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  1. Comebacks
    Celebrated Chef Laurent Gras Will Return to a New York Restaurant Kitchen ThisHe’s cooking at Chef’s Club by ‘Food & Wine’ from October 18 to 24.
  2. Rumors
    Is Laurent Gras the Chef at Enduro? [Update: No, But Another L20 Chef Is]Forget everything you thought you knew about cheesecake.
  3. The Quest For Better Bagels
    Times Puts Together a Restaurant Wishlist“Dear Restaurant Scene of NYC … “
  4. Chefs
    Laurent Gras Isn’t Coming Back, ChicagoEx-L2O chef plans 14-seater in NYC.
  5. Puck Plans
    Puck Plans to Scrap Spago’s Menu During RemodelEven the famous smoked salmon and caviar pizza will disappear.
  6. Two-Night Stands
    Laurent Gras Teaming With Momofuku Ko for Pop-up DinnersWe can only imagine the fourteen-course explosion of awesomeness that will result.
  7. Neighborhood Watch
    Details on the Laurent Gras Pop-up at BLT Fish; a Six-Course Vegan Tasting MenuPlus: a new flavor at the Lemon Ice King of Corona, Bierkraft celebrates their new outdoor space, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood food news.
  8. Chef Shuffle
    Laurent Gras Is Cuckoo for Pop-upsThe chef has three more pop-ups planned for after his JBT LTD run, including one at BLT Fish.
  9. Quote of the Day
    Laurent Gras’s Yogurt RegimenLaurent Gras has been a busy, busy man.
  10. The Other Critics
    Ruby Finds Comfort in New L2O; Sula Loves ‘Semitraditional’ La TabernaPlus: Vetel visits Ceres’ Table, and Time Out dines at Tortas Frontera
  11. The Other Critics
    Time Out Demotes New L20Kramer thinks L20 is missing its magic.
  12. FYI
    Of Course He Uses TweezersLaurent Gras makes red-snapper ceviche at home.
  13. Chef Shuffle
    Chicago Talks with L2O’s Francis BrennanL2O gets on with business after Gras left.
  14. Slideshow
    Chicago Chefs Celebrate Their Michelin StarsAll the chefs came out last night for the official Michelin ceremony.
  15. Chef Shuffle
    Laurent Gras Leaving L20 Permanently, Headed Back to New YorkLaurent Gras is officially leaving L2O.
  16. Michelin
    Rich Melman Talks about Laurent Gras, L2O, and Those Michelin StarsRich Melman spoke honestly about the Michelin guide.
  17. Michelin
    Laurent Gras Flying Back to ChicagoLaurent Gras is coming back to get his stars.
  18. The Other Cities
    Chicago’s First Michelin Guide Released, With Alinea and L20 Both ScoringChicago’s list got first leaked by a Yelper and then officially released yesterday.
  19. Chef Shuffle
    Laurent Gras Taking Leave from L2OIs Laurent Gras departing the restaurant for good?
  20. Mediavore
    Matrice Richardson Found Dead in Malibu Canyon; Ben & Jerry’s All-Natural ClaimsThe honor student’s tragedy began when staff at Geoffrey’s restaurant had her arrested.
  21. Back of the House
    Oil in the FamilyLaurent Gras’s parents press their own olive oil. Of course.
  22. The Food Chain
    Thomas Boyce Remembers Chris Cosentino’s Chili and Bones (But Not Much Else)A specialty dish at Incanto stuck with the Spago chef, even after a bevy of refreshments.
  23. The Food Chain
    Laurent Gras Wants To Eat Spago’s Smoked Salmon Pizza Every MorningLaurent Gras and Spago’s Thomas Boyce discuss a classic Wolfgang Puck plate.
  24. The Food Chain
    Eric Ripert Thinks L2O’s Grilled Kindai Toro is Just Dreamy“The fish basically melts in your mouth, almost disappears like a cloud because of the richness.”
  25. Foodievents
    The Drinking & Libation Society: The Newest Secret Club In TownTime Out Chicago launches a new dining club.
  26. Menu Changes
    Fifth Floor Gets New Chef, New MenuNew executive chef Jennie Lorenzo has debuted a new, cheaper menu.
  27. Chefs Gone Wild
    Fancify Your Takeout a la Laurent GrasLaurent Gras tops off a day of biking 100 miles by sprucing up a takeout pizza.
  28. Trends
    Know Your Distilled Chili PeppersL2O adds a distilled-jalapeño dish to the menu.
  29. Back of the House
    Laurent Gras Creates His Own Launch Blog, and It Rules >Since Sam Mason and Tailor absorbed a world of abuse for the ongoing chronicle that was the Launch, most chefs have been pretty wary about broadcasting the development of their restaurant projects. But clearly Laurent Gras, the talented chef best known here for his work at Peacock Alley, wasn’t fazed. Gras is launching an ambitious haute cuisine restaurant in Chicago, L20, and recently launched a blog detailing the process: the how and why of the butter program, the bread, even the very wood of the place. It’s a fascinating view of how one of the country’s top chefs thinks about creating a restaurant, told in the first person. It may not have the unintentional comedic value of the Launch, but it’s a great read and may actually give you a reason to want to visit Chicago. L20 Blog
  30. The Other Critics
    Gramercy Keeps Its Third Star; Randall Lane Trips But Likes Insieme AnywayFrank Bruni joins Adam Platt in giving Gramercy Tavern three stars, validating the efforts of new chef Michael Anthony and the usual Danny Meyer service level. [NYT] Related: Gramercy Rehab [NYM] Time Out’s Randall Lane likes Insieme a lot, to the tune of four (out of six) stars. Though he praises the food as most reviewers have, he also agrees with them that although it was beautifully executed, it didn’t make him swoon. Also, he tripped on the step coming in. [TONY] The Sun’s Paul Adams comes down on Landmarc, “less a dining destination and more a hearty refueling station for ravenous shoppers and tourists.” But it’s affordable and competent, and what else do you want in a mall restaurant? [NYS] Related: Will Landmarc’s Downtown Cool Play Alongside Its Ritzy New Neighbors? [Grub Street]
  31. Back of the House
    South Beach Wine & Food Festival: Like the Oscars, But With More CarbsThe South Beach Wine & Food Festival was the culinary place to be this past weekend — practically every big-name chef came down for the festivities. Here’s Grub Street correspondent Alexandra Peers’s report.