best food scenes.
  2. Law and Order
    Bruni’s Review, E-mails Used in Blue Hill TrialThe plaintiff is using Bruni’s written words to argue their case in a wrongful-termination suit.
  3. Celebrity Settings
    Where the Cops EatDennis Farina eats dinner at 33 Club.
  4. TV Land
    L&O at BBQ’Law & Order’ visits Dallas BBQ!
  5. The New York Diet
    Law & Order: SVU’s Tamara Tunie Likes the New Variety in Harlem‘I had lunch with my friend LaChanze, Tony award winner from ‘The Color Purple.’’
  6. NewsFeed
    New York Food Puritans Seek Fast-food MoratoriumL.A. just passed a similar bill, and don’t we want to be like L.A.?
  7. Mediavore
    De Niro to Open Nobu Hotel; Start Stockpiling Food TodayRobert De Niro will put an outpost of the Japanese restaurant in his financial-district hotel, ‘Law and Order: SVU’ featured a locavore villain this week, and consumers are starting to stockpile food again.
  8. The In-box
    Grub Street’s Most Wanted: Check-Kiting Chef a Repeat Offender?When we Googled the name of Ralph Landi, the “Christian chef” who was accused of stealing a laptop and writing checks to himself at a soon-to-open midtown restaurant, we saw he had bounced around country and became immediately suspicious, as we always are of chefs who seek work outside of our fine city (especially in Vegas!). Sure enough, a former employer writes in with a bizarre tale about Landi that is best read in the voice of John Walsh.
  9. The New York Diet
    Kathryn Erbe of ‘Law & Order: CI’ Isn’t Cracking Down on Her Cookie In tonight’s season premiere of Law & Order: Criminal Intent, Detective Eames revisits the murder of her late husband. Eames has a weakness for double-vodka martinis, but the actress who plays her, Kathryn Erbe, says her only remaining vices are sugar and caffeine. “I have a terrible sweet tooth,” she tells us. “I’m a cookie addict.” We suppose it’s better than being the sort of addict that she fights in CI — she is a mom and all. So where does the Brooklynite feed her habit?