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Latte Art

  1. food art
    This Is Some Ridiculously Lit Latte ArtHow about a macchiato topped with a full-color Starry Night?
  2. This Machine Prints Beautiful Images of Whatever You Want on Your CoffeeYou probably didn’t even know you needed a latte-art printer.
  3. Latte Art
    City’s Most Expensive Latte Hits $10 MarkLet’s hope this doesn’t open the floodgates of caffeinated-drink price-gouging.
  4. Memorable Foam
    Check Out Barista Kazuki Yamamoto’s Amazing 3-D Latte ArtA 26-year-old latte artist in Osaka is moving way beyond whole-milk swirls.
  5. Video Feed
    Watch a Guy Take Latte Art Very, Very Seriously“Esspressionist” art.
  6. Coffee Buzz
    Check Out This Awesome Ghostbusters Latte ArtWho you gonna call?
  7. Coffee Buzz
    Don’t Stop … Till You Perfect Your MJ Latte ArtSome flexible-wristed barista certainly didn’t.