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Lafrieda Meats

  1. Neighborhood Watch
    Support Movember at Chinatown Brasserie, ellabess; New Vendors Debut atPlus: give into temptation at GastroArte, ring in Winter’s Eve with gourmet food tastings, and more, in our daily roundup of neighborhood news.
  2. U.S. Open 2011
    What to Eat at the U.S. Open, Starting MondayThe best bets for stadium grub at the Grand Slam tennis tournament.
  3. The Future
    LaFrieda Meat Has Some Serious Security CamerasLaFrieda’s new cameras can zoom in on the tiniest details.
  4. Foodies With Benefits
    Handicapping the Burger Brawl With Pat LaFriedaThe man behind some New York’s most sought after burgers is coming to Saturday’s benefit.
  5. Foodievents
    Pub & Kitchen Is Bringing its Churchill Burger and Barrel Aged Cocktails to AmisFor Amis’ monthly industry party, the Pub & Kitchen folks are bringing LeFrieda burgers and oak-aged Manhattans.
  6. Beer Me
    LaFrieda Burgers and Sixpoint Beers: Pub & Kitchen Is the Hippest New York BarPub & Kitchen seems to be stuck in a New York state of mind.
  7. Empire Building
    LaFrieda Arrives in La Guardia While Di Fara Jets to VegasIs the fifteen-ounce Gordito burger too much of a good thing?
  8. Openings
    Patsy’s Owner Does BurgersFlat-griddled LaFrieda burgers are coming to Morningside Heights.
  9. The Other Magazines
    Roni-Sue Kave, LaFrieda Meats Get Edible TreatmentThe new issue of ‘Edible Manhattan’ hits the virtual shelves.
  10. Empire Building
    Fatburger Gives Way to Five GuysPlus, Sam Sifton weighs in on the burger chain.
  11. What to Eat
    NYCWFF Leftovers Hit Menus at Lure and Salumeria RosiPlus, the best burger in New York?
  12. Marketing Gimmicks
    Franklin Becker Debuts the Abe & Arthur’s BurgerIt’s already a promotional success!
  13. Twitterverse
    Star-Tweeting Runs Rampant at Minetta TavernA perfect storm of celebrities and stalkers.
  14. Hamburgers
    How the Burger Gets MadeA tour of La Frieda Meats.
  15. Mediavore
    O’Reilly on Defense Over Sylvia’s; Osso Buco Owner Won’t Take Clinton DownBill O’Reilly says his comments at Sylvia’s were “cherry-picked” from a conversation about racial stereotypes. [AP] Nino “thousand-dollar-pizza” Selimaj tells the Post that he won’t take down a photo taken of him with Chelsea Clinton from one of his restaurants even though Bill Clinton’s lawyer wants him to since that would set a bad precedent for the other photos he’s taken with boldfaced names: “We have Derek Jeter, we have Regis Philbin, we have Rudolph Giuliani, Danny Glover, Mariah Carey [and] Sopranos [castmates].” [NYP] Related: We Try a $1,000 Pizza, Maintain That We Aren’t Publicity Tools Tom Colicchio takes over Top Chef blogging duties from Bourdain and trades caustic commentary for a more scientific synopsis of what the contestants did wrong. [Tom’s Blog/Bravo]