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Laguardia Airport

  1. Openings
    Carmellini, Lahey, and Denton Land in JFK on FridayAnd there’ll be iPad ordering! Take that, La Guardia!
  2. Empire Building
    LaFrieda Arrives in La Guardia While Di Fara Jets to VegasIs the fifteen-ounce Gordito burger too much of a good thing?
  3. Openings
    How Delta’s Star-Studded Terminal D Will Look, and What Will Be ServedRenderings and menus of food stands and restaurants from Pat LaFrieda, Andrew Carmellini, Chris Cannon, Jim Lahey, and more.
  4. Empire Building
    What to Expect From Di Fara, LaFrieda, White, Carmellini, and More at La GuardiaJason Denton of ‘ino is also involved and looking for another spot in Williamsburg.
  5. The Chain Gang
    Five Guys Takes Off at La Guardia But Di Fara Is GroundedWhat ever happened to rumors that the Saint of Avenue J was coming to LGA?
  6. Openings
    Di Fara May Land at LaGuardiaGet ready to miss your flight.
  7. Real American Heroes
    Messin’ With GeeseYou know what would solve this goose problem? Goose jerky.
  8. NewsFeed
    No Self-Respecting New Yorker Would Ever Eat HereWe thought Dirty Sanchez, the name of the restaurant in Dodgeball, was the bottom of the barrel, but this food stand at La Guardia truly turns our hard taco soft. Have you seen some unfortunate restaurant names around the city? Send us a photo or the name and location to grubstreet@nymag.com. We’ll print the best. Or, uh, worst.
  9. Neighborhood Watch
    BondSt Sushi Burns; Coffee Shop Closing Averts Bad DateConey Island: Surf Avenue LLC has just purchased nearly 16,000 square feet across from the Cyclone, possibly on which to build a chain restaurant, maintain a parking lot, or create another “Shoot the Freak.” [Gowanus Lounge] East Elmhurst: La Guardia gets fancy with Michael Navarro’s Deluge. Getting drunk before a flight finally gets a classy gloss. [Gayot] East Village: Photos of the electrical fire that scorched BondSt sushi at dawn. [Eater] $500,000 in damages predicted. [Gothamist] Midtown West: Italian, Asian, French, and Latin cuisine coming together at 4Fusion on West 58th Street. We suggest the burger. [Gayot] Park Slope: Former Oceana chef Jared King no longer involved with Alchemy, but the menu’s holding steady. [Gothamist] Tribeca: Will a fancy new bus stop at the entrance of Bouley spur the rich people’s interest in public transportation? [Curbed] Union Square: Coffee Shop’s closing saves pretty waitress from a date with sleazy customer. [NYS]